Obligatory monthly LARYNX token claim reminder is obligatory

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The Larynx monthly claim drop thingy is almost at the half way mark and I'm sure there are a lot of people who tend to forget to press that darn button every month so I do my best to remind them in my own way. If you have no clue what I'm rambling about, here is a link to the original post explaining what the tokens are about.

From my retarded buffoon perspective I don't care that much what they do, instead I care how much Hive I can get per token. Currently you can sell them instantly for 0.025 Hive, for example you could sell let's say 2000 LARYNX for about 50 Hive. Not bad but I wouldn't rush to turn those bad boys into Hive just yet. There is plenty of bear market left and I hope the Hive related tokens will get their time to shine precisely when Hive's price will be at it's lowest. That's why I diligent claim my share every month in the hope I can turn them into a nice pile of Hive at some point.

"But why not stake or delegate them you crazy ass clown ?" you might be asking. Well, there is some method to the madness. Unlike others who invest a lot of time and effort into tons of Hive projects I like to keep it simple and focus on the OG. Hive for me remains a small time hustle that wouldn't even be able to pay the utilities bill if need be, so in order justify the time spent here I need to make it count and I can only do that by concentrating on the essential stuff. And the key to it all is the Hive token itself. My main mission is to get as much as humanly (clownly ?) possible before the next bull run. Then move some profits into HBD with which I could buy a buttload of Hive in the next bear market. Rinse and repeat until whale status is reached :)

Sure, there are people that will hodl to their grave every little shitcoin they have but I don't think that's the best way to do things. My whole plan is to leverage the markets to my benefit. You can call it trading or whatever but it's the only practical chance to make it big when you're a stinky pleb. Or you could post several times a day long ass posts and hope the whales will smile kindly on your efforts. I definitely prefer the former.

I'm not saying I'm selling everything that's not Hive, but I'm definitely making gathering Hive my main focus, and in my mind everything else, with the notable exception of Leo, is a tool that helps me get there. I got a lot of Hive into Leo back in the day so I'll only sell it at some very nice prices.

The TL;DR version of it is: I hope to get at least 500 Hive out of the LARYNX thingy at some point and for that to happen I need them available in order to take advantage when it pumps. I'll miss out on some rewards by not staking or delegating them but there's no free lunch so it's a downside I accept.

Remember deer friends: taking financial advice from the crazy crypto clown makes you a bigger joke than he is so be careful out there :)


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Lol maybe some tokens in a bull market goes up in a bear market (if so this sounds like a hedge play) seen a few before

you mean that some tokens go up in price during the bear market ? yeah that happens from time to time. But my point is to buy low and sell high, doesn't matter the market :)


Ah close enough

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Mediocrates :)))

Yay! 🤗
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Well that's a solid strategy..most second layers are a load of old bollocks anyway

shhhh, you aren't suppose to say that out loud :))

Did you get your duats, too?
Shitcoins shine when the real coins are too expensive.
Once hive is all about the rc's, folks will wish they had held.
IF we live that long.

thanks for the heads up. I did claim them. And they are even worth a few Hive, yeeeeeey :) thanks again. Btw it this a one time thing or a monthly claim ?

That is the ragnarok game, they are nft's for cards/access when the game comes out.
Tcmd is ramrodding it.