Sorting the wheat from the chaff. Zeitz region. former GDR. April 22

in Urban Exploration3 months ago

So it was an early start today, skipped breakfast at the hotel (there is only so much toast and jam a man can take). But after an hours drive I was feeling a bit peckish. Macadees!!!


Oh and what a convenient spot to pull into!!!!


Note to Herr Ronald McDonald, on a sausage and egg Mc'Muffin you do not add greasy slimy onions nor cheese, nor some shitty sauce!! It filled a hole but it was horrid. It was disgusting. I felt billious.

Well I had to have a wander, didn't I, be rude not to.



Well this is the goods inwards door, surely the doors must ....whoops they did.




Looking at the vintage machinery it was obviously a former grain mill of some sort


"Smoking and any use of hot flame prohibited by the Police"

Quite understandable in an enterprise such as this, susceptible to dust cloud explosions. looks like this one was well managed. Strange that the structures within the building itself are mostly constructed out of timber.


This could be interesting, mind that hole in the floor.



I minded the hole, but missed the cross beam, the hole is now enlarged, my pride dented and my fucking right shin scrawped and hurting.

Stop whimpering and get on with it.




I guess I can hop from beam to beam.





Loving the rudimentary but functional vintage equipment; from the bag filter to the mill and the home made running repairs.




There were upper floors, I just can't help myself.


Some of the floors were solid enough to walk on, an intricate set of counter balance weights, wonderful old world technology before "process control" took hold and men were replaced by automation.


"You can train for new skills", scream governments of all political persuasions; then wonder why there is a so called obesity crisis, with knee jerk reactions like traffic lights on food packaging, listed calorific values and fat content hoping to solve the problem. When the most strenuous activity some people get is the pressing of a button, or rattling the keys at a computer.




Other bits of the floor, were well, pretty sketchy and having just minutes ago enjoyed the thrill of suddenly disappearing into the void I decided Discretion on this occasion was without doubt the better part of valour.




Miku Agrarprodukte is still going strong today, there is a very big manufacturing facility nearby, but the supply into this small operation must have ceased sometime ago; the packaging labels are bereft of the staple of todays communication, the email address. Been around since when? mid 80's?


Do you like my big cock?

Right time to go.


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Not bad.. and more tonics of the ancients I see. Drink one and your cock might be permanently 16' long. 'Always read the label before consuming'...

16" long jesus, I am not losing 2: for no good reason!!!

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Great find @grindle 😎
To bad the floors were that sketchy… hope your shin is ok.
Like entering another time, cool to see still things around.

cheers @littlebee4 , yes the shin survived to live another day.... then I went arse over elbow on a railway line, soon to be uploaded 😂

Cheers @grindle 😁
O no… 😳 hope you are ok. Will keep an eye out for the upload.
Have a great Sunday evening!

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cheers @littlebee4

Cheers @grindle
Have a great day!

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"There were upper floors, I just can't help myself"
You made a great effort to take all the images. And clear the condition of this building
Informative blog.

thanks @tehseen-akhtar for engaging, when adrenalin is pumping, I just can't stop myself!!!

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thanks for the heads up @arcange , you make this place a good place to be cheers

You're welcome @grindle, stay careful!

i shall try 😂😂