Hivequam Report - Creating a series of posts, new features and this week's best work

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It's time for a report on the new features of Hivequam Minecraft Plugin and the activities of the community!


1. Introducing the option to create a series of posts
2. Presenting minor changes made in the latest plugin update
3. An overview of the latest published works

1. Create your own collection of buildings!

Most importantly, a new "create series" feature now allows users to combine multiple posts into a series of separate episodes. Adding posts to a series is optional, and the process is based on including special signatures in posts that allow users to quickly switch between episodes in a series. The animation below shows how this works::

The reason for creating this feature was the suggestions and needs of builders (we won't let someone's castles and palaces get mixed up - they certainly deserve to be placed in separate series). Adding posts to a series is simple and is not based on any metadata, but simple analysis and editing of posts published using our app.

Simply publish the first post of the series as normal, and when publishing the next post, select "add to series" and choose the first post from the intuitive list - posts without a series will be displayed as normal, those already part of a series will appear with a blue background:

The first series by our top builders will be coming soon, follow to our community, individual authors and visit the Minecraft server

2. What is new besides this?

In a nutshell, the Hivequam plugin has received several technical, visual and functional improvements. First of all, it makes it easier for users to manage their posts (posts can be edited and hidden by their authors)

We have visually improved the look and feel of the Hive list and adapted it for future use when there are more posts - in addition, it is now possible to sort the posts by author, among other things. Our list already consists of 8 really high quality posts, which you can see both on the server and in our community.

We have also added additional options for moderators and prepared a plugin for a possible soon to be linked Hive account with a Minecraft user account. Once again, for all the help with the plugin, I would like to thank @castro12321 and @feriach, for helping to promote Hivequam inside the server

3. New creations - City of Solaris and Aladdin's Palace

We would like to dedicate the last part of the report to promoting two great and huge projects by users @maxrazorwin and @inarek.

First of all, The City of Solaris by @maxrazorwin, is a truly breathtaking and largest build published within our community. According to stats, the post about it got the most views, and news of it even reached MSP Waves (if you're interested, click here. Thanks @crimsonclad for mentioning our project for the second time during the live broadcast, we're really pleased!)

No less impressive is the post by user @inarek - his Aladdin's Palace is the highest earning work published by our app so far - it's a brilliantly designed, impressive palace that was built in just 11 days! It is not only the facade that makes a great impression, but also the fancy interiors.

Thank you very much for all the votes on the work of our community and for all your activity. See you in the next report!


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