When the blockchain buffoon reaches rep 69

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I've been quietly waiting to reach reputation 69 for a very long time, and yesterday it finally happened so I started gathering the dankest and most ridiculous 69 memes on the interwebs to share with you. Of course they have received the trademark crypto clown spin in order to make them extra lol inducing. It would have been epic to gather 69 memes for this special occasion but that would have also been one hell of a commitment. For some time I floated several different ideas like publishing 69 separate posts, each containing one 69-themed meme for 69 days or something but that would have gotten old really fast and it wouldn't have been funny past like day 3. So I think doing a "best of" meme compilation is the best way of both celebrating and also making sure people have at least of few giggles. Let the show begin:

I'm more of a - brushing my teeth - kind of guy, but as long as your mouth doesn't stink of "other body parts", who I am to tell you what to do ?

Knowing your way around the local "attractions" is always useful if you want to have a special celebration.

third 69 meme.jfif

I'm no legal expert but I'm pretty sure you are legally obliged to say "nice" every time you see 69. Who said laws can't be fun ?

fourth 69 meme.jpg

Because I had a lot going on in August I forgot to celebrate my 5 year blockchain anniversary. So this post will have to do I guess :P. The strange looking thing on the left is a character from the movie Cloudy with a chance of meatballs and the strange looking thing on the right is Tekashi 69, a rapper that's more like a real life meme than anything else. I thought I would find more 69 memes about it him but unfortunately this template was the only one I considered to be funny. I have to give it to him for his commitment to the 69 thing, that's one way to take clowning to the next level. Don't think he'll ever find a job in retail if the rapper gig goes down the toilet though :P

fifth 69 meme.jpg

I wish we could have a meme-ing community on Hive that's as dank as the ones on reddit or even danker, but that's many memes away I think. In the mean time I'll keep the shenanigans going and try to make Hive Hilarious again :D

When I see memes like these I'm glad I don't post stuff about my real life on social media. Although when I'll turn 69 I might make an exception. In the case of this nice "young" lady would you smash or pass ?

I think everybody has a place in mind where they would want to live or at least visit. Maybe in my search of silly memes I just found mine :)

I was fortunate enough to not have had jobs that absolutely sucked donkey balls. But you can definitely find a way to make your time at work more enjoyable if you put your mind to it. And I may have found a new way to have fun in hardware stores.

That's about it for this 69 meme special. Hope you had some good laughs and maybe even some good ideas to spice things up in the bedroom. Is there such thing as a cupid-clown? :P


Lmao.. my address I want is 420 High St.

Hard to believe there no meme community someone should fix that

@davedickeyyall Dude, this guy is a meme genius. Use !MEME and if it's a meme, most likely it will be from @cmmemes. The good thing is it redirects to his posts. If I have seen a SEO or indexing genius, it's this guy. Check out his analysts page and his post views even on older posts. I am training him slowly without him knowing how I will slowly make this guy a money making maniac.

It might not be impossible to understand the concept from head to tail within a single comment. To break it up, this guy gets attention and attention is the currency in this digital world. If he was only on discord, I would have taught him more in a even better environment. Did I ever had a success with any person I intentionally or unintentionally mentored, freaking YES. Why I focus on others? Because it's all about community!

Apologies, I got carried away with my emotions. I had a nice interaction with you in one of your videos. Stay Blessed!


are you pulling my leg or am I actually doing a decent job at the SEO thing ? :)

If I was pulling your leg, I wouldn't actually wasted my time or efforts for it. I am always checking on your progress!

even if you were, I wouldn't mind someone clowning on the clown :) Anyway thanks for the words of encouragement, it means more than you can imagine. The grind can get to me sometimes so it's nice to read words of praise from time to time :)

But remember you have a long road ahead of you, I am tired of saying contact me on discord and we might be able to onboard some genuine peeps! Wanna make sales? Even a penny as passive income? No payment, nothing just a mentor for u for free. What I get? Seeing a hiver grow is enough.

English is not my first language.

give me a discord link or something, until January I have a little more spare time than usual and we can make something happen :)


That's my discord.

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Couldn't you have just summed this up with a cool meme? Don't you know I hate reading..

Couldn't you have just summed this up with a cool meme?

Not a champ at it.

Don't you know I hate reading

I was unaware

there is the MemeHive community but I was referring to the impact reddit memers have on the meme trends. I wish Hive memes were setting trends for example and had hundreds of members ( instead of a few active memers )

Happy rep day!!


It's easier to glom onto a community such as reddit than it is to build one from scratch.
Especially, one where everything has to be original.
98.7% of internet meeming is shared.

thanks man :) regarding the meme-ing community side of things I was thinking if we could set trends and bounce of ideas so that we could become famous at least in the crypto sphere, something like : " did you see what shenanigans those guys are up to on Hive?" that would help put the blockchain on the map. That's what I am very slowly working to :)

I have kleptomania.
When it gets bad I have to take something for it.

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last time I post meme collection hive nazi service told me i should stop having fun, lmao :D

And Happy 69, my 69 soon too!!!!

mercury is very fun to play with until it's not :)
we could celebrate 69 rep together.... oh wait

Happy bloody 69!

NoNamesLeftToUse - HappyBloody69.png

For me it happened on 4/20/2017.

thanks :) you are a true OG :)

Oldballs McGee

Congratulations. Today, you win the internet. !BEER

thanks :)

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Hahah this made me laugh! Good one mate! !lolz !pizza

I'm glad you were entertained :)


Did you hear about the actor who fell through the floorboards?
He was just going through a stage.

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lol that is a great collection


glad you enjoyed it :)


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Ha, the one with the mom is a classic. Good 69 memes all around.



perfect gif :))) glad you liked them

I've been a limo driver for 25 years and haven’t had a single customer.
All that time and nothing to chauffeur it.

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