Hive-Naija Weekend Engagement #38 - "Paradigm Shift"

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The greatest strength of mankind rests in steadfast unity.
By Jorie Nicole McDonald

Woohooo... it's weekend once again, are y'all ready for some fun engagement? I know you are just as much as I am.



As we all know, the Hive Naija Weekend Engagement is focused on promoting the togetherness of the Nigeria brethren together through engagement and it's also now concerned of the well being of each and everyone who is part of the engagement. Last week, this account was opened to make the engagement more personal and official you can find the INTRODUCTION POST to read more about the purpose and aim of this new account and also do well to follow the account so as to know when a post is made.

Last week, the topic was "Making this Engagement better and bigger" and we had some really great ideas and contributions.


Thank you all for your thoughtful contributions, let's keep them coming ya all.

Some months ago, I thought, I shared and I asked "Why don't we Chat on hive every Weekend?"
And you all said... YES

"Well, we won't be the first as there are some weekend engagement trends already on Hive! But this would be THE NIGERIAN VERSION!"

So are you ready?


I will drop a topic every Friday (Today's topic is below), share your thoughts on the matter, reply to someone else opinion, and interrogate the opinion if you like. Keep the discussion on. If you don't have anything to say about the topic. Just reply to someone else's comment.

Do all these in the comment section, as that is where it all goes down.


There are no further rules, please banter as you like, speak any Nigerian language (Igbo, Yoruba, pidgin, Efik), anything, as long as someone else can understand.

Pls note : However, please don't take it to the extreme.

This week's engagement starts Immediately after you see this post and ends on Sunday at 11:59 pm.

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I know some might be wondering what paradigm shift means, well in simple terms, it means doing something differently from the way it has always been.

So for this week, we want to know;

  • What can you do differently to make our country better?

You can relate your answer to any situation you have experienced or someone you know, either ways just be creative and sincere with your response.

  • Tell us, what have you tried doing differently but did not work out and why do you think it didn't work?

You can give answers to either of the questions or both, any how you want it, just do well to be creative and most especially do not feel obliged in any way. If you feel you don't have any thing to say as regards the topic of discussion that's also fine, after all we are here to discuss so you just have to read the responses of others and leave them a comment and let it go on and on.


Don't you think we are forgetting someone?... Well, I'm sure we are...

Oh yes before I forget, there are also prizes for those that did well to invite someone new to the party and also you that has done well to invite someone you are also not left behind because you didn't leave anyone behind. But wait... Not so fast, this time you have to be more intentional about your invite, yes that's know what you benefit when you engage so why not let others know about it. In fact I will advise you look beyond the prize but look more to doing something different even for your Naija brethren by showing them the way here.


With all that said, let the discussion begin....

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Quite an interesting topic
As Stephen Covey said in his book
7 Habits of Highly Effective People

To change ourselves effectively, we first have to change our perceptions.

This made me realize that if I ever want to be a different person, first I have to change the way I see the world and my perception of things. I remember during the pandemic in 2020 when the whole world was shut down, schools were closed, all activities were put on hold and hospitals were the ones working the most. I must admit I felt scared and vulnerable because I didn't know what was the next step for me. This was supposed to be the year when I would finally become a graduate and get to do what I want. But no, COVID-19 just had to show itself.

During this phase, I went into something called a personality loop, where I got to question my existence and my purpose in life. I must say this was bad. I felt guilty about not doing anything meaningful than just sitting at home and watching the news, which didn't make it any better. But after a while, I knew this was going to end up badly for me because come on, I'm still young and I'm already feeling helpless and lost.

Then I finally decided to use this spare time covid-19 had given me to read books that I wouldn't read on a normal day because of the workload I had to handle from school and my courses. I started with The Subtle Art of not giving a fuck by Mark Manson, which happens to be my favorite book and my favorite author. Don't worry guys, soon I will do a book review on this book and you will get to see why I love the book so much, first, just give me a little time to read it for the third time. If there was one lesson the book taught me was you can't give a fuck about everything that goes on in this world, if so you will just get all worked up quickly. Rather you should focus on things you can solve if you gave a fuck about them.

As funny as it sounds, it's true. Imagine being worked up about things that you cannot solve for example the problem of insecurity in the country. No matter how hard you try or how bad you feel, with time you will come to notice that insecurity is something that's everywhere and can only be reduced through the collective effort of everyone and not just one person. Rather, why do you worry and think about those immediate problems within your reach or have to do with you, like your attitude towards challenges? Like how do you see problems that hit you, do you see them as something that can be solved or do you see them as something that has ruined you forever? If you are not aware, there is a saying,

if you want to change the world, start first by changing yourself.

With time and through the help of several self-development books, I have come to understand that in this life, there will always be problems but our attitude towards these problems determines if we can solve them or not.

