Reliable ecency upvotes for plebs

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One of the lesser talked about aspects of earning magic internet money, at least from what I've seen, is the fact you have to be adaptable. But when you have a good thing going and you're making bank, it's not that easy to pivot to another strategy when the gravy train changes it's route. An example of this is the ecency boost ( upvote ) thingy. Now, before going into detail a quick word on what's ecency and how the points doodads work.

For those that don't know or don't care enough to know because they are past their pleb stage: ecency is a frontend that has one major appeal - ecency points. You get them for upvoting, commenting, posting etc and there is a finite number you can get per day ( otherwise some cheeky bastards would abuse the system ). You can do several things with them like promote your post - meaning it will be shown in the feed of others ( besides your followers ) using the ecency frontend. But the main thing that a pleb is interested in is getting those sweet upvotes, and that's one of the things that I find very useful about ecency points - requesting upvotes with ecency points.

In my last post about ecency I focused on the new interface but in this post I want to talk about how you can maximize your chance of getting an upvote using points.

There are different levels of using the points to boost your shitpo.... I mean carefully crafted and intelligently worded masterpiece. The lowest is using 150 points to potentially get an upvote worth about $1 and the highest is using 500 to get an upvote worth about $3.3. If you do the math you will see that 50 points are "worth" about $0.33 in voting power. So why not use the 500 points option if you have them and you think your post is deserving? Well, in short, it's because it can be hit and miss. If your post is long enough ( curators love seeing looong ass posts, the longer and more boring the better ) meaning more than 500 words and some images, there is a decent chance you will receive that $3,3 upvote. But there are plenty of times that doesn't happen. Why? I think there are a couple of reasons: the curators might not deem your word salad worthy enough for the maximum level of rewards, or the voting mana of the ecency account is on recharge and it's not at the level it should be to cast an upvote of that value. When the boost request is rejected you get your points back but that can take 24 hours and in that time you have to do without them.

So if you're not posting absolute dog turds, hate it when you see that refunded points notification and want some consistency in your sad pleb life, the best way to go about it is to boost with 300 points option which is equivalent to about $2. This way you are much more likely to get a boost because you're not being a greedy little bastard and if the post is of decent length ( at least 300 words ), the curators are likely to appreciate your efforts to not abuse the system with short and shitty content. Of course, you only receive half the value of that $2, the other half returning to ecency as curator's rewards but it's nice to know that you can get some reliable coins for your efforts. My thanks to the person who suggested boosting with less points in the first place but I had to verify it before believing it :P

My main focus going forward is to be constantly above the 500 word level because that has proven to be the minimum that serious curators even consider upvoting stuff. It also means you'll have to do some serious reading if you want to catch all the juicy jokes I randomly insert in my posts, but this pleb has gotta make a living somehow, right?

My favorite posts are those that are packed full of puns and shenanigans but those tend to be shorter because it takes a lot of brain power to come up with all the funny stuff. Which brings me back to the beginning of this post: adapting and overcoming - meaning putting more details and explaining things more which translates into longer posts that have a greater chance of not being overlooked. Well, at least that's the theory of it - we'll see how it holds up in the clown eat clown world of the blockchain :)


Thank you for listening to the advice of 300-500 words. I learned it the hard way by personal experiences.

(I don't like self boosting from ecency, some people find it greedy..... Hint, hint, hint. I like to boost other people with my ecency boost. Try this too and you will make more friends, potential long term voters.)


thank you for the nice words :) I'll try boosting other plebs because those are the only people who would notice a $2 upvote :P and for such a small amount I don't think self boosting is major sin even though I get the optics. Others self vote with way bigger amounts :)

Others self vote with way bigger amounts :)

Self voting is a debatable topic on hive which never ends but u r free to pick any sides.

My ideology is if we don't self vote/boost, we are not in bad list of both mentality people. It's not a rule ofcourse. Also you can see your engagement increase when you start boosting others. :)

It's better to give others in a social media blockchain!


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Haha, good one! 👍😁

glad you liked it :)


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Great post @cmmemes! I’m new here and wasn’t really sure if using Ecency points to boost posts was worth it- you made me laugh with the “that everyone can see” line! Nice to have a breakdown of how to get the most bang for you buck out of it! Thanks for sharing :)

can't find "“that everyone can see" anywhere in my post

sorry, it was a super bad paraphrase 😂 I meant this part:

meaning it will be shown in the feed of others ( besides your followers ) using the ecency frontend.

For some reason that made me cackle

interesting :) that was one the few times I was serious and not messing around

That’s why I had to mention it haha!