That was underwhelming. CROATIA-MORROCO


I cant stress enough how frustrated I am with the way Croatia played against Morocco. I knew this could happen, our Balkan mentality of "its going to be easy" got the best of us again.
We came into the WC with a team that was better on paper than the one from 2018 but underdelivered massively.
To sum up the game:

We left our balls at home.

2018 we had 2 players that were highly aggressive and with their attitude pulled the team. Rebic and Mandzukic. They arent here this time around and it shows in the absolute lack of bravery and commitment.
No one coming for the ball out of fear of contact, no running without the ball. There were times Modric was covered by 6 players from the opposing team before you could see a Croatia player.

It was bad, it was really bad. I hoped for most of the game that Morroco would score and that would finally lift us up from lethargy as we only awake when we are in trouble. This score is the worst possible one for us as a draw doesnt activate panic mode.
When panic mode is on is when we perform the best.
This dramatically reduced my hopes for this WC. Not only is it the most terrible WC ive ever watched in my 30 years but I could see us ending on the bottom of the group. 4 times 0:0 in 8 games. In Russia there was only 1 0:0 score in the whole tournament.

I can be very pessimistic when it comes to sports but what I saw today makes me question Croatia doing the bare minimum the nation expected before the WC. Leaving the group.
Canada is next on 27.11 for us. They play Belgium today and that will very much show what theyre capable of as they are a enigma for Europeans teams.
I liked what I saw from USA in their game against Wales in the first half when they absolutely dominated. If Canada does similarly they will be tough for anyone in our group.

Im off to drown my sorrow in beer and await the decisive game on 27.11.


This is very true and sometimes you need a poor result to bring about change. A draw doesn't create panic, but a loss in the next game will and it will be too late by then. Canada should have beaten Belgium with the chances they had so Croatia need to be very careful.

Their coach said they will fuck up Croatia. We will see. :)
After the Belgium game they actually might.

Tough match, but better than a loss I suppose. This one was one at 5am for me, so I missed it. Looks like I didn’t really miss much though 😅

It was the worst match of the world cup. Id even say it was the worst match of the last 2 WCs combined.
I cant bet against my team to drop out in the group but if I wasnt croatian, thats the bet id make.

I didn't get to watch any of the 2018 World Cup, but I will take your word for it. I have a feeling Croatia will wake up when they play Canada next.

didn't managed to watch this one, but going with your comments and watching Belgium vs Canada, it will be a tough one.

Was a good game for the morrocans though.

They only had 1 attempt on goal. It was bleak from both sides imo.

I too expected an easy win for Croatia but you know in football, anything is possible. Imagine Argentina and Germany losing their first games by sane goal line. I think there will be more shocking results in the subsequent games.

Those 2 games are different. Argentina and Germany had massive number of chances. They tried. We didnt try at all.

Hehe, okay, maybe in their next game they would do better.

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I think that trusting or underestimating brings consequences, and on the other hand in the World Cup as such we are seeing teams that before did not give good participation and in this if, I for my part even expected to see a sweeping Croatia.