So guys this is my Paradigm Shift and the new way I've come to see this world, thanks to books and life struggles.

Thank you for this wonder piece. I must say, it made my day and raised my hopes.
To change the world, it begins with the individual, embracing what had been missing, discovering the purpose for existence.
But beyond all that, we should be able to come to that point where the welfare of our immediate environment is paramount.
A time when what becomes of humanity is as important as living.

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Who is this one? So this is your differently? Then we need to change it 😪.

At first I thought you were exaggerating but when I read through I got to see things from your side 😁.

Infact, maybe one of these days we will make it a complete naija language engagement, it will be as a challenge, @samostically what do you think?

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@mrenglish Change definitely begins with the individual involved. Be the change you want to see. You cannot under any circumstances expect a change when you're doing things the exact same way.

Exactly. We need to first change our perceptions before the expected change would come.

Confirm! That's why we were told that change begins with us, the more we renew our minds the more we see things clearly.

That's right, Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing something over and over and expecting a different result.

I won't agree with you any less. ✊

Yes, he has spoken really well.

Hmm, that last part is confusing me one kind oo, please add more light inside so that I go see wetin you dey see well.

Good morning Mrenglish 🥰.

🤑People's welfare should be in the heart of the leaders. That's what visionary leadership is all about.

Oh right! I totally understand you now and I agree with you. It will come to a point where the welfare of people will matter most and we can only get to that point if we do something differently.

That's it. We need to begin now. When the problem of the people is solve, society becomes a good place to live in.

You're right sir. We really need to start now and start getting good results.

@blackavalon this comment is so short that it was a quick read for me 😢 and honestly, it's so cool to see someone seeing things in better way from reading books.

If you want to change the world, start with yourself... So true.

Somebody say na President wey fit change channel for house when he wife dey around go fit do small thing for him country 🤣🤣

We can't make great changes without making little changes 😁

Thanks, and it's cool when someone agrees with me.

Awwn, it is a really good feeling when you know you are not alone 🥰.

Hmm, you are right, for us to make great changes, we have to make small changes first.


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Yes oo, that's what we should be doing here sha, it's what will make the engagement more merrier and effective, hehe.

That's a really good one, I could feel it that you got lost, that's why I will also love to agree with them that you should write a post about it and get lost well 🤪🤪.

That's a really good advice, @blackavalon hope you are considering it sha?

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As in ehn, sometimes is just hard to control the length of our discussion except we don't want to be true with it. But it's not small thing @blackavalon is doing sha 😪.

Thanks for your contribution @blackavalon

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yea changes starts from oneslf. and your attitude and beliefs towards a thing also matters to getting changes in life or whatever

you suppose to just create post with this your comment

That's right, sometimes our beliefs and attitudes are very harmful to how we respond to implementing changes.

Hmm hmm, shey they said charity starts at home so that it

Exactly! You got that right.

Wow! I'm totally impressed with your approach to answering the question for this week. Sometimes we just worry ourselves so much that we want to be a superman or woman even when we know we can do little or nothing about a situation. Knowing our boundaries on what we can or cannot do will really help a lot in helping us give our best to our country.

That period of Covid 19 made so many people feel really helpless but like you said, sometimes there is just a few thing we can do to improve our lives and that of others and I think like you have said, having the right attitude towards things will be of great help.

The name of the book you read really got my attention, I think I will love to read the reviews on it, I will have to wait for you to finish it the third time, hehe, don't worry, I'm going to wait Patiently, I just pray I don't miss it.

If we can only change our attitude and mindset towards things, it will really help us in doing something differently and I'm very sure it will bring about the change we seek. And one thing we can do differently in the aspect of changing first, is by believing that there is something good in our beloved country and also that we can be better especially because we are involved.

Thank you so much @blackavalon for your amazing comment for this week's discussion, hope you are having a great weekend?

True sis... The little things we do for others go a long way...

Yes ma'am it does, we just have to be true to whatever we choose to do and it's a matter of time before we see the results.

Thank you so much for your contribution 🙏.

The of not giving a fuck by Mark Manson

I started reading this book early this year but I am yet to finish it, it's indeed a very interesting book but I just haven't found the time to complete it.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, most people saw it as an opportunity to rest and have some fun, just watching movies, roaming around social media, playing games, etc. I was also like you back then; I just woke up one morning and started questioning my existence and what the future held for me (I guess being cooped up in the house for months have started to get to me). I saw the lockdown as an opportunity to better myself, instead of just wasting it by watching movies and catching cruise on Twitter. I needed something meaningful to keep me busy and give me a sense of purpose, so I chose to learn graphics designing and that step alone took me out of the mental cage I created for myself.

