Is Blasphemy an excuse to be inhumane?

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Hello Hivers

My heart is bleeding so much. I am shaking as I am writing this right now. I have never been this angry and sad for a long while now. I have shaped my mind to take in a lot of things no matter the situation. But this one right here, has outweighed my emotions. I cannot even take it in.

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This morning, I was going through my email, when a news popped up in my browser. Unlike me, I just usually wave them off because I am tired of the many negative news I get to hear everyday. But somehow, I just clicked on it to read.

My eyes popped. A student was killed by her fellow colleagues because she said something that was termed "blasphemy ". I am someone who loves to research a lot and get my facts right before I conclude on a matter. So I went to do some search on the matter. I logged in to my Facebook account and it was the news that was all over.

I watched the distressing video. I just wish I can un-watch this video. It was alleged that she had cautioned her fellow colleagues who were in the same WhatsApp group. According to the story, the members of the WhatsApp group who were Muslims were sharing their religious stuff that was not related to what should be shared on the WhatsApp group. The group was opened specially for information relating to the school activities.

This made the girl named Deborah to react and tell them not to share such things again on the group.

I am in so many WhatsApp groups and it gets really annoying how people share non-related contents on the group. So what most Admins do, is to lock the group to avoid such people constituting nuisance in the group.

Back to my story, it offended the Muslims and they called it "blasphemy". This young girl lived in the hostel, and so it was easy for her to be found. The angry students came to the hostel to drag her out and of course teach her a lesson. Some good Samaritans, took her to the security house for safety. But the mobs overpowered the security personnel's as they were much. They eventually caught the girl, stoned her and killed her. When they had confirmed that she had died, they burnt her body.

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It is the audacity for me. The audacity of being proud of killing a fellow human and posting it on social media is overwhelming. In fact I saw a young man, who was proud of his actions, he displayed the matchbox he used to light the girl. And they were all jubilating.

My question is this, why do people feel so comfortable, killing a fellow human being? I can't even stand the sight of blood, not to talk of killing a human. How did things, become so bad that killing someone is now a thing to be jubilating about?

Religion has become a big problem in our society. The reason for this gruesome murder is obviously religion. Just look at the energy that these youths used to kill this girl, if they channel all of that energy to fighting our bad leaders, I am certain this country will be a better place.

I cannot even imagine the trauma Deborah passed through before she gave up. I cannot even imagine how she begged for her life all the while she was being beaten to death.

I thought religion was meant to make our lives better? Why is the passion for religion making us carry out preposterous actions?

Will this case end up like other cases where the government does nothing about the inhumane act?

I cannot even keep writing anymore.



As far as I know, no religion approves of murder. I doubt that murder can be justified at all, except in self-defense... It's certainly not normal.(
!LOVE! Only love will save the world!

As far as I know, no religion approves of murder.

There has been a large number of religions which approved of murder. There have been numerous historical religions which demanded human sacrifice.

Many atheist systems of belief justify murder. This last century has seen the slaughtering of people by the hundreds of millions based on people's belief system. Books like "Death by Government" tally up the carnage. It is really scary.

There is something wrong in the head of Putin which makes him think it is okay to kill Ukrainians. Advocates of abortion kill the pre-born by the millions.

The belief system of radical environmentalists says that we have to reduce the population to save the planet. China had the one-child rule which comes from their belief system.

The power mongers of the world are adept at finding ways to use religion (and anti-religion) to justify murder.

Yeah, I guess I didn't put it right. Civilized modern religions.

Putin felt like a god... Too much time in power. That's why I now understand why there is a limit of up to two terms in power.

Other than that, I agree completely!

!PIZZA to my friend!

Civilized modern religions.

Philosophers use the term "modern" to refer to any philosophy or ideology that appeared after Kant (1724 - 1804). We have had a good two centuries of "modern." The centuries were quite bloody.

Modern philosophers came up with a tonne of competing ideologies. These ideologies would battle each other on the world stage. The modern world had two World Wars, numerous genocides and other attrocities.

The term "civilized" is quite old. The Romans considered themselves the peak of "civilized." They liked to throw people from barbaric cultures into colosseums for sport.

We haven't created a perfect world ... yet.

Yes, I agree, that's right. Thank you for this journey into history and beyond! Something to think about. And maybe even write here...

Murder can never ever be justified. It is heartbreaking

Religion is dead. It stopped existing a long time ago. I have deliberately avoided anything to do with that news because it just reminds me that some people are demons in human flesh. And i get angry too. I just hope God is looking from where he is...

That's well said.

Nothing justifies murder, never and will never
But accepting the fact because of the country we are in and answering your question,

Will this case end up like other cases where the government does nothing about the inhumane act?

Yes, I have followed quite number of similar cases and the trend is always that maybe we get to hear of the first and second arrest and then, the media stops talking anything about it and that's it
Most times, the assailants are released without the knowledge of anyone
That's how bad the country is
Too sad

Most times, the assailants are released without the knowledge of anyone
That's how bad the country is
Too sad

You have said it all

Sorry if I was too direct but if you want to hear the truth, that's the truth, undiluted truth

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This is disheartening. I heard the news too. And to think that it happened in a school where people should be more enlightened. Like you said, the audacity! Have people lost their hearts and conscience?

