Tales of the Urban Explorer: Lofthouse Hill Golf Club

On June 1st, 2021 a devastating fire swept through a disused golf club torching over 80% of the buildings.

That is what the report says. We had to see it for ourselves. 20% of the buildings would be acceptable if they were not locked tight.

'Lofthouse Hill Golf Club' was closed around November 2019. Well over a year of being boarded up was always going to attract the local fire starters.


I used to play golf so have more sympathy than usual for what I was about to encounter. I am surprised the surrounding land has not been claimed by a property developer.

’The Lofthouse Hill Golf Clubhouse in happier times, on a rainy day’…

We had little problems breaching the gates, in fact, there's a public footpath complete with dog-walkers going right past the clubhouse.


I noticed at once that the car park housed several car wrecks. Why is it that derelict buildings attract similarly derelict vehicles?

It’s like they drive themselves onto the car parks in some kind of sympathy crusade.


A couple of teenagers were scouring the vehicles but quickly left seeing us approach. We don't bite, contrary to popular myths.


I am not one for fucked up cars unless they are vintage and so strode past them up to what was left of the clubhouse.


"We won't have any access issues here", I noted to @anidiotexplores who was already wading in through what was left.


Through the big hole in the wall, I saw a mostly roofless scene and some utterly useless anti-climbing fencing.


Looking in the other direction I spotted the 'fake books' wallpaper noting a little more roof had survived here.

’the same room in 2014 when all was well at Lofthouse Golf Club, those chairs had no idea what was coming to them’…

There were plenty of ways into Lofthouse Hill Golf Club via the windows, but it was unnecessary.



This end of the building may have escaped somewhat. The tables and chairs may be charred but not destroyed.


There was a breeze and what was left of the blinds were rattling around and creating persistent noise.


I am quite accustomed to ducking under large beams to make my way through buildings. These ones were hardly taxing.


The best end of Lofthouse Hill Golf Club. Look, there’s even some roof left up there.

We wandered through the open door and found a makeshift kitchen.


While the Oatcakes should be left well alone, someone starving to death could pry open those extra-cheap Baked Beans & Pork Sausages with their bare teeth and feast heartily.

Raw suet is best left alone, though it looks in pristine condition.


Against my better judgment, I opened the fridge and survived the encounter. It lacked disemboweled human body parts or even stinking rotting lamb chops. We had been fortunate again.


The kitchen was well equipped, complete with cleaning fluids. Some scrubbing could bring it back to life in a jiffy.


A few of those plates could be salvaged and everyone leaves microwaves behind.



Moving out of the kitchen and unable to open a jammed door we entered from the dog-walkers side via yet another entrance.


Had those gas cylinders exploded during the fire? That would not have helped much.


It was good to see golf memorabilia. I lost my wood covers long ago, you need to tie them to your golf bag.


I couldn't possibly take that ball, there was only one to be seen.


This room looked in terrible shape and yet some items had miraculously survived.


The Golf Committee all dressed in their Sunday best. It is a snobby wealthy sport, a fact that irritated me when I was a long-haired teenager and just wanted to play without some affluent middle-aged fat cunt challenging me about 'sneaking on'.

All that was long ago, and I barely play in more recent times.


There must be some other relics that have survived. I started poking around the burnt floor looking for anything of interest.


Peter Claven, your days are done here so you better find another club.


Scorecards from competition players, mostly over par on each hole with the odd 8 or 9 on some holes. About as competent as I was!



Next was the locker room with many locked ones. Some had been broken into but contained little besides sweaty old trainers.


Scorecards often yield an image of the course reverse side. I am amazed any paper products survived.


Even the sinks succumbed to the intense heat here.


A nearby building was securely locked. I am guessing it housed the buggies. One was sitting outside, had lost a wheel, and was looking forlorn.



Buggies were great fun, especially doing handbrake turns on the stone paths. I was a terror driving them, and occasionally the battery would die mid-round which was frustrating.


We made our way to what was the first tee, past a sign that was threatening to disappear into the surrounding foliage.


It would have been a nice start once. Hit your ball now and say goodbye to it.


What a waste of a good course. More pictures of what 'Lofthouse Hill Golf Club' used to look like can be found here.


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That fake books wallpaper is fecking awful isn't it. I popular one for shit cafes and pubs.

When the explores have no roof in places at all it's a strange look!

When the explores have no roof in places at all it's a strange look!