You're totally right about focusing on things a person can solve. One thing I have learned from Mark Manson's book is that; if you can't do something about a problem and you see that it's beyond you, then why worry about it? Worrying won't solve it, you should rather focus on the things you can do on your own to make things better. Thanks for this wonderful piece, it's filled with lots of advice and tips, anyone wise enough will be able to pick them

It's a good thing to see a seconder of the book, I don't really like buying books because I might just end up not reading it but I do try to read some that I see.

You have learned a really good lesson from the book and it's really so nice that you shared your lesson with us. It's very foolish for anyone to want to change what they know they can't change, it only makes us feel more worthless the more we try.

I don't really like buying books because I might just end up not reading

You can just download the PDF version of it if this is what you're afraid of, that's why I did 😁

Oh right! I'm not sure I have the time to read all of it sha, I will wait to read the review from Blackavalon.

You're obviously a reader🙌🏾 I used to think I read a lot until I joined Hive 😂😂.

Funny I have this book and as catchy as it sounds I've never opened it, but as you don ginger me laidis, make I go read am.

You can't be more right, some changes just have to start from within. Whenever I see someone I admire, that's what I tell myself, it starts from the mind.

It's a good thing you have the book, do well to also make a review when you are through with the book if you can.

I'll sure look into that, thanks😊

That's true... Every form of change begins with each of us.

So right.

Change begins with us first.

Wow, paradigm shift...what an interesting topic👏👏
@kushyzee do you know about hive naija weekend engagement? Something interesting has been happening here ooo...why not join in and share a slice of your knowledge here with your fellow Nigerians in hive🤗🥰

This is my first time hearing of this o, and it does look interesting. Let me first see what other people have to say and then provide appropriate counter argument, that's what I love doing the most; spreading violence 🤣

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Hahaha, as long as his vawulence brings peace, it's always welcome, hehehe. @kushyzee hope your vawulence #speekpeece?

Yes o, my vawulence is cold fire with a tendency to get hot sometimes, totally harmless 😆

Hmm 🤪, OK.. Ay...we will know as time goes on, hehehe.

That is over now, @nkemakonam89 has found you and we all are super excited to have you join us this weekend and we really hope to see you next week as well and do well to invite other of our brothers and sisters 🤗.

I understand that and it is fine, I would really love to see how you give a counter measure. All ways have fun and feel free 🥰.

Definitely, I will be here next week and I will try to invite more people, the more the merrier ✌️

That'd be great Kushy, I'm really so happy you are here to stay and I do hope more people join in as we move forward 💃💃.

Madam hype woman 😂
I've missed you o

@kushyzee should better join the moving train... You're missing out! 😁

I've successfully bought my ticket and hopped on the train 😁 no time

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I love the sound of this 👍😂

Yes, it sounds really nice 🤩🤩.


@kushyzee 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️.

Oh wow! That's awesome, you are welcome to the journey brother 🥰.

Thanks 😁

You're welcome!

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Yes oo, he should better join the train oo because soon the train will start moving at an high speed, hehe.

Yeah, the topic is really an interesting one and I hope to read your response soon 🤩.

@kushyzee you are highly welcome to join the family here 🥰.

Yayyyyyy Well done! 👏 ✔

Yes, he's doing really well 🥰.

So 50 Leo to be won every week - we'd start from next week!

That's nice, it's a good idea ❤️.

always tag me too , so i get notifications. thanks

That's nice, you will get tagged, hehe. I really do hope to see you every weekend, because henceforth it's going to be really fun fun and fun 💃💃🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️.

Yea thanks, I always like to get notifications about upcoming events , so that I won't be lost , like I always am

Yes it happens to most people, the tagging is okay, but the only thing is it won't be on the post but at the comment section.

Yeah I know. Any how it is , so far I get notified

Ya you do 🥰.

Nice one!
Good tidings 😁

Indeed! And I strongly believe there are more good tidings to come.

No be lie😁

Hello @obrisgold1 👋👋...
It's so good to have you here, you are welcome to join us for this week's naija engagement 🥰.

Please do well to relate with anyone, just be free and sincere 😊.

It's nice to meet you by the way, I'm Hope 💃💃.

Am back 😜

Hello Hope, nice to meet you too.

Wow, I'm so glad you are, lolz.

Awesome!! This is great news, God bless them ❤️.

This is amazing... Let's go LEO... 😍😍😍


My baby. I missed you.

Awwn, good day boo 🥰🥰.

I've missed you too, how are you doing?


This is good news indeed, and i can't wait for this partnership to kick start.

Great development, do keep it up boss

Yes it's a good news indeed, we all have a part to play to make it even more fun and rewarding, do well to inform others about this hangout, hehehe.

