Pegaxy Weekly 1UP Cartel Operator Report

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The meteoric rise of racing blockchain games has blasted Pegaxy at the forefront of a peculiar niche in NFT gaming. We are looking closer at the robotic mythological mares and stallions and what the hype is all about.

To know all the details about Pegaxy check @oneup-cartel Pegaxy apresentation post.

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15 Pegas Racing

On 15th March the number of Pefas per race was increased from 12 to 15.
This change was made to make a litle more difficult the mint of VIS per Pega.
Due to this change the 3D gameplay were on maintenance during 7 days.




In a previous weekly report we said that the team was working on a governance platform called Themis.

This time the team leaked that the platform will be close to being complete and the PGX holders will be able to create and vote on proposals related to the development of the project.
However, no concrete release date has been announced.


Coinbase Wallet Integration


Pegaxy team integrated the Coinbase Wallet in the platform.
So now all the users that have a Coinbase Wallet are able to play the game.


RAMP Integration

Pegaxy integrated the RAMP platform into the project's platform.

This can be important, as it will allow players to be able to buy ETH or USDC using FIAT without having to go to centralized exchanges with Binance and then pay fees to be able to use it in the game.

In this way, even though it is a centralized platform, the user will receive their cryptos in their wallet on the Polygon network.




Corey wrote a tweet talking about the possibility to make Pegaxy a multi-chain project.


If you want to read the entire tweet check the link.

It seems that the idea is really to be a multi chain where it will be possible to move the Pegas from one chain to the other.

This made me raise two questions:

  • What happens to the Pega from the original chain? Are you locked into a contract? Is it burnt?
  • How did you manage to guarantee that in the destination chain the Pega will have the same name and statistics as the Pega in the original chain?

Let's see what will happen related with this topic.



Farmed VISEarned USDTPega Win Rate
1 Pega sharing profit 66%3569.28119.7580222.26%




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 last year (edited) 

One, tons of news from Pegaxy. Have the prices come down already? !1UP

Yes, prices have already dropped dramatically.
Currently a virgin Pega is about $146 instead of the 2k two months ago.


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