1UP Weekly Operator Report: Splinterlands Cartel-Monster

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Welcome to the weekly report for #oneup @cartel-monster. After last week's massive DEC gains we were expecting a return to normalcy with this week's earnings. The end of the season is winding down and with it so are the DEC rewards.

With all the gold foils the cartel-monster account has access to the gains are still amazing. We feel 4K+ DEC weekly is not going to be too hard to achieve and at the start of the new season that will easily double possibly triple depending on how much we want to grind the ECR down.

We feel there should be a balance to keep a consistent amount of DEC earned daily however we may decide to go all out next season to see what is possible to do in one week. 9879 DEC is our current record since we have been operating the account and will look to break that record in the new season.


(New Cartel Dividers Made By The Very Talented Cartel Designer @japex1226)

DEC Gains & Chest Rewards


Sunday758 DEC24 DEC1 Commons, 1 Rare$0.128
Monday346 DEC
Tuesday576 DEC128 DEC2 Commons$0.081
Wednesday655 DEC126 DEC5 Commons$0.201
Thursday1015 DEC9 DEC2 Commons, 2 Rares, 1 Epic$1.208
Friday879 DEC16 DEC3 Commons, 1 Rare$0.176
Saturday899 DEC220 DEC3 Rares$0.441
SUB-TOTAL5128 DEC523 DEC12 Commons, 7 Rares, 1 Epic$2.235


(The Don 1UP made by the very talented @kayrex)

Overall another good week the DEC from our chests was decent and we got a lot of rare cards this week. We could not complete the daily quest on Monday so we got no rewards for that day we had a death quest and then rerolled and ended up getting a fire quest. The cartel-monster account is pretty stacked but fire and death are lacking pretty severely so this was the worst-case scenario for us.

Either way, it was just one day and when we rerolled on Tuesday, where we got a water quest which was a cakewalk of a daily considering all the magic we have access to.

We gained 5128 DEC this week and will look to keep that 4K DEC a week consistent. Also taking home 20 reward cards in total with 7 of them being rare and adding up to a total value of $2.235.




We played in a few tournaments this week as the SPS tournaments have made an appearance again. Playing in the all-the-pointy things (Modern) tournament not doing so well in that one but still making our buy-in back and 5 SPS profit.

We also played in the Modern league of champions tourney as well breaking even on that one and getting our 50 SPS buy-in back coming in 46th place in that tourney.

We played in DRAB'S EXTREME CRYPTO TOURNEY as well qualifying for the finals coming up on Saturday the 15th where we have an opportunity to win some huge prizes in that one. Over 150$ will be going to first place rewarding 2000 #1UP and 1000 #PIZZA.

We have a long way to go in our tournament placings but as we grow and learn more about these super highly competitive tournaments we will get better and figure out the teams/comps that will be able to beat our opponents. A lot of these high-level tournaments are filled with the best of the best players in the game and they know the ins and outs of the meta.

What Is Splinterlands?


Splinterlands is a play2earn TCG (Trading Card Game) built on the Hive blockchain. Over time, you'll build up a collection of unique cards used to battle within various skill-based matches and tournaments.

The blockchain allows you to sell your assets for crypto or rent them to other players for passive income. You can also write about the game through multiple frontends connected to the Hive blockchain like PeakD, Hive.Blog and Splintertalk to earn crypto discussing the game with others or sharing informative videos/blogs.

There are so many ways to earn in this incredible blockchain game, so signup today and see what all the hype is about!


What Is The 1UP Cartel?

The 1UP-Cartel is a mix between a gaming guild like YGG (that invests into gaming assets and creates scholarships for gamers, sharing the gaming revenue), a dividend token (similar to BRO, LBI, INDEX and UTOPIS, paying out regular dividends to token holders from part of the revenue stream) as well as one of the most extensive curation service initiative on the Hive-Engine ecosystem thus far

Also, check this post out as well on how quickly the cartel is expanding and exploding. It is a great time to be part of the family and if you are interested and want to work with a family of amazing people the cartel may be for you: 1UP Cartel Is Exploding: Over 30k USD CARTEL Issued, Only 4 Days Left For Base Price


Find out everything you need to know here: The 1UP-Cartel: A Meta-Guild For Blockchain Games & HIVE Community Gamification
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Huge Shout-out To @japex1226 & @kayrex for the amazing dividers and graphics provided in this post


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Amazing! as always !PIZZA !PGM

You are doing really great bro! Keep pushing forward next season!
The intergalactic force are looking forward for your success.👽

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1000 to send and receive 0.1 PGM ten times per day

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Nice write up, I guess the main target for next week is to improve on that 46/50!?!

Although I can't talk, I find playing way too stressful these days, I just rent everything!


Nice written summary! I always enjoy reading your weekly reports!

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nice work!



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very good, keep it up!

You are really doing very well, more value for the Cartel token.

how do you achieve this much DEC? Which League? How many games/wins?

It is an all gold foil account playing in a gold league, high gold league at that as for games usually around 500 games with 300 wins