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As always, art is by our amazing artist, Areto.

Greetings, eXode pilots and civilians! Welcome to the seventh weekly eXode #oneup report! With Dygycon 8 this weekend (hosted by eXode's older brother, Splinterlands), we've seen an influx of new captains, as well as some vigorous market activity! In other news, investigative missions are mostly stable. I was even mentioned in the develop log of our discord server (link below) for finding a deceptive bug! More on that later. Brace yourselves for the jump to hyperspace!



Planned Updates

Missions will soon be more realistic and have a timer as opposed to being immediately complete. So the Travel Speed stat during investigations will actually come into play.
New support roles will also be available, like a Guide, who will effectively shorten your time to travel!
You can also choose a Food, Materials, or Energy Gatherer which will bring back 1-6 units (1-2 for Energy) upon mission completion as long at least one member (excluding the Researcher) is not wounded. A Research Gatherer will add one more roll for a chance to reveal one more property on the revelation map for a given research target.
Choosing a Medic will (ideally) give back 1 health per each new light wound and +2 for more serious injuries. This seems inconsequential to me, considering the amount of wounds my crew members have each been sustaining, but after some balance updates I think this will make a big difference.
In the future, missions can fail entirely. This actually happened to me today when I was investigating the Green Barmasrene ore. No new intel was discovered concerning that one, which is a shame because my team fared very well against the ambush by Abeausa. (The ambush was anticipated well in advance and my observer avoided getting attacked entirely!) Sending an additional Scout on a mission will reduce ambush chances along with total mission failure chances.
Guards will receive a (proficiency)% x4 to their Threat, making them initially draw more attention for attacking wildlife while also receiving bonuses to their defense and cover, because what good is a squishy guard?

Further down the line, we will be able to send drones on missions in place of a crew member and even on solo missions! Finally time for my Little Buddy to shine! (Elite version to have the Robot trait added!)



I'm Famous

Screenshot (271).png
Excerpt from the dev log

As the log says, I (the enthusiast scientist?) got messages at the end of my mission that said "Details of a biofragment revealed" but upon checking the Intel section, there was 0 information on biofragments. What was happening can apparently be equated to thinking that the roots of my Green Tothopha plant species had some biochemical significance and targeting them when, in fact, it is the leaves that are of value. The game inspector was still reporting that investigation as a "hit" when really it was a "miss".

Apart from the Research Gatherer's ability to reroll for more intel, later, card leveling will allow me to turn my
scientist Eliza into a Veteran Horticulturist, in my own words! Vegetation expertise! Such wow.
A research gatherer perk effect will likely look like this:

"...Picks better specimens for research. Adds 20% mission time, but also adds 2 special rolls to revelation successes. These rolls are rerolled once they pick an information already known."

Other perks for the Colony Researcher will be available as well.

Colonization will come first before the leveling update. I think this is a good idea because we will all get to finally experience the much anticipated Colonization scene and then it will be further enriched by the dynamic card update!


And so concludes this week's lab report. I have now investigated all relevant plant species on Casrarene but there is still much to lean about them. Should I focus my future investigations on ore or minerals? Help me decide!

What is eXode?

eXode is a real-time strategy space colonization game here on the Hive Blockchain. If you still have not purchased your starter pack, use this referral code (de7ed45) and you'll also receive 2 free Alpha Booster Packs with 5 NFT cards each along with a free Epic Alpha Character!

In the future, these lab reports will contain much more substance (and numbers!) including season objective rewards, legacy rewards (when your game...ends), and of course 🍉 [MELN] activities.
🍉 [MELN] is the alliance I co-founded, the Market Expansion Leaders Navy. Our leader, @birdbeaksd, is also the host of eXode's only weekly giveaway. Check that out for a chance to win the new epic passenger, the Syndicate Geisha!
For a in-depth guide for anything and everything eXode-related, you can take a look at this post.

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