3RD WEDDING ANNIVERSARY | mini vlog with @theycallmedan

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3RD WEDDING ANNIVERSARY | mini vlog with @theycallmedan

"I think how we met was crazy amazing, It was beautiful how you let your walls down with me You've been my best friend and a great lover. … It's been a blessing, and I will be forever grateful that you chose me as your wife and mother of your children. I feel honored to build a family with you because you're a very understanding husband and an amazing father." - An excerpt of the new vows.

Hi Hivers!
Dan and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary this week (May 11th), and I planned to make a special day. First, we went out to have lunch at a restaurant we hadn't been to before, and we loved the food! Right after, we walked to the beach right in front of that restaurant, took the selfies you can watch on the video, and went home to check on Ander.

For the second part of our celebration, as we were craving a dessert, we stopped to get a S'MORES waffle, and it was delicious!!! I tried to enjoy it while driving to the restaurant where I had the "serenata" surprise for him. The duet had the D&G playlist with the songs we shared during our relationship. AS you can see, most of them were in English, but there are some I like and I believe make perfect sense, like the one I translated on the video.

I rewrote new vows in advance, the idea was to read them to him while having dinner, but I completely forgot, which works better because I ended up reading them by the beach when we were walking around after the bar we visited.

It's my first time trying to make a vlog. I hope this helps the Hivers in long-term relationships as an idea or inspiration. Keep celebrating love, marriage, and families!
Thank you Mi Vida, for your collaboration! For your help all the time! And your love to me!
Ti amo molto!!!
Gabby Golden, XOXO

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You are such a nice couple guys, happy anniversary! Greetings from Prague :)

@tipu curate

 last month  

Oh wow! Thank you 😊🙏🏼

Happy anniversary vida! the music was good and the company was better. ti amo!

Sure wish I married a sexologist :D

I rewrote new vows in advance, the idea was to read them to him while having dinner, but I completely forgot, which works better because I ended up reading them by the beach when we were walking around after the bar we visited.

I'm a hopeless romantic and this just made me teary-eyed and smile at the same time. I know exactly how it'd feel for my boyfriend wrote poems (although poems are nowhere near to vows, but words are romantic!) for our anniversary and read them to me while we were having a simple homemade breakfast by the beach. He's here in Hive hehe Simple things like this melts the heart! This is sooo sweeeeet!

I wish you all the best in life @gabbygolden @theycallmedan. Happy wedding anniversary to both of you! Keep celebrating love indeed! It's just so goooood to love and be loved! ❤️

 last month  

How nice! Is he sharing his poems on Hive!? I’ll love to read them. Thank you 😊🙏🏼💕 and I hope your love and relationship grows to infinity!

He printed them and made a notebook from all the pages. He didn't publish on Hive tho hehe. Thank you! 😍

Happy wedding anniversary lovers💙

 last month  

Thank you sweety 😊🙏🏼

 last month  

Que bonita celebración del Amor, felicidades por su Aniversario. Esa canción de Camilo "Por primera vez" es una de mis favoritas.

Que el amor siga llenando sus vidas por infinitos Aniversarios más.


 last month  

Muchas gracias 🥰🥰! Desde que soy mamá me empezó a gustar Camilo jajaa cosa rara en mi pero él y su esposa se me hacen unos ternuros enamorados 😍♥️

Happy Anniversary!

You guys look happy! Tired but happy! I wish you all the best with the upcoming baby!

We are very happy for you!

Aww ❣️ happy wedding anniversary lovely couple ❤️

Happy anniversary 🎉 and congratulations for next future 😍🥰

omg that is soooooooooo romantic to hear Lucky live like that with your partner, es mi cancion favorita de Jason. Felicidades por estos 3 años que su amor dure una eternidad!

 last month  

Muchas gracias 🥰🙏🏼 y si, se sintió más bonito escucharla en vivo! Ahí fue cuando lloré

Wow happy wedding anniversary this is really nice.

 last month  

Thank you 🙏🏼!!!

This is so beautiful 😍. Happy Anniversary to you @gabbygolden and @theycallmedan .

Now I feel like getting married tomorrow. 😩

 last month  

Aww, thank you so much! Hope you find the perfect match for you!!!

Feliz aniversario, haceis una superbuena pareja!

 last month  

Muchas gracias!!!

Happy anniversary!! So sweet guys, i was smiling because everything looks so nice, calm, fresh. Bendiciones

 last month  

It was nice and fresh 🥰 thank you 🙏🏼!!!

Happy 3rd wedding anniversary for us and may they be many more filled with more blessings

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"laughing in Spanish"

lol. Congrats you guys!

 last month  

Jajajaa yes, I laugh in Spanish and Dan laughs in English 😂 LOL! Thank you🙏🏼✨

Jajaja, yes, I laughed in Spanish too when I read that.

How beautiful everything is when you are in love and that love is obvious to you. Congratulations on your Anniversary and I wish you many more years. May God bless the union of @gabbygolden and @theycallmedan forever.

Que lindo es todo cuando se esta enamorado y ese amor se les nota por ensimita a ustedes. Muchas felicidades en su Aniversario y deseo que sean muchos años mas. Que Dios bendiga la union de @gabbygolden y @theycallmedan por siempre.

 last month  

Muchas gracias por tus buenos deseos y tan bellas palabras 🥰🥰🙏🏼✨

How beautiful! Details are always important to keep the flame in the relationship, and wow that flame is well lit! Hahaha
Best wishes to you.
And may the celebrations continue for many, many more years. 💕💕
Long live love!.

Se ven tan hermosos, que agradable que hayan disfrutado desde algo tan sencillo, y que los haya hecho sentirse tan felices.


Beautiful vlog, loved the painted walls and the lights in the street you showed. Happy anniversary, congratulations. My forth wedding anniversary is next month, I think I might follow your lead and vlog about it

Getting that Salt and Pepper look? Nice.

Congratulations Gabby and Dan! 🎉❤️❤️
What a romantic and beautiful dinner, loved hearing Lucky live through your video.

May there be many more anniversaries this beautiful!