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When I saw Qurator's Photo Quest for this week, the green tea plantations in Cameron Highlands immediately popped up in my mind. The theme is "Green, Green and more Green. The Greener the better!" Nice one! :) So, let's see how green it gets here...

Cameron Highlands is set along a mountain plateau, around 4 hours away from the capital city Kuala Lumpur. At about 1,500 metres above sea level, it boasts a much cooler climate than the steamy lowlands. Just like Nuwara Eliya of Sri Lanka and Da Lat of Vietnam, it's a great retreat for me after I sweat like a pig in those hooot coastal cities nearby.

The fresh mountain air also attracted the British of course... The name of Cameron Highlands came after William Cameron, the first Brit who discovered the area on a mapping expedition in 1885. Afterward, more and more Brits were attracted to this cooler hill station and built English-style cottages across the land.

Like the rubber trees from the Amazon I talked about before, the tea was also brought to Malaysia by the British in the colonial era. One early pioneer John Russell imported bushes from Sri Lanka in 1929 after he spotted the tea-growing potential with the highlands' agreeable climate. As a result, his first tea garden was sculpted from the mountain terrain. Even today, Malaysia's largest black tea producer BOH Plantations (as you can see from my photos) are still harvesting some of the original bushes from that time.

Nowadays, you can look at this spectacular view of trimmed green patches of tea bushes with a cup of tea in your hand. Besides, there are hiking paths leading to the green mossy forests and jungles where you have a chance to spot the Giant Rafflesia, the endangered corpse flower with the notorious rotten meat smell.

On the way, I saw plenty of restaurants, shops, hotels, and agricultural farms such as strawberry plantation, cactus farm, butterfly farm, bee farm and rose garden. Thanks to these farms, abundant fresh produce could be found at the lively road markets.

However, the rapid development has also posed threats to the environment, like many other natural places in the world. The biggest problem is “the uncontrolled clearing of the forest, even in the water catchment area", according to Ramakrishnan Ramasamy, a local who set up Regional Environmental Awareness Cameron Highlands(REACH), to help protect and preserve the area’s unique environment. In the worst case, some Orang Asli natives were killed in a landslide caused by the clearing of forest from steep slopes. They are the indigenous minority groups living in the highland, who are Peninsular Malaysia's oldest inhabitants. source
















All content by @itchyfeetdonica
图文 by Donica


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Definitely a lot of green out there! Good luck with the contest :)

Thanks, you too! I saw your entry of the plant, nice one!

Jim Thompson got lost in Cameron Highlands.

Yeah, that's so bizarre. I read about him from a travel post here about his house in Bangkok.

Absolutely breathtaking place. So many shades of green. I can literally smell the fresh air from your photos :) Beautiful.

@tipu curate

Awww, that's such a beautiful description, thanks! =)


haha 我喜欢你递进式的简洁评论风:




That is a very pretty place. You have been all over the world. Love it!

Amazing place indeed. Obsessed with the world. :)

Well, well, well. Looks like we have the same place in the contest. I already know who won in post votes, but we will see who will be better in the contest :D Good luck

Haha, this place is just too green to be missed right? But I honestly think the reality was better than my meh photos here. :)