Yeah, it looks freaky. When there's a TV, Sofa and Carpets with a wall missing even freakier!

Yeah, that's when it gets surreal!!


Much better experienced, it's quite surreal.

Lol. That telly. What will people make of these things in ten twenty years time!

Oh, man. That fake bookcase wallpaper makes me lose all sympathy for the arson victims. Posers get pyro'd, I say! There was a breach in the abandoned school next to my library yesterday morning. Here's a pair of pictures to tantalize you...



There little doubt.., I would be climbing up and in there!

Very interesting venue, and nice departure from your usual. Even as a lifelong golfer, I must admit that I hadn't really considered the idea of a golf club as becoming derelict. I've seen "moderate disrepair" a couple of times when courses were "between ownership," but nothing like this.

Thanks for sharing this!

It's my second derelict course, the other one was quite a bit better!. I was surprised anything was left after seeing the outside state.

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Raw suet is best left alone

have you never enjoyed a spotted dick!!!

I learned of picture reading in my early days in the primary school and on this post , I read through the pictures of the massive disaster via fire of the Lofthouse Hill Golf Club it wasn't a small lost 80% damage isn't small at all but nature has ways of preserving memories. I feel the things found should be kept in a museum for records. I love your style of work I read your article with much enthusiasm. Thanks

Looks like a fun exploration, although not much was left… it made for an easy access.
Weird indeed that abandoned places always attract abandoned cars.
Enjoy your weekend @slobberchops 👋🏻😎

There was more to it that I expected. I never did get in the 'sealed room'. It was blocked both sides. Could have been gold bars in there!

That’s great when that happens.
To bad you couldn’t get into the sealed room. Who knows what was in there… 😉🤓 probably just buggies and other gold stuff hahaha 🤣 or trophies 🏆 or …
Have a great new week!

Even with all that wreckage the view is beautiful.

I didn't think we had derelict golf courses in the UK! Those scores seemed at my level 🤣
It is amazing how some papers always seem to survive a fire though.

There's shitloads of great courses in your part of the world, I never did get a chance to play up there.

There are shitloads and as I am in Fife home of golf, every village has a course, which is why I couldn't believe there were derelict ones!

Before reading what you wrote everyone leaves microwaves behind I was thinking, does every abandoned building have a microwave?

I see many, they never seem to make it out with the owners. Talk about disposable technology!

When microwaves first came out, they were very expensive, then you could buy one for 30 bucks, now they are close to 100 dollars, it is crazy.

Hello friend,

This building looks in much better condition than the last one you posted. And I can say that this building had also caught the fire due to electric short circuiting, and unavailability fire extinguishing system used for electric fires. Although, I saw fire alarm system, but it might not have worked.

But, its walls look in pristine condition, I guess the fire fighting service had arrived on time to extinguish the fire.

Amazing images, and one of the images also shows your van with a Hive logo. lol


It was never determined what caused the fire. It's generally arsonists. There are lots here.

Great stuff. I see now you start to enter the high snobiety of the rusty old buildings. But this golf club was a pearl, really interesting. I like it because not everything inside is rotten or destroyed, so you can imagine how it was like back then when it operated.

Yes, a few things left, how they managed to not get burnt is a mystery.

Ooft - another fine mess ! Thats taken some damage in the fire - but as you've pointed out, I'm surprised at some of the stuff that wasnt burnt in the fire. A club that hasnt made the cut !

I seem to be doing many burnt out wrecks lately. There are more to come. I will try and lodge them between regular clapped-out places.

Somehow I can't imagine you golfing - it seems like too slow and safe of a sport for you 😂


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I don't get the chance to play anymore, loved it once.

If you would enjoy it, go for it :)


@slobberchops! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @wrestlingdesires. (5/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

great colorful urban exploration. ! 💚

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Wuaoooooo que desastre puede dejar un incendio, que triste es que después de tanto esfuerzo para levantar este gran territorio de golf se pierda en un santiamén
Este tipo de actividades son muy relajantes , lastima que allí solo queda el recuerdo de lo que fue y con la expectativa de lo que pudo haber Sido.🥺

The fire outbreak almost affected the whole structure but was great for the work of Librarians as the books there didn't all get burnt. Such a place needs to be fixed back immediately by the government. Gulf is one of the games I love watching.

Such a nice place gone to rubbles. The pictures are very well captured.