NCAA Week 12/NFL Week 11 Recap: Miracles do happen!


I wish I could say it was a perfect weekend, but that would be far from the case. With Michigan State winning in basketball on Friday night, I was really excited going into Saturday.

With it being a home game against Indiana, it should have been an easy win for Sparty. In fact, it sort of was through most of the game.

Then they imploded. It's like the defense just decided to go home after halftime and what was a two to three score lead quickly diminished to a tie. Then overtime. Then another overtime and finally a loss to the Indiana Hoosiers.

With a win on Saturday MSU would have been bowl eligible. Now, who knows what is going to happen. With Penn State being their opponent this weekend, I don't have a lot of hope that they can win. It's likely going to be a boring holiday at home for the Spartans.

You almost gotta feel bad for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, they were giving Wisconsin a run for their money, but ended up falling just short losing 15 to 14.

The MSU loss wasn't the only surprise this past weekend, there were quite a few close games that I would have thought were going to be blowouts.

U of M only edged out Illinois by two points. That has me questioning how they might fare against Ohio State this weekend.

Number 4 TCU barely edged out Baylor only winning by one point.

I've gotta be honest, it is nice seeing Alabama way down in the #8 spot!

Georgia still sits in the top spot beating Kentucky 16 to 6 this past weekend.

Like basketball, there were some upsets this past weekend. #24 North Carolina State fell to unranked Louisville. Likewise, unranked Georgia Tech beat the #13 North Carolina Tarheels.

Probably the biggest upset of the weekend was #5 Tennessee getting blown out by unranked South Carolina 63 to 38. That has to hurt!

Did you want more upsets? Well, i've got them for you.

Unranked Oklahoma beat #22 Oklahoma State 28 to 13, also unranked Arkansas beat #14 Ole Miss 42 to 27.

Finally, #12 Oregon beat #10 Utah 20 to 17.

As far as the NFL is concerned... It's just kind of a hot mess. With a miraculous Lions win over the Giants and a loss by Green Bay to Tenneseee, Detroit now finds themselves in the number 2 spot in their conference. Can you believe it?

The rest of the league is a toss up at this point. After winning the Super Bowl last year, the Rams seem to be on a one way trip to the bottom.

It is anybodies guess what the post season is going to look like at this point. We just need to buckle up and wait to find out!

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Now, I want to see if Utah will play Bama and beat them like the 08 Sugar Bowl.

Anytime Bama loses it is a good thing.

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