Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Vampire Coven

Let me tell you all a sad, sad story. This beautiful house was abandoned sometime in 2017 and used to belong to an ageing couple who ran a business that resides within its grounds.

The husband died in that year and it appears the wife did a runner leaving substantial debts to the tune of well over £200,000.


I don't want to reveal the business type, the name of the house, or the couple's name as it's extremely easy to find on the internet.

Our visit was from June 2021 and at that time, its state was abandoned and in a worse state than when @grindle visited sometime before.


I have been reliably informed again by @grindle that the property is now being renovated, and as such, it is off-limits to explorers.

Here is an image of the house as it’s currently advertised for sale. On this rare occasion, I will not cite the image as it will give away the address.


I won’t be responsible for wankers visiting to burn it, vandalise it, steal things or fill it full of mindless graffiti.

We arrived in this very rural area thinking that if it had been more urban then the condition would have been severely worse.

I remember feeling somewhat uncomfortable gazing at the house. I could see the potential and how it once looked. That feeling could have been attributed to something else, at the time I was unaware of.


To make things worse, one of the large windows had been smashed leaving this lovely living room open to the elements.


I noticed the remains of perhaps Christmas decorations. It was apparent more so around the fireplace.


Is that a stooped Santa dressed in the wrong colours?


Passing by the staircase I noticed all the crap under it. Had someone been living here?


The built-in shelving still contained books. It was more akin to a shop display selling them.


A cheap phone was ordered in 2016; clues on habitation.


An old ID card from 1987; she looks to be in her mid-thirties perhaps. This is the absconding wife. Add 30 years and she's in her sixties.

’had she left for Paris to join all those other vampires? it will become clear.. eventually...’

The cobweb encrusted drawer revealed… more cobwebs and little else.



I loved the styling of this house; dark wooden solid doors and beams; very gothic.


The kitchen was very much intact, full of stuff most of which I neglected to document.


You would think margarine and butter would be mould covered after 4 years of being unused?


There’s lots of food in the cupboard and an annoyingly blurred shot. I had to delete another for the same reason; very sloppy.


Mrs. Vampire did cook with those DIY sauces, no doubt to feed unsuspecting customers and add some flavouring to the victim's bloodstreams.


Sure it’s a little untidy but could be functional in a jiffy.



The newspaper is from May 2017, the year (if the report I read is factual) that she disappeared leaving a huge unpaid debt.


I don’t usually get attached to properties I visit, this one was an exception. How I would love to live here when renovated.


I didn’t look derelict so why the warning?


We made our way upstairs to find the beds that had been left behind. This one could be slept in if you don't mind all the dampness and insects crawling over you.


Matching gowns; it tells a story and a sad one.


I did think Mrs. Vampire looked a little on the 'horsey' side, much like a young Princess Anne though the dates on these accolades were puzzling.


Are they really from the 1950s or has someone scribbled those dates on? I don't see any reason to do this.


Walking down the long corridor I could see the edge of a bed, and what a bed it was.


I must have been standing in this room for a good ten minutes ogling at the sight in front of me.


A perfectly good king-size bed had been thoroughly wrecked by a well-positioned hole in the roof.


This decomposing bed was quite intense to feast my eyes upon.


From all angles, I took snaps of what would be an ideal horror sketching. It appears vampires do sleep in beds like this and break all the rules.

I knew if left that troublesome hole would eventually destroy the upper storey of this house. Shaking my head I walked out of that room thinking, ‘what a waste’.


Another bed looked like it could suit a child. If so there was no evidence of children’s toys or clothes.


The DVD collection is hardly suitable for juniors.


We exited the house to check out the business at the rear of the property.


The old sign displayed the owner's name and the trade they used to ply. A sly front I say!


A few items were left within. Some candlesticks and what looked like an old coffin lid.

I can’t see this business model working very well. For one, it’s a very rural selling for selling items from the back of your house such as coffin lids?


... and then it hit me. This had been some vampire coven we had stumbled upon and both of them were bloodsuckers.


It all made sense. Peter Cushing had made that hole in the roof with a sledgehammer where the bed was during the day…, the sunlight had streamed through instantly killing him and she had escaped…, and then eloped.


Bloody vampires, good riddance I say.


