A Shortage of Explores

I was supposed to go out today in search of yet more crumbling ruins. The ritual is to contact @anidiotexplores and then negotiate between us around TEN locations. We then meet up early and visit them one at a time.


Today's menu hosted just THREE. Three is crap and we so cancelled. @anidiotexplores also tells me he injured his rib at St Joseph's Orphanage, a rather famous explore that has so far eluded me.

...'you will need to feed me painkillers all day'..., he told me. That's dedication for you. I told him to rest and we will go next weekend.

In the immediate location there's little left, which means driving further afield. Let me tell you driving 100 miles and then failing to gain access sucks. I have 44 left to write up, and if you think that's a lot well it's for my winter hibernation.


I am not a fan of exploring in the rain and snow. In the months other than Summer it's cold, wet and miserable here. I will hibernate and feed my stories out throughout the winter.

There are too many places getting sealed up and it shows on the Facebook forums. There's barely anything new out there. I hope things pick up and places stop getting bulldozed. It's going to get very dull otherwise.


Busy busy busy gotta keep the mind and body going!

Looking forward to all those postings to come :)

I will dribble them out, I don't always feel like writing but it comes easy to me once I start typing.

Amen to that.

It can be fun in the wet when the wind is howling and the shutters are a rattling, the shadows cast deep and dark.

"Was that the trees a rustling
Or the hinges of the gate
Or Ernie's ghostly goldtop a rattling in their crate"

All that mud everywhere, no thanks! Do you recognise that cover shot? Next door to Mr Penguin's place.. and sealed now.

yes it brought back memories, all those guitars.

Wonder what is left inside now, I am still intrigued about Mr P !!!!

Make the most of what you can find. You have been pretty busy though.

I felt I did more during the summer of 2020. This year might finish like the last with a trip to Sheffield. I am being told everything over there is sealed too.

You do ten each time? I had no idea you did so many in one day's time. It makes perfect sense with the mileage you are traveling to get one. I am impressed all of you go in at the height of summer. Is there any real safe time? Heck no. But rain and snow, oh, no thank you.

Sorry to hear @anidiotexplores injured himself at St. Joseph Orphanage. I am sure if he had done it with you, it wouldn't have happened. I hope there are more in the future. That Welsh company that comes and seals them off is ruining life for us. Pfft. (I think they were Welsh) Whatever they were, they make it nearly impossible to get in. It is still hot here and will be until probably the end of October, but, I remember it getting rainy and cold right after our Labor Day, beginning of September.

I can only hope for more. These are really interesting to see and some of the things found can be saved from the building's demise.

I hope @anidiotexplores feels better, somebody better be feeding him some painkillers. Have a great weekend and I am glad you have some good stuff in the can!

Yes ten is about the average. With only a 50% success rate in 2021, you do need that many. Last year I was getting more like 60-70%. Things have changed for the worse. Soon there may be little left to explore.

@tipu curate

'you will need to feed me painkillers all day'.

Why do I get this horrible vision of a sort of old historical greek art fresco with you feeding him them like they were grapes!! :OD

His painkillers! The weird thing is St Joey's was on the agenda today, him knowing he couldn't climb up that fucking wall and its a big bastard! That would makes it just 2..., and we could have walked away with with a zero. Bollocks to that!

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