Rocamadour Lower Town & Clifftop Sanctuary | 悬崖圣城罗卡马杜尔


For the Wednesdaywalk this week, let's go to Rocamadour, a clifftop medieval village overlooking the Alzou Canyon in the Dordogne region of France. I visited it a few days ago during the holiday week, so most facilities for tourists were closed. But luckily, it's fairly peaceful since there were few visitors. It is hard to imagine this quiet scene as Rocamadour is a very popular destination in the country for tourists as well as pilgrims.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is on the Way of Saint James, a famous pilgrim route. The complex of sanctuaries and chapels here have attracted pilgrims for centuries. Legend has it that a series of miracles happened thanks to the Virgin Mary and the grave of an ancient Christian hermit found here. The saint is called St Amadour, from whom the place took its name.

It's not so warm with lush vegetation and blooming flowers like in summer time, and most trees only had bare branches left in this winter season. However, the beautiful sunny day, the fresh mountain air and the amazing architecture made the walk very pleasant.

The lower town has a pedestrian street lined with shops, cafes and restaurants. Normally it's packed with visitors here, but it's not crowded at all at this time, as you can see from my photos below. Further on at the other side, I found even more quiet corners and a glass-making house. Some elderly people were enjoying the sunshine strolling or sitting at the roadside.





rocamtown (9).jpg


rocamtown (10).jpg





After climbing a continuous sequence of steps leading up, you will arrive at a couple of chapels at the lower part. Pilgrims would climb this Grand Escalier staircase on their knees as a penance. If you don't feel like walking up, there is also a lift to take from the base of the town, though it won't reach the very top.













Continue walking a bit higher up, you will see a few more impressive religious buildings, such as St Anne's Chapel which contains a 17th-century gilded altar screen; The Basilica of St-Sauveur, a late 12th-century sanctuary; The Tomb of St Amadour where the hermit's body was held; St Michael's Chapel and the Chapel of Notre-Dame where the statue of respected Mary or Black Madonna stands. I will talk about more details of the interiors in my coming post, otherwise, it's going to be too long today. Some of these structures are carved into the rocks which look really remarkable. Meanwhile, the view from there over the mountains and roads is breathtaking as well.

rocam-higher (11).jpg

rocam-higher (10).jpg

rocam-higher (1).jpg

rocam-higher (7).jpg

rocam-higher (3).jpg

rocam-higher (12).jpg

rocam-higher (6).jpg

rocam-higher (4).jpg

rocam-higher (2).jpg


rocam-higher (5).jpg

rocam-higher (9).jpg

rocam-higher (8).jpg

Ok, that's it for today's walk, hope you enjoyed it like I did. Have you done any walks lately? Feel free to comment down below or share it with Wednesdaywalk and Pinmapple! I'm not tagging accounts much these days in case I would bother others... just check them out if interested. :)

All content by @itchyfeetdonica
图文 by Donica


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Thats a heck of a walk but well worth it I felt i was taken back in time seeing this place and the views are amazing

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

Ancient place with nice views indeed. Thanks for hosting Wednesdaywalk!

My pleasure to host the Wednesday Walk 👍


嗯嗯夏天绿树繁花更美但是也很挤 冬天清静

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Thanks @livinguktaiwan! HM you mean? 受宠若惊 seeing Top3😅

Beautiful location, really liked the carved houses into the rocks and the lift. Good idea for those who strugle.

Yes, impressive place and thoughtful to build that lift. Haven't seen you for a while. :) Thanks for stopping by!

haha, I was busy with parenting during the lockdown, shall be around more 🙂