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Nicely shot, a lot has changed.
Did you miss the body in the bed, has dracula claimed his bride?


I remember someone mentioning this picture of yours. I will have to dig out your post and have a look. What a place, I should have dug a little deeper, there were papers to read and things to look at.

I don't know why I skimped on it, we were not disturbed.., there's very little civilisation in that area besides the main road.

You found some good stuff.

@tipu curate 😏

Several things in this house - like the cabinet doors - were quite pretty. Such a wasteful shame. I wonder if she thinks on that house, and wonders at its current state. I can see how you would be attached to this one. It certainly has the feel of a presence still lingering, like a sort of time warp of past and present.

The pony club actually started in Britain in 1929, but the dates are too early for her. She wouldn't have been born yet.

The house is a true gem, especially from the outside. It has a grand appearance and probably cost a pretty penny when they moved in. Seems like she had a large family by the number of bedrooms that were made up. Too bad about that king-size bed and room. You would think that would have prompted attention to move away from even more damage to a perfectly lovely house. The house has so many nice features, I could imagine redoing that house and living there. Nice lines, nice room sizes.

It definitely looks like it was being lived in. Do you know if she passed on or if she just vanished into thin air?

Who the heck sells coffin tops? Ewwww. Vampires. Oh, geez! I get it. That only took me forever! Perhaps they were vendors for a flea market or such?

I have to admit, I really loved that fireplace. The size of the hearth was awesome! You only find those on the old houses here. Most people fill them in as they are drafty. This is definitely a keeper!

Lovely isn't it? Besides our entry point it was devoid of broken windows. Someone must have got pissed that the old way in got sealed, it happens.

The riding accolades are a puzzle. Mrs Vampire would have been just about being born then, unless she is a vampire, a horsey one. They live for hundreds of years.

I know.. I watched 'Interview with a Vampire'.., so it must be true!

Yikes! Me too!

It was so nice to see it still fairly intact. I was thinking it might be her mother's riding accolades. That makes me sleep better at night. :)

Still, that margerine.... makes you want to buy some and eat it, yes?

Still, that margerine.... makes you want to buy some and eat it, yes?

Now this is what I will be thinking about tomorrow when applying the spread to my toast.. heh..

Ha!! I'll be thinking of you! :)

Imagine how long that would stay in our body lol, I was a big fan of margerine when I was a kid and was being served that as the only option in the family...Now I can't stand it lol. Spreadable plastic. I wonder what happened to that woman. At least this house has a proper bed...better than in other places

That feather duster by the toilet has seen better days too right? That bed looks like someone spontaneously combusted on it. Maybe they had an exorcism there or something. They did a bang up job of cleaning up the outside of the place for sale. You wouldn't even know it was the same house. I wonder what schmuck they got to mow that lawn!

I wonder what schmuck they got to mow that lawn!

Getting to the lawn would have been a challenge. This one had been knocking around for a while and we were lucky to get in before the inevitable started to happen.

What's the asking price on that joint? A stand alone property like that with a hint of privacy in UK gotta be spendy.

Thanks for the entertainment.

I do believe its up for about £400,000. Big grounds, virtually no neighbours.., I think it will sell.

Wow what a beauty...for a horror movie! 😂👍
That coffin lid looks very Gothic and that destroyed bed. Incredible what you find when you look.

The house is huge and the vampires have gone. Good to see that it may come back into usage. 👍
Looks like you found the 3 D's in one house? 😋

The bed did it for me. I knew of its existence.., being there is different. This goes for a lot of scenes just like it, including a snooker table I recently looked upon in an old church. It looked monochrome, and drained of colour... very surreal.

Spooky AF imagine running into someone in one of these places!! 😱😱😂😂👍

It was a death bed!!!

Great scene for the pics that the way the blackness had spread out like a decaying something. Definitely vampirish, although feeding up their victims on Lloyd Grossman stuff might not have done much for their wellbeing :OD

I was not tempted to pull back those covers. What would be under there? Big arse spiders, a pulsating black glob of goo.., or some smelly cheesy jocks?

Yes.., it was best left covered.

Or something more EVIL!!!

Yeah, I wouldn't have gone near them!

