NFL Football Week 9 Recap: D D D Defense


This past weekend was stacked full of great defense. If you follow the same teams I do anyway. We started on Saturday with Michigan State coming away with a win against Illinois. I already talk about that, but it was thanks in part to the MSU defense.

Then Sunday rolls around and we see The Detroit Lions lean on their defense that has been honestly pretty horrible all year. Without looking at the stats, it might be safe to say they are still the worst defense in the league. You wouldn't have known it on Sunday.

This defense that has given up the most points in the league was on fire against The Green Bay Packers. I can't think of better team to turn the tables on. I am not a Green Bay fan. Which is pretty funny given the fact that pretty much half of our state is.

For some reason the UP and many people in the Lower Peninsula feel more loyalty to that team across the lake than they do to their own Motor City heroes.

Just like the Michigan State game the day before, I watched the end of this game with my eyes closed. I just had this sick feeling that Green Bay was going to come back and win the game or at least tie it and take it into overtime.

Thankfully, that wasn't the case and the Lions won 15 to 9 gaining their second win of the year. To be fair, Rogers wasn't playing his best. He had something like 3 or 4 interceptions in the red zone. Yikes. Might be time for him to hang it up. Him and Brady are definitely showing their age lately.

The fact that Houston lost on Thursday night to Philadelphia means that the Lions are no longer the worst team in the league. Houston now holds that title alone with only one win so far.

We saw six more games that were decided within three points this season. That has to continue to be some kind of record. It's also important to note if you are a gambling man (or woman). So I am told anyway.

Here is the breakdown:

Clippers 20, Falcons 17
Dolphins 35, Bears 32
Bills 17, Jets 20
Vikings 20, Commanders 17
Rams 13, Buccaneers 16
Titans 17, Chiefs 20 Overtime

Talk about wow right?

The AFC is still pretty much anyone's game. In the AFC East pretty much every team has the same record with the exception of the Patriots.

It's going to be interesting to see how things shake up as we slowly approach the playoffs. Right now it is looking like whoever can duke it out in the AFC will either be playing The Eagles or the Vikings from the NFC. We are just a little over halfway through the season, so there is still time.

Who knows, the Lions might snag a wildcard berth and surprise everyone!

In other exciting news, College basketball started last night. I will likely start doing a weekly post about that as well. If you know me, you know I always like cheering for the underdog and talking about the crazy upsets that make up the college basketball season.

My Michigan State Spartans won last night. I would have been shocked if they didn't given it was a cupcake game. Then again, you never know!

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