Monticchiello, Cipressi di Monticchiello and more from around

"Strada Provinciale" is a scenery road that leads to the small city of Monticchiello in Italy.

You know how since a few years, the online maps started to host the spots on them that represent places of interest from a photographic perspective by putting a small blue camera icon.

So "Strada Provinciale" in one of those Italian country roads, that are cypress-trees-lined ones. With those tall cypress trees, such roads are so typical and they are beautiful to watch, observe and enjoy from multiple angles and altitudes. And the mountains around give so many observation points.

The essence here is that people of Italy, and Tuscany in particular, turn those curvy mountain roads into art.

Art, that is alive, as those trees grow and change, some disappear, new ones are getting planted. So these roads change and develop with time, in such a beautiful and natural way.

Let me show you few more views from other angles of that piece or Nature & People blended art ;)

It is indeed awesome the sky added that drama with that moving cloud for me, right :)

I have to say, that region has a lot to show and there are so many things to try and just enjoy. All the seasons.

For instance, there are so many small family-run restaurants. Like this one where I and my spiritual friend decided to have a lunch.

One old, beautiful and well preserved house, related to the history of Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Old churches and cathedrals, that are loved by the crows flying around, for unknown reasons...

With bell towers, richly decorated in artistic ornaments; towers, endlessly counting the time, chiming on every round hour, covered in stone tiles and weeds growing above the bells.

... memorials, reminding the past time of glorious people...

... and domes, still demonstrating the glory of the local families...

... with almost absolutely silent guards, carefully protecting the spirit of the past time and present souls...

Cypress-lined Time...

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I like the way you talk about Italian villages. You describe them in such a romantic-cozy-magical way. You seem to love this country very much. Or your words have the same effect as your pictures (think about it!) and have the ability to subtly transport you to different places, conveying feelings, thoughts, sights and everything.

Yup, Italy is a Monte-dream :) Green, beautiful and can always surprise me :) No surprise it keeps being my most travel-to country! :)


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This place looks so nice

It is indeed so beautiful. Thanks!