Abiiii o, that's why we love ourselves as Nigerians, don't forget to tell somebody to tell somebody that will tell somebody else..... complete it

That will tell someone... 😄😄, I'm really proud of us 🥰🥰.


Hey buddies.

Nigerians are the kind of people that can easily be referred to as rare breed.We can survive what other nationals won't.
Let's see what this weekend topic is all about. In fact that is what my opening speech is all about.

What can you do differently to make our country better?

There are many things that are not in the right places or handled well in our nation. Some of these things are what makes life comfortable for the ordinary man. So, if I have the opportunity to do something differently, it would be in different areas.

First, there will be a central water distribution. Like in modern societies, water is solely distributed to homes and organization by the water agencies. I would do same for my nation.
The next would be in the area of domestic gas supply. Every home will be supplied cooking gas through a central depot and the citizens would have to just pay a subsidized amount of money on a monthly basis or bi-annually.

Electricity is another thing that calls for immediate revision. I would have to stop importation of generators so that we can focus on building power generating dams or grip within the nation for constant power supply both for domestic and industrial use.

There would also be a fire-walled electronic system voting that would be transmitted on national television while election is on going to avoid rigging as much as possible. And to make the votes of the citizens count.
Another important thing I will do is that politicians will not earn as much a secondary school teachers let alone university lecturers.
You know, I could go on and on.

@treasuree and @wofaipeace, come and join in this conversation, engagement and meet with buddies from Nigeria. It is a weekend thing you'd enjoy.

Incredible sir! It shows you are surely thinking about the welfare of our country and you know, I believe we will achieve all of these things someday as long as we keep doing things differently and that is from evil to good.

I so much love that first point so much, there are so much states in our country that are suffering from different diseases and it's all because of bad water and lack of water. Water is life and when people lack some of these basic things, it's really just hard for them to be creative and play a good role in the betterment of the country.

Because of the lack of these things you've mentioned, that's why so many people sell their rights just to get a comfortable life for themselves even when it means they will have to do something wrong.

It's always a pleasure to read from you, you always give very good points on every discussion, that's totally impressive 👍.

Its my pleasure. When it comes to our beloved nation, we know what our problems are, the way our is also at our disposal.

That's it, we know we have a problem, we have identified it and now is time put in some action.

You sound like someone who will do well in campaigning for a credible candidate.

I don't even know what that is, I've never been involved in politics 😂😂.

Wow, these are all interesting contributions. Having a central system for distributing goods and services will make every zones in the country to have equal access to this products and services unlike what we have now that there is uneven distribution of social amenities.

I greet you specially 😅
I don't know why I'm mistaking this weekend engagement to be an election ground 🤣🤣

The English too plenty!

😂😂😂😂.. Election fit happen..
But na you go bring ballot paper 😂

No problem, just send the money to my wallet and I'll get it ready! 😁

See what I'm talking about 😏🤦‍♀️, you too like money 🤪.

My fellow money lover
How far na 😁

No oo @merit.ahama go ring the election even though say she nor wan ring am because she nor know about ballot papers 🤪🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️.

And Merit wept! 😂

But why did she wept? 🙄

Talking about election, have you gotten your voters card?🤔🤔🤔😜😜😜

I couldn't o
I will get it after election 🤣🤣

Oh my goodness 🤭😂😂😂😂
You are not a good Nigerian citizen oo 😂😂😂😂....see how we just missed your vote now! Can you imagine..oh, you didn't hear that the change begins with me and you?

The change that I've been changing have not been working 🥲😂
Nigeria is beyond repair but it will repair next election time when I've got my voter's card 🤣🤣

Me self I'm not a good citizen at all but I hope to change this time for real 😆😆.
We have lost so many votes, I just hope it doesn't stop the right person from winning 😒.

Gberaga 😆😆, after election, to do wetin?

To set binance wallet 🥲🤣
Wetin concern me concern election normally

No I haven't oo, it is well. It's recently that my mind have changed towards election, I just hope the few that were able to get theirs make the right choice.

Hahaha, this girl nor funny at all 😂🤣🤣, election ground ke, how election ground dey be? 🤪.

Big big grammar dey fly for the ground 🥲

Hahaha, wahala oo, my sister will not disgrace me, IJN, Amen 😂😂.

You've been successfully disgraced before the prayer 🥲

I tell you. That's why one part is feeling marginalised and the other are holding on to power.

It is well 🙂.

First of all, I want to specially appreciate your presence here, this is my first time seeing you here and I really do hope you are here to stay because we do need you here, I need you here 🥰.

Back to what you have said, ya that is what we see around, we don't see the need of developing every state in our beloved country, most of these leaders just focus more on their own, how selfish, even when they know they can help as many as they want to.

I know there will be changes henceforth because as the saying goes, change begins with you and I so let's do well to contribute our quota for the betterment of ourselves and others