Anyways, the government should really take strict measures against things like this. Let perpetrators be dealt with.

Extremely bad. I just wish the government will do something to stop this kind of acitvity

Lots of Nigerians didn't know that Sanusi Lamido, the ex-CBN governor was also part of a mob that killed a christian youth in the 80's for this same similar scenario. sanusi was pardoned after President Abacha died, he spent 2 years of imprisonment and then sent abroad to clean up his reputation. check the news sources below if you doubt...

News Source
News source 2

Religious extremism must be curtailed in that country or else it might implode.

Wow. I never knew . Thank you for this information

Religious extremism must be curtailed in that country or else it might implode.

You have said it all. If nothing is done, it will get worse

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This is so heartbreaking. 💔
It hurts to hear news like these.
What if people will just learn to be understanding and forgive each other? Murder is too much.

Taking a life is the height of wickedness. You can punish but not to take a life.

Agree. Punishing and taking one's life is just so big of a difference. :(

The Ten Commandments in the Torah starts with an admonition against misusing the name of God ... aka blasphemy. This implies that blasphemy is the greatest of all transgressions.

Blasphemy laws create an interesting version of the reflexive paradox. To accuse another of blasphemy, one must first know the mind of God.

For me to accuse you of blasphemy, I would have to start with a claim that I know the mind of God.

But, the mind of God is beyond human comprehension. So, my accusation of blasphemy would itself be blasphemy.

In most cases, the accusation of blasphemy is a worse blasphemy than whatever action led to the charge.

In this article the woman charged with blasphemy claims that her accuser was trying to trap her because she deflected unwanted advances. It appears that the accuser is guilty of a deeper blasphemy than the accused.

BTW: I think the story of Jesus is a tale designed to highlight this paradox. It takes a god to know the mind of God. The story of Jesus says that God took human form as Jesus. The pharisees accused Jesus of blasphemy and had him crucified.

The story of Jesus creates a conundrum. If Jesus was just a deluded person, then the pharisees were following the Torah when they executed him. So there actions were just according to the law. But, if Jesus was the Son of God, then the pharisees were committing blasphemy when they executed Christ.

The only way to know the truth would be to know the mind of God ... which is impossible.

During the crucifixion, Christ said: "Forgive them for they know not what they do."

This act of forgiveness was an interesting resolution of the paradox. In the Christian tradition, this act of forgiveness is called grace.

But, back to your post, people who hold that blasphemy is the greatest of all sins are in a terrible spot. The act of accusing others of blasphemy starts with a claim to know the mind of God ... which is blasphemy.


Wow. This is really deep. Meaning that no one has the right to criticize or judge anyone because we don't know the mind of God.

I just remembered the story of the harlot whom Jesus saved. Exactly what you are driving at. What we may see as a sin may not be the same in the eyes of God.

Thank you for this insight @yintercept

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Our inhumanity to one another is deplorable and unfortunately that will always be there in some form. I feel so bad for that poor girl and her family. To lose a loved one is tragic, but to lose someone like this is unimaginable. It makes me worry for our world

I worry too for my country. With the rise of these things, I am afraid it may just keep getting worse.

Unfortunately these type of things are happening all around the world and that good vs evil element will always be there in some capacity Unfortunately. Those who are good need to spread the love though and try to keep as many on the good path as possible.

When I heard of the story, it was sad ..
The most annoying is how educated and prestigious people in the country support it and put blames on the girl.


Sad one there

The painful thing is that the commissioner in charge of that state is in support of the murderers and still justifying her murder. It is so annoying..

The evil in the hearts of human beings who murder because they think they are entitled to do so cannot be restrained and so is simply harnessed by religion in the hands of rulers who believe they are entitled to the same -- the problem is the wickedness in the souls of such people, and that there are not enough people of moral character in position to check them. If the society were secular humanist, the problem would still be the same. Somehow, the murderers above and the murderers below must be brought to justice. I do not know how that will happen... but I stand with you on the side of right.

I pray justice prevails. A lot of politicians are using it as a campaign strategy instead of genuinely fighting for justice.

That's terrible... I felt heavy reading this and those who did that gruesome thing might be out of their minds.

Terrible act. I couldn't finish watching the video

I wouldn't be able too if in your shoes. Just too much. Reading it made me feel so heavy.

I share such anger when abuse is done to a fellow human being in the name of religion. Religious fanatics are doing a disservice to the faith they claim to serve. Nevertheless, one has to qualify what specific religion is doing an act of violence like this. Not all religions are the same. Another person inspired by his religion is doing a lot of good for mankind. Ignoring this fact is taking for granted the insights that we can glean from the past. To call all religions without distinction responsible for such an act doesn't help.

I don't know if it is just in africa that this religious fanatics are being so inhumane. I barely hear about this in the western world.

That's really sad.

Murder is never justified except in self-defense and only as a last result. Thanks for sharing.

Jungle justice is gradually becoming the order of the day and it is worrisome.