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Before I go on a mild rant about why I hate the daily grind of going to work, paying the bills and other mundane stuff that need to be done, I would like to stress the fact I have a pretty sheltered and comfortable life. I mean I don't struggle to feed 5 children or barely keep up with mortgage payments, there are people out there who are going through an uphill battle against serious stuff and I'm not one of them.

I am however, a buffoon and one of the things I clown on is my own mental constructs that help me function on a daily basis and keep me from staying in bed all day long like a lazy bastard. One of those constructs that I find helpful is my deep hatred of the daily grind of going to work. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate what I do, there are far far worse jobs out there. I hate the fact it's a necessity to go to work and can't just do something else whenever I feel like it. Also being unable to avoid interacting with people that annoy the shit out of me at work is something I wish I could skip on most days. Not world-shattering stuff, I know, but it sometimes feels like the constant state of " you have to do that even if you don't want to" erodes my soul in a way. And the prospect of doing it until I grow old isn't exactly morale boosting stuff.

All this thoughts have been amplified by the rampant inflation and skyrocketing prices that we're currently experiencing. Seeing your buying power go down even though you're still putting in the same or more effort is kind of sucky.

Again I must emphasize that there are way bigger problems in the world but I like to make fun of mine, however trivial they might or might not seem, because some people might find them relatable in a way while also having a good chuckle.

The only light at the end of the tunnel for me is crypto and Hive in particular. The idea that I might wake up one morning and do whatever the frick I like because I can afford to and look down on the fiat plebs gives me a bigger sense of purpose than I would otherwise have.

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!gif nailed it

:))) glad you liked it :)

I feel the same way, the job grind with them a-holes gets to be a pain.

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glad we can share the shittyness :P


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thank for the support man :) it means a lot

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Great Meme!


glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the support :)


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That's exactly what motivated me for 4 years

I'm glad I'm on the right path then :)

I feel the same.

do the crypto hustle like the rest of us then :)