Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Unicorn

in Urban Exploration5 months ago (edited)

“There’s a pub round the corner… did you see it?”

My comrade wasn't talking about downing a pint between our explores, I knew better than that.


We were inside an abandoned Care Home (not written yet), and @anidiotexplorers was already talking about the next potential victim.


I had not seen it but you never know if you don’t look.


The street was busy, so much so that I had problems getting car-free shots. It was not looking promising from the front and I had seen zero reports of The Unicorn anywhere.

We crept around the back noticing the newly attached security sign secured to the fence.


This is one of those places where I don’t want to blab in public about access. Suffice to say those security blokes should get the sack.

Even better the electricity was switched on. To me that is a danger sign; we explore abandoned places, not habitable ones.

It quickly came apparent The Unicorn was far from liveable unless you are homeless.


I found some information that the pub was used as a homeless refuge for some time before the owners changed their minds.

Like many pubs, it is scheduled for demolition and the locals are none too happy about it. This will be another hundred-year-old building we are losing.


We entered what looked like an old kitchen. Maybe the guard had left his comfy chair to get some McDonalds in the local town.

Still feeling uncomfortable I hasted @anidiotexplores to get on with it, not that he needs any pushing.


To progress farther than the kitchen, some internal climbing was necessary. Had they stacked all this crap here intentionally? It was a little awkward but no more than what we are used to.



The bar was a mess and looked like someone had taken a sledgehammer to it. Again I noticed the lights were on, and we had not done it.





Was all this the result of vandalism or were they taking it all down whilst doing some enjoyable smashing and trashing?


There was little to be seen behind the bar beside the odd soda machine.


We climbed the stairs to find most of the floorboards ripped up. From experience, I knew that my feet were at severe risk from all those nails sticking up.


This room I did not fancy exploring any more than from the doorway. Large planks had been ripped up exposing equally large and lethal nails.


Walking along the edges I spotted a toilet in the distance. Having checked my bodily organs for the need I decided it was not going to be required for the moment.



It was just as well as that would have made for an uncomfortable shit. I noticed the burning in this section of the pub.


'is there a particular reason for removing all the floorboards, they are not made of copper and do not have any particular value'



I noticed the hooligans have been up here. At least they left the nice stained glass windows and smashed the regular ones.

We descended feeling a little conned. Was there going to be anything worth looking at in The Unicorn?


Close to the area with all the crap intended to impede our progress was a slide going downwards. It must have been a basement once, but now it was a slide. Use it or don’t go there.

I always loved the snow and sliding when I was a kid. Hoping that the banister was sturdy for the escape route I slid to the corner and descended.


This one was looking ominous, what had we found?


Was it a secret bar, an after-hours illegal one, or a small seedy club? There were no clues and little behind the bar to tell us more.



Some other tourists had also been down here.


Washing my hands here may have made them dirtier than they already were.



That’s not a bad piece of artwork on the backside of the ‘private’ door.


I almost missed this archway and gasped at the sight. Reaching out toward what appeared a wall I pulled back at the last minute.

Would some globby gluey creature grab my hand and pull me through this extraterrestrial dimensional green gateway?


’we both knew instinctively what was behind that wall, oh yes we did’

I suggested @anidiotexplorers touch it but he declined also not being a fan of Mr. Blobby and his pals.



This would have been a terrible bore if not for that dire dreadful secret in the private room. Don’t go telling anyone, will you?


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I came believe that one is scheduled for demolition. It's like a Tudor castle!!!

It is grand looking from the outside. Speaking of Tudor castles.., there's another one close by which we couldn't get into. It was surrounded by wobbly fencing until that recent storm in which it all got blown down. Those storms are good for some things!

It's funny how some of that fencing they put up can literally be toppled by a bit of wind. Might be a design flaw somewhere! A handy one!

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that artwork is pretty damn good, weird how the power was on, I wonder if some dosser has by passed the meter with a bit of home wiring

I do think we got in and out while the secca was pigging out at KFC. It was all a little easy, and one of those lucky ones.

they seem to have security on the weirdest of places !

It almost looks like something had been smoldering under those floorboards. Perhaps there was a lot of fire-related demolition? Faulty wiring?


If you would have been there, that slime would have terrified you. It was pulsating and making squelchy noises. I feel it was quite hungry and wanted to bite me.

Must have felt strange to have the lights on, but then it would be less obvious you were in there with torches. The floorboards thing is odd too. I guess they have some value. As for the 'secret bar', could have been some seedy stuff going on down there.

I hope you can take a day off from exploring tomorrow, but then there would be less people around...


Strangely enough, the care home I mentioned also had the electricity on. There have only been 2 venues to date in this status, and they were both next to each others.

Weird. Take care out there.

Outside on first photograph looks stunning, now to enjoy reading some urban exploration of another kind!

@tipu curate 2

I'm wondering if it's gone by now, or at least secured. Honestly.. getting in was a joke.

Most probably running a brothel out the back door....

Lucky for you the lights were on and nobody home, at least your saw the huge nails, or possibly end up a eunuch on split lavatory!

Old floor boards are exceptionally good wood, perhaps being striped to lay into outdoor patios, good sideline business!

These places look really dangerous - I'd be too scared to enter.

I wonder who is paying the electricity bill?

Man that place is trashed!

It's another that looks OK from the outside, only to find a different look when inside.

Man you really have to watch your step in a place like that. You need some steel plated safety shoes to go exploring in so you do t take another nail in the foot.

That green crap is pretty alarming. Is it mold?

The nail in the foot happened just once, and was pricking my foot a little. It's quite rare to be honest. Being careful is more important.

The green crap.. hehe.., I dare not touch!

Inside photos? Yes please. Love it as they are messy as my head at Saturday morning. Have a nice holidays!

Thanks, have a nice one yourself!

An interesting place. I didn't get why floorboards were removed almost in all rooms and the planks were piled up.

Also, what was the fantasy of the person who broke the toilet bowl in that way 😁

Also, what was the fantasy of the person who broke the toilet bowl in that way

You never know, it could have been some overweight wobbler who placed a little too much pressure on it.

Unlike most of your explorations where the cites are in pristine condition someone has really done a number on this one.

I like your coverage of it though and hope you had a pint of beer afterwards.

I find the occasional pub where there's beer inside. We had a busy day on that one, and many more places to visit.. so no beer for us.

I don't think it was vandalism, for the simple fact that the boards and debris were stacked in a very particulate way (or at least that's what I think). Not only would you have come out with dirtier hands in the sink, who knows if other than water, something else would have come out!

As I looked at the pictures I felt it was really uncomfortable moving around the building with all those obstacles on the floor.

The article says it's going to be demolished and then flats will be built. Why pull up all the floorboards? It makes little sense to me.

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Speechless,seeing d first post, I was wao! What a lovely home, until I continue scrolling down to see d ugly part of it

fantastic pictures friend, happy holidays!

surely such exploration involves its share of risks you never know when the floor beneath your foot squeaks and gives way I bet you have to be extra careful