The Sunday Night SportsNerd Show - Back 2 Back!!!

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Excuse me while I enjoy this night, just a little bit more than usual....

After a season of ups and downs, my beloved Buffalo Bills are back to back AFC East champs for the first time in like....25 years or something.

Crazy times indeed!

We dive into that, plus all the playoff match ups that are coming up next weekend...

And of course, throw Scott and his Browns under the bus a little bit....

Hope you guys enjoy the show!!

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A great watch for my NFL fix. I was fortunate to have the day off and watched the Niners-Rams and Raiders-Chargers. Absolute crackers. My boy Mariota got some reps which was a delight. Last time I saw him watching him live on TV was the 2018 Titans run when they beat the Chiefs then lost to the Pats.

Good luck to the Bills. With Ravens and Tuas Fins out, I'll be going for the Raiders but more like a neutral now.

P.S the game times in Australia were from 10am to 4pm. Absolutely brilliant!!

That works out for Australia then for the timing of the games! Some hardcore NFL fans in Europe get the worst times lol

This was fun to watch, even though I am not a sport person. The way you joke and laugh is fun.

Hope you guys enjoy the show

As always, keep up the good work moving.