NCAA Football Week 11/NFL Week 10 Recap: I can't stop smiling!


With two of my favorite teams winning this past weekend, it is safe to say it was a good weekend. I honestly think both of them came as a surprise to a lot of people. Let's get to the college stuff first, and then we can talk about all the excitement that happened in the NFL.

Purdue had another hard weekend. They were cruising right along through most of this season with one of the best records in the Big 10 outside of Ohio State and Michigan. After falling to Michigan State last weekend, they lost to Purdue 31 to 24 this past weekend. That could shake things up a bit for the Big 10 Championship. Especially with two more games to play in the regular season.

My Michigan State Spartans beat Rutgers by 7 points to win the game. I was listening to it on the radio as we were on our way home from watching my nephews play basketball. By the time we got home, I was able to watch the second half. Sparty was playing well, but they kind of lost some steam at the end. I was a little nervous that Rutgers was going to tie the game and take them into overtime. Thankfully, that didn't happen.

This continues to be an up and down season for Kentucky. They fell to unranked Vanderbilt 24 to 21. What a tough loss for the Wildcats. I feel like it has been a downhill slide since they fell to Tennessee earlier in the season.

Speaking of Tennessee. The seem to have recovered some of their mojo and put a 66 to 24 beat down on Missouri. It still keeps them out of the top 4 at #5, but who knows what could happen the rest of the season.

In other upset news, Boston College took down #16 North Carolina State 21 to 20. What a big win for the Eagles. Additionally, #22 UCF (central Florida) beat #17 Tulane 38 to 31. I can't say I know too much about Tulane, but UCF has been on and off the radar for several years now. They definitely have a growing program.

Here's another upset... Arizona over #12 UCLA. The Wildcats won 34 to 28. Congrats to them.

Finally, probably the biggest upset of the weekend goes to #25 Washington taking down #6 Oregon. That's gotta be a huge loss for the Ducks. I can't say I feel too bad though. I don't really care for Oregon with their flashy new Nike uniforms every game... :)

Alright, onto the NFL!

The LIONS WIN! Can you believe it? What bizzaro world are we living in. That's two in a row in fact. You better watch out. That wild card berth isn't sounding so crazy now is it? If they win out the rest of the season, they might just make it!

It as a rough battle against Chicago. I know there are some Bears fans on here. Sorry man. I really am. I think there were some definite bad calls by the refs that should have made the Lions margin of victory much higher though. If that makes you feel any better.

Anyway congrats on the 31 to 30 road win Lions. That's their first road win in like five years, so give us a break!

That funny thing is, that Lions win wasn't even the biggest news of the weekend. The Minnesota Buffalo game ended up being the talk of the town! What a heartbreaker for the Bills. I know there are a lot of Bills fans in here too. Should have just taken the safety am I right? That fumble and recovery for a touch down was killer.

The Lions game finished just in time for the network to switch over just as things were getting good. I'm not really a Minnesota fan even though Cousins went to Michigan State. I like what the Bills have been building over the last couple of years, so this is kind of heart breaking for me. Just as I am sure it is for the fans.

Overtime was rough and they had the chance but they just couldn't squeak it out...

Probably the other two pieces of big news from the weekend are the fact that The Eagles are no longer undefeated, they lost to Washington last night falling 32 to 21. I saw an article this morning talking about how there was a bad call that cost them the game, but if they lost 32 to 21, it was definitely more than just a bad call...

Oh yeah, I said two pieces of big news. Green Bay over Dallas in overtime 31 to 28. I was watching a TV show with my wife, so I didn't see much of that game, but I can't say I am too happy about it. Actually, this one is kind of hard. I hate the Cowboys, but I also hate Green Bay and especially Rogers. I'd say the only good thing that would have come from Dallas winning is it would have moved Green Bay down in the NFC North. They are sitting right above the Lions.

It's crazy because things are so jumbled up in the conferences right now. There are a couple of clear leaders, but then it's just a hot mess past that both in the AFC and NFC. I am sure the next couple of weeks will shake some of that out, but dang, we might see a team or two with a losing record in the playoffs.

In the AFC South alone there isn't a single team with a winning record. The closets we have is Tampa Bay who is 50/50.

It's going to be a wild ride kids! Buckle up tight!

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All pictures/screenshots taken by myself or @mrsbozz unless otherwise sourced


Were you able to place some bets from this win? :)

Oh, I placed bets, but none of them were winners. I will be covering that on Thursday!

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