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We are extremely proud to announce that first October doesn’t only mark the Independence Day for Nigerians, it is also the beginning of something with @dreemport.

We all know how much Dreemport brings to the table with their fun and challenges. Many of us Nigerians have experienced it and still talk about it.

What is Dreemport?

In the words of a Dreemer:

Dreemport is a curation platform with rewards powered by Hive that brings together writers from multiple platforms (like read.cash, medium, publish Ox) for improved sharing of content and genuine engagement.

It is pretty simple and not complicated at all. All you have to do is curate and engage with five posts daily and then submit your post for others to do the same. This post How do I use Dreemport? It's easy! :) will show you more and also guide you.

The Movement

# (3).jpg

This month of October, we shall #speekpeece not only in our post, but to those around us as well. Nigeria has been holding on to hope for as long as we can remember. Even now, most people do not associate Nigeria with anything good but we know how it really is. Every nation, race or tribe has its ups and downs. Just like the way life works, there are a few bad eggs. So what is the reason for SpeekPeece?

For three weeks, just like @dreemsteem explained in her post here, we would be speaking peace over our nation.

"But how do we do that?"

"You would find out soon."

What the Hive Naija team can do for now is encourage you to join this movement, to love and respect anyone you come around, even children. Give people a reason to smile this season and just be kind to your fellow ones. Not just on Hive but outside too, be a helper and lend a hand.


For the purpose of this collaboration, a Sister account for Hive Naija was created on Ecency. Why? You may ask. Well you see, this post tells you everything you need to know about why Ecency is premium. For those who do not understand what Ecency is? It is another frontend for Hive with loads of benefit. Click the link above to know why. Also click this button to “Join” The HiveNaija Community. Read the rules and get familiar because, that is not all!😁

For the coming challenge with Dreemport, we are encouraged to use the Ecency frontend but it is not compulsory. Use whatever frontend you are comfortable with and most especially, let us have some fun!🤩

You want to join Ecency but don’t know how? Don’t worry. You can send a message on discord to @deraaa (deraaa#4794) and she’ll gladly put you through, or you can pop into our server on Discord. Any which way!

The Contest

Our Sister account was created with the purpose of drawing everyone together for the #speekpeece movement. As a start, we are going to be looking for something special. Here is the Hunt👇:

Finding the Treasure: A riddle

When our Sister was made,
she was given unique features.
She has a treasure tucked at her side.
Many years ago,
Nigerians exclaimed in glee and to the dawn,
they firmly believed.
Can we find the treasure?

This is going to take some detective glasses but fear not, clues shall be dropped every day by @deraaa on LeoThreads with a link in the Dreemport Discord - Share your threads.

The Reward:

  • 5 Hive
  • 3 Leo
  • 1,000 Ecency points.

Mouth watering ehn? The MOD’s are sad to miss this one. By Saturday, First October, we would be announcing the winner! So, get that creative mind working😎.

How do I participate?

  • Indicate in the comments that you are interested with the tag, #speekpeece.

  • Be human. This means it doesn’t matter if you are Nigerian or not.

  • Check into the Dreemport server daily for clues.

  • Make/respond to threads and invite others (both Nigerian and foreigners) to participate. Use the tags #hivenaija #dreemport #speekpeece on them.

  • When you find the clue or have what you think is the right answer, pop into her DM (deraaa#4794) and write it down with the date and exact time of submission.

  • Have fun while doing it!

Note: This is supposed to be a break week for all Dreemers. This contest challenge is optional and can be ignored if decided. This is just for fun and totally not compulsory. So, do not feel the need to participate if you don't want to. It doesn't affect you in anyway. Only join in for the fun😊


We had quite the number of people turn up for the meeting on discord last month and we are excited for the meeting coming up this week. Today, 25th of September by 6pm, we would be convening again on the discord server. Come with your ideas, observations and suggestions. Let us push HiveNaija forward!

Join the Curation Trail

If you like our work, please support this project by delegating Hive Power to @hive-naija or you can join our curation trail.

The benefits of the curation trail

Although it does help the community to make an impact, it's also a great way to earn Curation rewards. The Curation rewards are returns in investment for every individual who joins one.

Click HERE to join the curation trail or you can delegate to @hive-naija.

|25HP| |50HP| |75HP| |100HP| |200HP| |500HP| |1000HP| |5000HP|


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The second riddle has been dropped on the Dreemport's Server Share your threads Channel. Do respond and use the tags #speekpeece, #hivenaija #dreemport only if you want to. Who will get that booty?

Please indicate if you want to be excluded from this tag by using the phrase STOP.

