We did it!!!! CROATIA is in the Semi-Final!!!


Oh boy. Yesterday was truly and utterly insane. I wanted to write this post yesterday but I was too drunk and busy celebrating I just couldnt get myself to do it.
So I am doing it now.

This is our 7th world Cup and the third time we have been in the semi finals.
After the 2018 World Cup in Mordor we were very skeptical about being able to repeat our success this time around. Modric is now 37 and besides this game was really struggling early in the tournament.
But somehow we go through to the semis and again on penalties. I used to think it was luck when we did it in 2018 but you just cant be this lucky so many times in a row. We won 4/4 penalty shootouts last 2 world cups.


This game was probably the best one we played all tournament. Sure, we didnt create many chances and the 2 big chances we missed made me throw something at the wall. When Brozovic sent the ball into the stratosphere, wide open on the edge of the box, it made me go mental.
The biggest problem we have is that we dont have a speedy central attacker that can get behind the defensive line. Other than that we dominate.

There was about a 5 minute stretch of time in the first half where we held the ball and it traveled all around the pitch with intent without Brazil having a slightest chance of getting to it.
When I was watching that I just said "wow"! It was probably the best midfield display I have seen this whole tournament. Then and there I knew we had a significant chance.

We had only about 10 shots all game and we stood back deep in defense. Its fairly easy to realize why. We were defending against Vinicius. Even our central attacker was always pushing their passes to the right side of the pitch with his placement even when he had no chance of actually getting the ball. Vinicius is insanely fast and when he gets the ball in the middle of the pitch there is no catching him.
Our wings were also doubling up on defending with our full backs and there was simply no one in front for a counterattack. We would have to build up slowly through the middle. Simply having Vinicius on the pitch affected the whole concept of our play and we were successful to make him invisible basically the whole game.

In the end Neymar scored in extra time. Now, whats very odd is that when Brazil scored 6-7 of Brazil players were still trying to attack and caught up the pitch even though there was only about 5 mins of playing time. Look at this.


Horrible tactical decision. All they had to do is fall back and defend but instead we got a easy counterattack playing 3v3. This is entirely the fault of the coach Tite. So thank you Tite! 😇

We are playing Argentina on Tuesday. How that will go, I dont know. Against Brazil betting odds were extremely in the favor of Brazil. Something like 1.4 on Brazil to Win and 9.5 on Croatia to win. Those odds Ive only seen when a first league team plays a second league one.
This time around the odds are closer. 1.8 on Argentina and 5.0 on Croatia. Is that telling of what the game will look like? I dont know.
Never once during this WC did I come out and say that we would surely win. Ill continue with that approach, seems to work. :D

Heres some celebration videos.







Congratulation to Croatia!
You deserved the winning with the unbeatable spirit and playing like it's the last day on earth.
Hat off!

Absolutely deserved and it was a decent game. The Brazilians were obviously knackered though from too much dancing.
Heres to hoping you spank the Argies :-)

They thought it would be easy.

They did. "Pride cometh before a fall" as the saying goes :-)

You had the advantage of my wife supporting Brazil in the penalties. That's usually the kiss of death 😂.

Fortunately the curse seemed to break later when she was hoping Messi and Co would win.

Next game will show what we can actually do. With Brazil it was a bit too close for comfort. Hopefully we repeat 2018 against them.
Kudos to the wife. :)

They really did a wonderful job on the football field, from two goals down and they equalised and won..that was impressive...congrats to them..

Well done mate. One of my good friends is Croatian and here in Sydney Australia there is a solid Croatian community that is going off!!!!

Reminds me of Samoa in the Rugby League World Cup. I'm Samoan background in Australia and it's amazing being a minnow and overachieving as an underdog!

Australia has one of the biggest Croatian communities. Hope they are having fun!.

Croatia will soon be in the Schengen Area as well unlike their ugly cousins in the Balkans ( Romania -sigh and Bulgaria ). You lucky bastards :)

I dont think that played a part in the win. haha. Although could have. lol

most likely didn't but as filthy Balkan pleb I'm still jealous of the Schengen thing :)

Although I wanted to see Brazil win, I’m happy for you all man. It took some serious composure to win it late like that. Croatia never gives up.

🙏 Felt really good. :)


We had the same sentiments on that defensive tactical approach. The coach was to blame!

They stopped playing in 115 minute. Its not over till its over.

That's what I was complaining about! They thought its good to celebrate already. Even Neymar, I saw him walking. Anyway, congratulations Croatia! It was a deserved victory. Argentina is another tough assignment.

Omg! Congratulations Croatia! That's really an amazing thing to watch! One of the greatest matches in this current edition of the World Cup.

I idolize Modric for his maturity and leadership!

Good luck against Argentina, Messi has 4 legs and is unable to get a Handball


He will be hard to handle.

Yep and you had written them off after game one lol. Strange how things work out even when you team plays poorly as you just never know.

Im always super pessimistic before a match. Seems to work for me. :)

Croatia is about to make history. I am sure of it. 🙌

We really need to congratulate the players of this team. They've done great things in the football arena.

Yes, it was spectacular! Congratulations! 🙌 I don't think anyone believed that Croatia would win, except the Croats. 😜 I wish you all make it to the finals! You have a strong national team.

Trust me when I say that I didnt believe it either :D


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Pretty soon he would be bacon.

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Congrats to Croatia but it's time to face the magical man Messi on Tuesday, looking forward to the match.

Croatia's keeper is amazing 🔥🔥🔥

Hes doing really well this WC

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Congratulations to Croatia.
I'm really impressed and surprised with the agility and performance of Modric, at such an age he still plays like a young lad, hope to see him at the Finals and hopefully this time it won't go the way it did in 2018. My heartfelt condolence to Neymar and the Brazilian team, they looked like a team who would have gotten to the Finals, but at the end of the day it's football, it's very unpredictable at times.

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