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Like I alluded in one of my lasts posts before taking another break from meme-ing it up on Hive, I was about to move my entire belongings to a new house, in a new town with whole new challenges ahead - so that I can have new things to be anxious about in my life. I expected the whole ordeal to suck donkey balls but I had no clue how much those ball be a husk of themselves at the end of it all.

I stayed in the same place and same town for a very long time ( 10 plus years ) and things tend to accumulate over such a long period of time. Which is extremely fun when you have to take them with you to the place you are moving to. The whole adventure took many back and forth car trips and renting a big ass van to fit the larger stuff.

Imagine carrying a couch down half a dozen floors because the genius that designed the elevator wanted to make it as small as humanly possible so that you can enjoy the process of moving that little bit more.

I didn't think this whole process would have such a big impact on my mental well-being, but the stress combined with how tiring it all was and also finding myself in another part of the country has been more a psychological ordeal than I feel comfortable admitting.

Good thing I didn't have kids or pets or else I might have ended up losing it completely and running of into the woods or something.

I though that after it was all done and dusted, with a few days of rest I'll back to my old self in no time. But I find myself feeling kind of meh and having a though time motivating this old buffoon to clown around on Hive. Partly because on my alt curation account I can get in like 4 days ( with zero effort - only from curation and HBD savings APR ) what I normally earn from a post that usually takes a few hours. So I frequently ask myself: why not chill and do something else? those crypto gains will still come, only a bit slower. I'll definitely miss spreading blockchain shenanigans so I do my best to get over this rough patch.

There might be a retirement or less and more shittier posts in this clown's future, time will tell I guess :)

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The meh feeling is likely just because you are in a new spot and still adjusting. I tried to use Ecency Points on your post but I got a message that it was already boosted. I'll keep an eye out for a future post :)


thanks for the encouragement :)

I guess I should add some ref links to my posts too 😂

there is a nice dude lurking around who explained I should upgrade my shit in order make the most of it :) it's definitely more worth it for you though


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