Hive-Naija Weekend Engagement #57 - "HIVE/LEOTHREAD"

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Authored by @hopestylist


“Every day is a good day. There is something to learn, care and celebrate." - Amit Ray

Hello everyone, it's weekend once again, are I hope you all are ready for some fun engagement? I know you are just as much as I am and as it's our manner, today is another day when we don't have to follow all the rules so we don't miss the fun, hehe. So who is ready? I am 😁😎.



As we all know, the Hive Naija Weekend Engagement is focused on promoting the togetherness of the Nigeria brethren together through engagement and it's also now concerned of the well being of each and everyone who is part of the engagement. This account was opened to make the engagement more personal and official you can find the INTRODUCTION POST to read more about the purpose and aim of this new account and also do well to follow the account so as to know when a post is made.

Last week, the topic was "PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT"


We had over 140+ comments last week, I want to appreciate you all for the consistency, quality engagement and your efforts, let's keep them coming ya all. Special thanks to everyone who makes this hang out possible.

A long time ago, I thought, I shared and I asked "Why don't we Chat on hive every Weekend?"
And you all said... YES

"Well, we won't be the first as there are some weekend engagement trends already on Hive! But this would be THE NIGERIAN VERSION!"


I will drop a topic every Friday (Today's topic is below), share your thoughts on the matter, reply to someone else opinion, and interrogate the opinion if you like. Keep the discussion on. If you don't have anything to say about the topic. Just reply to someone else's comment.

Do all these in the comment section, as that is where it all goes down.


There are no further rules, please banter as you like, speak any Nigerian language (Igbo, Yoruba, pidgin, Efik), anything, as long as someone else can understand.

Pls note : However, please don't take it to the extreme.

This week's engagement starts Immediately after you see this post and ends on Sunday at 11:59 pm.

Prizes for this week

Prizes are distributed to the winners after considering their interactions and also their contributions to the topic. And we have made some little changes and improvements in the prizes too. This week's prizes;

1st prize - A very good upvote in a selected post of yours in the week!

2nd Prize - 4 Hive + 20 ecency points

3rd Prize - 3 Hive + 20 ecency points

4th Prize - 2 HIVE + 20 ecency points

5th Prize - 1 Hive + 20 ecency

Prizes courtesy of:

@Samostically @stevenson07 @starstrings01(curator) & @ksam (1 Hive)

Pls note: If you win and fail to provide a quality post in 7 days, you forfeit your " quality upvote" (post must be less than 24hours old)



For this weekend, we will be talking about the price of hive and what we are expecting but then, it won't be the normal way this time around. For this weekend's engagement, we want it to be done through the Leo threads. This post is just a guide to the threads and we hope everyone turns out well. Goodness, the account will be voting on every comment as long as it has voting power so as to reward active engagers with both hive and Leo outside the usual prize. A big thank you to the leogrowth for delegating a good sum of Leo to the account as we can not reward our efforts with Leo also.

  • Trust me, you don't want to miss out on those juicy Leo tokens

Soooo...what are you still waiting for?

I can't wait to see all of your responses to the thread question and I do hope that we get many more people joining us this week to make the discussion more fun and enjoyable and entertaining for everyone.

Okay Let's Gist!!!!

Be as simple and sincere with the discussion, hehehe.


Don't you think we are forgetting somebody?... Well, I'm sure we are...

Oh yes before I forget, there are also prizes for those that did well to invite someone new to the party and also you that has done well to invite someone you are also not left behind because you didn't leave anyone behind. But wait... Not so fast, this time you have to be more intentional about your invite, yes that's know what you benefit when you engage so why not let others know about it. In fact I will advise you to look beyond the prize and look more to doing something different even for your Naija brethren by showing them the way here.


With all that said, let the discussion begin....

All gifs are powered by tenor


Hey guys, Happy new month and happy Sunday to you all. We sincerely apologize for the delay in the hangout, we had some challenges but we are still going to have our hangout anyway but this time we are having it in LEOTHREADS just do most of your commenting on the thread with the #samhangout and #leothreads, as we will be up voting the comments so as to reward quality engagers with Leo tokens. Here is the link just in case you do not want to read the whole post HIVE/LEOTHREAD CLICK ON ME. So without further ado, let's get the thread buzzing 😎.

@deraaa @B0s @merit.ahama @peaq @monioluwa @brightdavid @stevenson7 @obrisgold1 @jaydr @mayorkeys @wolfofnostreet @readthisplease @young-boss-karin @tukem1 @k-banti @iskafan @chosenfingers @onwugbenuvictor @monica-ene @heskay @etiboy56 @doziekash @chincoculbert @funshee @omosefe @ozohu @attentionneeded @popmanj @estherscott @vickoly @gloriaolar @pianokills @hepziba @tblings-art @anissignature @ijohnsen @manuel6 @khaleesii @kenechukwu97 @abidemiademok21 @otshotz @blezyn @uzuka @mrenglish @bbjmed @uddydan @reineesmay @b0s @prechidi @joydukeson @benii @henryce @nkemakonam89 @zestimony @surgeoncaspar @kingobonnaya @royalpeek @sekani @olawalium @drstrings @ajumaa @blackavalon @jachy @samostically @treasuree @dimmablogs @glorydee @quduus1 @obaro @temibot @hivedeb @stefanovah @adaezeinchrist @kierydearie @khingstan @emreal @moremoney28 @justfavour @herbae @temmylade @princessbusayo @geelocks @actordontee @cescajove @adeife2 @etorobong @jannaforyou @amiegeoffrey @schola.kosy @busk1999 @redna @etiboy56 @jmis101 @queenstarr @yinks @empressjay @marajah @ovey10 @anthony57 @mercytosh @cleevesh @sharonia02

Please do notify us if you want you name to be added or removed.

Happy new week to everyone and God bless you all

I wish you the same sir 😊, have a blessed Sunday and week 😇

Rich woman

Rich woman ke 🙂😏

Hehehe babe

How are you naw?

I am just here dear and you?

Hope dear.
Missing you big time 😍

Me too mama, I'm missing you and everyone too 🥰


My name is always not included. Who did I offend?

Hey babe... happy to see that you are back in here
How are you doing , are you better now?

Sweetie pie, thanks a lot. I am better now.

Sweet ❤️❤️
Thank God 😍

😁😁... Thank God

So sorry dear, it must have been an oversight, your name will be included next time, please don't be vexed, you did not offend anyone 🤣

Hmm... I will be calm because of you.

Hey Sam
Happy new month to you and happy Sunday as well 👍

Let's go🚀

Hello my people!
I don show like DVD 😁
How ona dey?
Good morning and happy Sunday. I .just wondering why I couldn't get a very good upvote from you over the week.

Anyways, we are here and good to go for yet another week.

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