This really felt like it came from a horror film
The photos were absolutely amazing, I loved the brightness in the colors and how the abandonment popped up by the old, ruined objects
I find it strange that the butter remained intact as you said, but maybe there are people staying in the house currently?
Thank you for this experience! I would love to know what kind of camera you use, if you dont mind me asking!

I had to google this.. same for butter.

Because of the high content of saturated fat, it is unlikely that margarine will grow mold.

It looked fresh but I wouldn't place it on my toast!

I don't use a camera, just a battered iPhone 7 that keeps telling me to service the battery.

This made me wonder if bugs dare to visit butter .. Maybe I should make this as an experiment :)

Reg the photos, I admire the iPhone photographs a lot - I have been using an iPhone 8 for sometime now and I think that I take the best photos I ever could - and consider this as a training before I get myself a camera :)

I don't have a DLR as many explores involve climbing. A camera swinging from my neck would get in the way. I have a lot of success with this old relic, and don't feel the need to change it yet.

Oh man that was a good one! Foreshadowing all the places after the end of days!

We forgot the holy water and crosses, it could have been the end!

This place should be leveled up and put to good use to the community. I think it is too dangerous to keep it in this condition.

It's great to see into the past like this! A snapshot in time with many clues on so many events.

"The cobweb encrusted drawer revealed… more cobwebs and little else." heckkk i wish there were goblets to fancy that great drawer that is somehow looks like a chest

This looks like straight from a horror film! I am wondering about two things:

  1. What would it look like in the next 10 years?
  2. There might be something underground like bunker.

I want to know what the hell the feather duster is doing by the toilet? A little kink for Mr. and Mrs. Vampire going on maybe?

Anyway, hope they are able to restore that place, it does seem to have lots of potentials, but that roof having a hole really must have allowed lots of damage.

Glad that I am back and able to start reading these entertaining posts of yours again.

Does look like it could be made habitable if you don't mind the stench of the undead! I'm just thinking, why two copies of Rush? It is a good movie though.

Beats me.., the stuff I find and reasons are often indecipherable.

Just looking at that first bed literally made me itchy. I find these write ups fascinating, but I don't know how you do this. It's cool that you do though!

I wish they were all as interesting as this one, there are only so many of these.

Thanks for sharing ❤️

You can definitely see the potential of the house. It's not as dilapidated as some of the others you visit. Except maybe the bedroom on this one. That's a tough repair by the looks of it.

That good looking picture may well be what it looks like new. That room.., yes a tough repair.

We arrived in this very rural area thinking that if it had been more urban then the condition would have been severely worse.

You are right. I would settle there after some cleaning and renovations. The kitchen has a nice view, also around the house seems peaceful.

The kitchen was messy but could have passed for just being that. I don't see many in this good of a state.. and that butter, was it old.., or someones new breakfast spread?

Bloody vampires.... serious!

Awesome home in a lovely setting, had it been looked after, you never know when that wife will strike out and disappear, perhaps too much for her to endure more blood sucking.

Nice explore, what a waste of a grand home!


Yes, this one was great though not quite in a habitable state (unless you are homeless). I do wonder if someone was bedding down in there.. not in the bed of horror!

Squatters are everywhere, if not in abandoned buildings, living coastal they in the bush all along the seaside too.

Stunning images ,rebloged

Wow. This house looked like a perfect horror house. So spooky.
Amazing shots @slobberchops.

This house looked like a perfect horror house.

Just that bed I figure, the rest of it was quite nice. That part was a little out of place.

Yes. I totally agree with you.

haha really the house is to record a movie of terro, good content, thanks for sharing !!

That's probably the most horrifying bed I have ever laid eyes on. Thanks in advance for the nightmares!


I have yet to see anything it's equal. What was under those covers, perhaps cheesy condoms? The nightmares continue...

cheesy condoms

Great, a nightmare for my nightmare. Like Inception except for nightmares.


Your explorations are always wonderful to read and we absolutely love the beautiful colors that we've come to expect from these posts! The colors in that bedroom shot! 😍

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This abandoned house is amazing. The house owner is dead. Then who is selling it?

It's up for sale via a letting agency.

After the renovation, the house is very beautiful, but it's a shame the people have left it.

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Great location!

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well, this is awesome.