I love to be tagged but in current time i am busy with my exam because of what i am inactive in current time and i won't participate there. I will return soon . Thank you for the honourable mention .

Thanks for tagging, Dera.

Thank you so much for the update @deraaa, you are a darling 😘😘.

Tag me @deraaa 🥰🥰👏👏😍
How did I miss this notification
Hope I am not late for the game 😂

No you are not. Hop in🤣

Yesterday thread was something else
Nkem here was clueless 😉😂😂😂

Thanks for tagging me, dear!! 😘

I cannot wait to see who's getting the Booty

Thanks for tagging!

Thank you Deraa I will check on this !luv

Thank you for the tag, Deraaa. I need to check what this is about ;)

Thanks for the update mam

@deraaa tag me ooo 🙏❤️

Awesome Deraa!! This is going to be so much fun and I just can't wait to see this challenge kicking off in full force, hehehe.

I will love to be a detective even though I know I'm not one but like you said, there's no harm in trying.

#hivenaija #dreemport #speekpeece

We would love to see you try... 😁#speekpeece

Oh, I'm very sure it will be fun to try, hehehe.

Well I searched and I looked and so I have no fluffing clue what the first clue was let alone what the first answer is so I very much doubt that I will see the second clue or be able to answer it either

However, I shall try after all Rangers motto is No Surrender

#hivenaija #dreemport #speekpeece

Wonderful initiative @deraaa and @hive-naija. I already joined the community and have followed the account now too. Perhaps you might want to tag the dreemer list that Dreem uses for contests to get more exposure to this post and community. As this is a precursor to the next Dreemport challenge month, I would think it is perfectly reasonable. If any dreemer would prefer not to be tagged they can ask to be dropped from the list.

haha I love playing detective, don't I @dreemsteem ? 😂💗😂 This sounds like fun and a lovely entry into #speekpeece. I shall be visiting your leothread posts if you share them in the Dreemport server hehe (because I find threads a bit tricky to navigate so having a link helps immensely).

#speekpeece #hivenaija #dreemport
#dreemer for life


@hive-naija! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @samsmith1971. (1/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Good Morning Sam. How Do I do that? Sorry. I was supposed to do thread yesterday, but I came home very exhausted without the ability to think...haha. Thank you so much


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Fantastic and well done @deraaa for all the hard work that you are putting in!
This will be fun I know that.
I love my threads so I shall be looking out for you as I want to join in a treasure hunt!
Good luck with it all:)

Thank you so much. We appreciate you!

You are very welcome 'we' indeed I appreciate me 2¬

All of us at Ecency are quite excited about TheHiveNaija collaboration with Dreemport! October will be so much fun!

Yes Melinda. Hahaha

 last year (edited) 

Well I don't think I'm late to this party. It already feels good to be a part if something bigger than myself. Let's make it happen. Can I have I link to the new community?

#speekpeece #hivenaija #dreemport

Speekpeece 🌚

This is so exciting deraa. I find it very challenging. I may not be a Nigerian but I really love everyone I met like all of them are really very nice, kind, and I always see them as smart and intelligent.

#hivenaija #dreemport #speekpeece

Thank you. And you can join in. This is not just for Nigerians. 😁

#speekpeece #dreemport #hivenaija

This is me indicating interest.

The hunt starts today right? I can start visiting dreemport for the hunt?

Yes. The thread has been dropped on the Dreemport Discord by Deraa

Ok thanks.

October is already loads with fun, sure will like to join.
@desiredlady you can check this out too

#hivenaija #dreemport #speekpeece

Thanks for the invite but can you show me how to join and other vital information course I have no Cleo about dream Port

Oh sorry about that am still a learner like you 😂
Maybe you can read through
I haven't really made my entry tho

I never knew there were contests like this, well it's never too late. It's awesome I'm here and I'm up for the fun -
@nkemakonam89 have you seen this?

#hivenaija #dreemport #speekpeece

My dear, I just saw it oo 😂
Thanks for the tag 👍

You are welcome 🤗🤗

I love a good mystery :) ... Hopefully I can figure it out 😂

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Wow...this is amazing
Not a good detective anyway but I am gonna try...
This is our own naija 🥰😍👏

@quduus1 and @treasuree have you seen this?

#hivenaija #speekpeece #dreemport

I am not a detective type, I am not sure if I can search for it lolz, anyways thank you for the tagging because first thing first I understand few in everything I just read, I think my brain is occupied atm, will check later... thank you for the tag though

I know you can a good detective
Let's get to work foxy 😂👍

Lolz I am serious lols

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