Pump Jesus

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I memed about the markets being boring on Sunday and come Monday we were already enjoying some nice Hive price action. You can call me Pump Jesus for now on because I sacrifice myself on the altar of shenanigans to bring you sweet gains in the most troubling of bear markets. And of course I'll take 10% of your yearly revenue because this spiritual stuff ain't for free you know. What's with the 10% I hear you ask, I mean if it was good enough for the people in the Bible 2000 years ago, it's good enough today in my book. Why change a good racket when it's tried and tested ?

Getting back to more worldly things, I managed to convert some Hive to HBD during this short lived pumped, because the Koreans played nice and didn't dump within the first few hours. So I managed to get back from work and scored about 160 HBD. Not my proudest conversion but I figured this might be the last chance for such a maneuver before the long bear winter really sets in. Farming... I mean earning HBD has proven very slow this past couple of months so I wanted to get my hands on more pseudo stable thingies so I could enjoy more of that sweet 20% APR, and when the time comes I'll convert all of it to a buttload of cheap Hive ( hopefully ). In order not to miss other similar opportunities I'll try to keep some open conversion orders from now on, even though they expire at some point and I have to reset them which kind of annoys me for some reason.

Good thing I always keep some liquidity around even though it was Hive power up day and it felt a bit wrong selling on that particular day. I guess my pump conjuring powers could use a bit of tweaking in the timing department.

Ps: for those that don't know a racket is "the extortion of money from legitimate business people by threat or violence" - kind of tells you what I think about certain religious institutions.


Can I just roll my eyes now
Great point at the end
Easy come easy go

it's actually hard come because HBD is hard to stack if your not loved by some huge whales :)

Oh yeah that part I don't know because I only have like one I wasn't really responding to that part

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Pump Jesus! Lol!

Good to hear you make some profit during the pump and dump. I missed but it does not worry me much.

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it wasn't much of a opportunity to be honest. I just wanted more HBD.


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lol :)))))


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