Trail & Château | 朝圣之路和城堡


Following my last post about the lower town and the middle-level sanctuary complex, this time, let's walk further up to the top part of the cliff. There you can see an imposing château and its ramparts, as in my photo above.






On the way, I saw a scallop shell tied to a tree, a symbol guiding pilgrims in the right direction. When I was on the route of Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain, I also met pilgrims wearing this symbol. It is said that the shell's lines represent the routes traveled by pilgrims from different places, which all lead to the tomb of Saint James in Santiago.

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There were also trunks for people to send up their prayers. The man in my photo below took a pin stud and nailed it to the trunk with his prayer. I noticed that someone even put a pin onto a leaf...

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The walking trail leading up the hillside to the top:

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At each turn of the trail, there is a station of the Cross, with descriptions in both French and English. There are 14 stations in total:

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Impressive structures in a rock cave:

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On the top platform, the Cross of Jerusalem was standing quietly. The château is on the site of a fort that protected the religious buildings. I found the pointed bell tower very photogenic too. From the ramparts, you can enjoy great views of the surrounding nature and houses. Parking lots are available at the nearby small hamlet of L' Hospitalet.

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