Invitation to enter the Hi from Hive Contest

Last year I started the Hi From Hive initiative.

This is a freewrite for you to talk about whatever you like regarding your Hive experience and journey, and pin it on the Hi From Hive map. So far, 55 users around the world have made a Hi From Hive post. If you click on the map below, it will take you to a real time version and you can see who these people are, where they're located and read their story.

The idea behind the Hive From Hive map is that we can share it on social media or whenever we tell people about Hive. Maybe those people are interested to see who's from their country or even home city. They can click on any pin on the map, and it will take them to that Hiver's post. They can see for themselves what Hivers say about Hive (good things I hope!!) and maybe they will decide to join Hive as well. I mean where else, and how else can you see so many Hive testimonials in one place? How cool is that!!!

During the past year, many new users have joined Hive and I thought this would be a good opportunity for them to share their experience. In fact, if you have been on Hive for a long time and still not done a Hi from Hive post yet, you are welcome to do one as well. Actually, everyone is welcome!!!!! That's why I am hosting this


The contest rules are very simple, and all of them are mandatory:

  1. Write about your journey and experience on Hive. It's your story, the relationship between you and Hive, Make it personal and unique and special. Don't tell us what Hive is, or what dapps or projects there are unless you developed it and it's part of your Hive experience. The Hi from Hive post is not about shilling Hive. It's about sharing your experience and journey on Hive
  2. You must post from the Hi from Hive Community
  3. You must use the hifromhive tag
  4. You can post in dual or multi language but one of them must be in English
  5. One entry per person. If you have made a Hi From Hive post in the past and have new experience to share, you are welcome to join the contest as well
  6. Pin it on Pinmapple
  • Go to the Pinmapple website
  • Click on Get Code at the top
  • Enter your location in the Search for a location box, Or you can zoom in the map to find your location. For security reasons, don't search for your home address. Search for a landmark in your town/city/county/state and click on it.
  • You will now see a pin on the map and a bit of code at the bottom of the screen that looks like [//]:# (!pinmapple 26.517100 lat -38.060485 long d3scr)
  • Copy and paste that entire code from the Pinmapple website onto your post. Every code is unique as it represents your own place, so make sure you use the above method to get your own. Don't copy someone else's.

Please make sure you follow all the above rules otherwise your entry will not be valid.


The prize pool with be 20 HBD plus 50% of this post payout, and will be split as follows:

First prize - 40%
Second prize - 25%
Third prize - 15%
Four honourable mentions - 5% each

OCD have kindly agreed to support good quality entries to this contest, so make sure you put your best work forward!!!

The contest will close 7 days from now when this post reaches payout.

You can find out more about the Hi from Hive initiative from this announcement post

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October PUD Guessing Contest Answer

And now to reveal the answer for my October PUD Guessing Contest. The challenge was to guess how tall Baby Yoda is. And the answer is 1️⃣2️⃣ centimeters

There are 5 lucky winners this month, @erikah, @gabrielatravels and @gems.and.cookies are my long supporters, thank you so much for your continued support!!! And @gems.and.cookies you made it to a 3peat win!!!! @coolkris I believe this is the first time you entered my contest, beginners luck, well done. And finally @beeber, also a first timer. I'm pleased to tell you that no Baby Yoda was harmed in the process of this contest. Well done to everyone for winning, especially @beeber who PUD this month, I will double your prize to 2 HBD.


Once again, thanks to everyone who popped by to my monthly PUD Guessing Contest, I hope to see you again in the November one. In the meanwhile, why not enter my Hi from Hive contest above!!!

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A great initiative. Thank you for inviting us to share our experience at HIVE.

Hello friend @livinguktaiwan, here I am updating my participation in Hi From Hive, I appreciate the opportunity you always give us to grow and have fun, I send you a hug.


Thank you so much for your hosting a meaningful contest. This is my sharing post😉

Hi, my participation 🙌🏼

¡Hola chicos bienvenidos a mi blog❤!
¡Hi guys, welcome to my blg❤!

Feliz y...

I could not stop participating and telling my experience at Hive. This is my entry to the contest

It's the great pleasure to share my experience second time with the community.
Thanks for the contest and here is my entry :)

I am very happy to be able to participate in this contest. I wish luck, success, and blessings to all contestants! Here is [my entry]( hello-since-hive-what-does-hive-mean-to-you)

Seems like such a fun challenge!

Okay, I entered and wrote an article about it. I think I also tagged myself correctly on the Pinmapple... :D

Thank you for hosting, please have a !PIZZA and some !LUV

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience on Hive. It had been a tough one through but it all later ended with a smile on the face.

Here is my entry:

Thanks for this call, it is always a pleasure to talk about Hive and how I am doing on the platform. Regards.😊

Without a doubt this was a great idea. I really enjoyed expressing my gratitude to this great community. Here is my entry ♥

Hi today it's the 12th and here is my promised entry ;-) I was not sure should I also post it here? Hope I did the entry to the pinmapple in the right way, never did bevore :-)

Hello @livinguktaiwan I'm Here with my entry, I really Forget mention you on my post. But we're Here to bring it!

Buenas tardes, disculpe por obviar mi entrada a esta maravillosa iniciativa. Muchas gracias @livinguktaiwan por la recomendación. Bendiciones🙏🏻🤗

Good afternoon, sorry for ignoring my entry to this wonderful initiative. Thank you very much @livinguktaiwan for the recommendation. Blessings🙏🏻🤗

mi viaje en Hive.jpg

That's awesome! I entered, I'll edit this comment once my post schedule goes live. Love the grouping on Pinmapple Hi from Hive is great!

Here’s my entry!

Hi there,
here is my entry for the HI FROM HIVE contest.
I hope, you enjoy.

Wow. I love this initiative. I'm a Hive newbie, and it seems I just missed this contest. Looking forward to many more initiatives from you.

The contest is still ongoing, it will finish on Friday, you still have time to enter!

I'm a bit late, sorry. But I'm here now to say thank you and congratulations to the other winners!

wow, it was a challenge to guess. Congratulations to those who got it right. I love your initiative and I will present it. Thanks.

Thanks for organizing this great contest, I entered😍😄

congratulations to the winners 😍😍😍

Oh no! 3 days left! Need to make my entry now. This is such a cool way of knowing more people who are in Hive in my area. Great initiative @livinguktaiwan!

Wow this is a great contest that I'm going to enjoy, not only posting my story, but reading many, many others.

I'm already going to promote it in our community, I'm sure many "Ruteros" will join in.

Fantastic!!! Go get them on the Hi from Hive map and share their experience.!!! Personally I think can be a great onboarding tool to show people the breadth of Hive users around the world, and people get to easily read a lot of personal testimonials of Hive.

Yes, it is. I think it's one of the best ideas 😍

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