Tales of the Urban Explorer: Avondale Nursing & Care Home

Twice we had visited this care home that appeared to be off the radar. Where @anidiotexplores had sourced it from I couldn’t tell you.

I have a hunch it was his missus who he has personally trained to find promising abandoned places using google maps. Now he doesn’t have to do it anymore.


As much as I would like to tell you Avondale Nursing & Care Home was closed for hideous, scandalous reasons I could not find any dirt, good or bad.


Our first visit could have been successful had we dared climb through this partially broken window.


Cutting open my testicles did not seem very pleasant and after walking around the entirety of this largish building while starling a neighbour with our presence we beat a hasty retreat.

Several weeks later we were back, knowing full well some terrible vandals would have removed all that nasty sharp glass and this prediction proved true.


…’it’s amazing how things change, just hang around for a while, make some coffee and come back later’…


Can you see what the name of this care home is? Neither can I.


Once inside, we both groaned loudly. It because quickly very apparent that the building was being refurbished, or had been at some point.


Had they ran out of cash? It appeared nobody had been doing anything in recent times.


I wondered what this was so looked it up. A disinfection unit for laundry, hardly interesting.




Had they refurbishment guys done all this work, simply for some tosser to come in here and destroy it again?



If we had not already had gotten inside, I would have abandoned this particular visit. One thing they generally do is strip anything interesting out before building new things and make it incredibly boring for the likes of us.


Some spray painters had managed to get in before us. Had they become castrated trying to get through the broken window, or were they in fact the smashers of that window?


Smashing down refurbishment work is simply not cool. In fact, it makes me sick.



It’s tough when one of the few things to view is this fucking terrible graffiti in extra bad colours.



The good point about Avondale Nursing & Care Home is that it appeared structurally sound. I didn't have to go wading through water pools or dodge torrents falling from the roof areas.


Who was 18? I can’t believe someone of that age would be in a care home and for someone to work there at that age seems unlikely.


Had someone really been sleeping under there?


I suspect the hand wash unit may actually work.




What was behind the bricked-up wall? Could it be someone was walled in, left to die and rot? England is full of monstrous history atrocities such as this.


I guess whoever lived in room 152 needed to be kept there. A metal door and we couldn’t open it. I stuck my ear to it and knocked thinking a crazed madman had been left within. Was a pattern starting to emerge?


The kitchen area I presume was a mess with glass everywhere.


I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of raw food, how else would you eat it?


There are times when you have to truly concede and know that you are not going to get a shit today.


…that is unless you are one of the kitchen staff.


As I mentioned in the comments in, ‘Tales of the Urban Explorer: The Unicorn’, the electricity had been left on. Very unusual and uncomfortable.


We discovered a cellar just as we were about to leave. This was about the most interesting part of the care home if you could call it that.

Various pieces of paperwork were strewn haphazardly, none particularly stimulating.


Like many UK buildings, the power switches tend to be tucked away and in this case down below.



They do like their 'Suma' products. I was hoping for some huge demands from the taxman which always appear to be hanging around.


What the hell are these things, personal heaters?


One room was full of old clothing. I initially thought the homeless had been bedding down here, but why in the cellar where it’s freezing?


Personal water bottles, that's a little trendy for old-age pensioners.


What a disappointment. Talk about scratching around for things to see.

I have since heard on the grapevine that Avondale Nursing & Care Home has been re-sealed. If the builders would show up then maybe it won’t get opened up again.


There’s fuck all to see anyway. It’s like going on holiday to Rhyl; don’t.


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With a lot of imagination, this post is almost interesting! LOL :P

Makes sense that the power would be left on I guess if they were still doing some renovation. Maybe you just caught them on an off day when you were there! That definitely looked like some new lumber in the one photo. I wonder what they are going to turn it into if it is rennovation.

If they were doing some reno work, there will little recent evidence. If it has now been boarded, then perhaps someone is looking after it.

I'm just perplexed by the Budweiser bottle case. Who the hell is drinking American rice beer when authentic Budweiser from Germany is practically right across the channel? I know COVID and Brexit have made a mess of things, but really now.

Budweiser 24 case packs are everywhere here in the supermarkets. I can't stand the stuff after drinking it in AZ in the 90's. You guys have some good stuff, but IMO beer isn't one of them.

In the 90s, I don't think there was much besides the big national breweries. There are a lot of better options now.

Who was 18? I can’t believe someone of that age would be in a care home

When my parents were in a nursing home, the vast majority of the residents were 75+ but I’d sometimes see one who was much younger when I went to visit.

At least in the U.S., what we call nursing homes (care homes in the UK?) have some patients that are there for rehabilitation following surgery, illness, or injury if they aren’t in bad enough condition to remain in a hospital, but not good enough to go home.

Generally, but I suppose not always, the care facilities are solit in two with a visiting room between them One side are nursing home patients and the o rh her side is rehab.

There are an amazing amount of these closing down. I have at least one more to document (a lot more interesting than this one). People don't want to work there, it's low pay and crap work.

A rare intact bog! I hope it does get done up. The care industry ought to be booming with an ageing population. Lots of homes around here. I'm glad my parents are still independent as care can drain all their money.

Ho ho ho :)

I'm glad my parents are still independent as care can drain all their money.

Me too, just got my mum left but she's coping. I hope I die before I get to that stage of being considered for care. Sounds fucking awful.

and what the fuck is wrong with Rhyl, may I ask?

LOL, I knew you would bite! Last time I was there it was like Blackpool, but worse. I struggled to find anything not boarded up. Have you tried it for locations?

it is a drug infested shit hole lol, I have passed through, I should revisit and look more closely

In many care facilities, they have young people working as nurses aides, but no younger for legal reasons.

Renovation looks good except graffitied wall. Im sure you were disappointed!

As I mentioned to @preparedwombat, it is not desirable to work in a care home. For the amount of cash every week they demand, and the bad pay they provide.., some I am sure do well.

Surely that one must win the prize for the worst graffiti ever!

Terrible mate, I always feel bad when discovering where I am is a 'reno'. Even worse a re-vandalised one.

Yeah, kicking down the new work is bad. Buggers, lock them in 152 I say!!

There's always the odd nut job in these homes. It's good I say they have metal doors, and straightjacket's inside. If only there was a keyhole I could have looked through. Imagine the terrors in there!

I really wonder why they must have bricked-up the wall. That particular place is history till it's broken to see what really is behind. Speaking of graffiti that one is such a meaningless mess with odd green my worst nightmare.

That looks like a helluva place to celebrate your 18th birthday. My condolences to all parties involved.

It could have been some squatters who were celebrating amid all the empty beer bottles.

True. Maybe they were out shopping for more beer run when you showed up.

Now we have to know what hides inside room 152

All kinds of horrors no doubt.

Happy belated 18th bday to someone out there! Maybe they were chilling in the basement!

I don't think that you dare climb through such partially broken windows. Probably, would look like self-cut.

The best area seems the toilet or bath, I am not sure, but would be easy to shit with the carpet under your feet.

It's the first time I have come across a window like that. They are usually intact or completely broken. There was no way we were going though it.

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allucinante tutto triste malinconico, posti cosi lo stato dovrebbero distruggerli e basta, non ricordi o altro distruggerli , magari sotterrandoci chi li ha gestiti.

This place has been abandoned for a long time, I think the government should renovate it for people to come and live

Full of imaginations..but I think the government can help with renovation, thereby making it useful again.

The inside look horrible.. what could ve happen?

what a sad discovery of abandon building. It surely look like it have good bones.