Got me some Hive Folks!

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Like so many others did a whlie back I picked up some HIVE Folks NFTs and I've been slow in showing them off. I really liked this project when I read about it because it was totally unique to Hive. Not only that but it's also quite a special one seeing as the designs are based on Hive users.

According to this info graphic that I found in one of @daltono's posts there's a total of 48 different users who were given the honors. I've seen most of these names around but I don't know all of these users well enough to have guessed it was them if I wasn't told. I had to refer to this when I got my NFTs to find out who I got.

I wasn't as lucky as @daltono to get one with a legendary background but I did get one with the "rare blue" background. Let's have a look at my gang.

My Hive Folks gang

Enforcer48 aka. Leonis


@enforcer48 was the first Hive Folk I unpacked. I knew who he was already. I haven't interacted much with him on chain but I've seen him around and we've had a couple of interactions over in the OCD Discord. Like this wholesome monkaS interaction we had the other day:


This guy is looking real dapper with his lil' vest and tie. Happy with this one for sure!



@lordbutterfly is a user I've seen a lot but I wouldn't surprise if he has no idea who I am. As far as I've seen he's mostly working on marketing, and maybe some developing, of Hive. I've read some of his stuff and interacted on some of his posts but for the most part I'm not smart enough to understand the things he's doing. No matter, this guy is a big personally on Hive and an important one! I'm super happy to have an NFT of him.



Lastly but not leastly we have @r0nd0n. Honestly, I hadn't heard of him before I unpacked this one and checked the chart to see who it was. He does have my favorite design out of the three I got though and also a "rare blue" background! That's awesome. Well, nice to meet you I guess, @r0nd0n.

Surprise Bee!

When I went to check out my inventory over at DLUX I actually discovered that I had somehow received a Bee without noticing! I went snooping and noticed that I had actually been tagged in this post a while back. I must have missed that notification. This was a pleasant surprise!


These are being given out to active Hive users as far as I can tell and can't be bought or minted in any other way than just getting one. I'm very honored to be one of 333 holders to have a Bee!

My bee has a nice purple suit, som RaeBans for glasses and a nice rasta wig. Looking real good! Here's the rest of his traits:


Final words

These NFTs add to my growing collection of Hive NFTs. I now have all of these listed above as well as my four Punks. I love collecting so I'm gonna be sitting on these for a while. It'll take something substantial for me to sell these off.


I'm excited to see how NFTs will grow and evolve on Hive. With feeless transfers and a fast network Hive has the potential to become a hub for NFTs in my opinion. Just sit tight and watch it grow!

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Dope collection bro! I'm finding it increasingly difficult to just hold a bunch of NFTs and wait for the projects to get bigger. I wish there was more of an incentive to hold all of these.

Yeah, I feel you. I'm still holding every single NFT I've bought. Mostly because I end up forgetting about them and they just sit there. I should probably unload a few to just break even on at least some of it. Some dead projects sitting there.

I haven't sold any either. I still hate how it costs money to delist and relist on OpenSea. Stupidest thing ever.

Yep, Ethereum in general is just not making me want to do anything. Fucking $50 to just do general actions. Bring it to Hive.

Hopefully, a solution to the annoyances of the NFT world will be ironed out sooner rather than later.

To this I would say a totally rare collection due to the fact that I did not know of its existence. Interesting what you have shown here bro, I really had no knowledge of these Collectible NFTs belonging to Hive.

It has been nice to see your nice collection and how you have been able to interact with some of them. I have seen Darthknight's NFT also in that collection, a while ago I heard about it. After a while he disappeared, I was surprised to see that he also has his HIVE Folk.

Thanks for sharing your interesting collection mate.... It's always good to hear about things like this =)

It’s really cool that the collection is based on people we know and see here on Hive. Makes it more personal.

And above all, it makes you very curious too xD

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