NCAA Men's Basketball Recap 11/21/2022: Sparty On!


This is just a reminder that my regular NCAA football post will be pushed back and combined with my NFL post from this point until the rest of the season.

Now that college basketball has started, my focus on Monday's will be specifically focused on that. It's an awesome problem to have that so many awesome sports are happening all at once this time of year.

Friday brought us nine games in the top 25. Before I dig into those, I am going to talk about the Michigan State/Villanova game.

While MSU won the game 73 to 71, it was actually not that close of a game. After the first four minutes or so, Sparty dominated the game until just about the end. Hats off to Villanova for making a run for it.

Michigan State needs to play the full 40 minutes and not let up. This could have easily been a loss for them and there is zero excuse for being laksidasical.

I still have zero doubt the win over Kentucky earlier in the week should catapult MSU into the top 25 come next week.

In other Friday night action, unranked Colorado put a whooping down on #24 Texas A&M 103 to 75. #12 Indiana came away with a 2 point victory over Xavier in another Gavitt Tipoff game. Make no mistake, The Big East came to play in their showdown with the Big 10.

#16 Virginia took down #5 Baylor and #19 Illinois had the upset over #8 UCLA. Lots of shakeups in the top 10 this past week!

The new rankings later today should be quite interesting!

Saturda brought us only one game in the top 25 and it was a bit of a snooze fest with #21 Dayton beating unranked Robert Morris by 11 points.

I'd like to point out on Saturday that even though there was only one college game, I did watch some basketball. My neice is on the varsity team down in Ohio and her high school team had one of their first games.

Through the magic of streaming, we were able to watch it even though we weren't able to attend.

Unfortunately, they fell short and lost the game. My niece didn't get a ton of playtime, but when she was on the court, it was fun to watch her. I think this team definitely has some areas they need to grow in. They are currently projected to go quite far in the post season, but if they don't work on some of their skills, I don't see that happening.

I think their team last year was better than what I saw this weekend, but they lost a fair number of seniors last year and this might be a little bit of a rebuilding year.

They did have four quite talented players transfer into the district due to them wanting to play for my nieces coach. He is a good coach and hopefully he can work out the wrinkles before conference play starts.

On Sunday we had nine games in the men's college top 25.

There were no upsets, but there were quite a few ranked games to note.

#2 Gonzaga beat #4 Kentucky 88 to 72. Just remember, those rankings are based on the beginning of last week, before Gonzaga and Kentucky both lost.

#5 Baylor beat #8 UCLA 80 to 75, and #16 Virginia beat #19 Illinois 70 to 61. North Carolina will likely stay at the top of the list this week, but I would expect to see some huge shake ups in the top 25 when they announce the new rankings later today.

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