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RE: Tales of the Urban Explorer: Holy City Zoo

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I assume the bank was closed by the time the nightclub opened, yes? I have to wonder why they didn't use the upstairs or perhaps the downstairs had more of the underground atmosphere they are looking for.

I don't get why they break up everything in these places when obviously, some people use them for shelter. The bricks made me do a double-take. After I finished daydreaming they were the real deal, I had to wonder who would stack all that weight on those shelves. Can you imagine ferrying those things upstairs to get out? Or perhaps they were building
something there?

I was expecting something creepy! :) Although thank you very much, I am glad there wasn't. I admit though, the outside of that building is classy. Too bad the inside is in such rough shape with the moldy stuff.


Clubs open around 10pm here, or did when I used to frequent them, closing around 2am. The bank would have been closed long ago.

Some people get a kick out of smashing things, it happens all the time. It was quite rough down there. I'm out again the Saturday, some terrible holes lined up!

It looked pretty rough and I totally misunderstood. I thought the bank was out of business! (Closed? Ha!) Now I get it. Still, It doesn't mesh with the stuffy bank...

10-2 sounds about right. No more alcohol after 1 or 2, depending on which state you lived. I suppose there is a real thrill smashing things, sort of like breaking glasses in a fireplace, but, sweet Jesus, some of these people are pigs.

Oh, you are going out again Saturday??? I thought you relaxed in the winter? I think you are doing the right thing before they close all these holes down! Good luck and stay safe!

I need to get out, it's for my mental health!