NCAA Football Week 10 Recap: I can admit when I am wrong


Okay, okay, I can admit when I am wrong. If you were reading my blog last week, you probably saw this post that I made on Friday.

It turns out, the Tennessee/Georgia game was not what I had expected. Heck, I don't think it was what a lot of people expected. In fact, there were so many surprising outcomes this past weekend in college football, the whole top 25 has been turned on its head!

So yeah, Tennessee/Georgia was not close at all. The Bulldogs pretty much dominated the whole game as we have seen them do all season and there should be very little doubt that they are going to rocket right up to the #1 spot in the nation.

Probably my proudest moment from the weekend is Michigan State taking down #16 Illinois. With the Illini being 7-1 on the season, I didn't have a lot of hope that the Spartans were going to have much luck. Plus, they were down something like 8 players after the ridiculous behavior that took place after the Michigan/Michigan State game a week prior.

The defense really stepped up in this game and it was impressive to watch them come away with at 23 to 15 victory. I actually had my eyes closed for the last couple minutes of the game because it looked like Illinois was going to come back and steal the victory. At the very least, send it to overtime.

The defense held strong though, which is awesome. They needed that. I still don't think they make it to a bowl game this season, but hopefully they get their house in order for next year.

Nebraska was looking so good in the first half of their game against Minnesota. Then, in true Nebraska fashion (at least lately), they let it slip through their fingers. Ohio State beat Northwestern, but I have to be honest, they didn't look that good. They haven't looked that good the past couple of weeks. Yes, they have won, but it hasn't been pretty.

Don't quote me on this, but based on what I am seeing now, Michigan should have very little trouble with Ohio State come the end of the season. They are looking like the better team to me as much as I hate to say it.

Hats off to Pittsburgh for taking down #20 Syracuse. It's not that Syracuse has been great this year, but they are probably one of the better teams in the ACC.

Oklahoma State fans are probably a bit shocked by the 37 to 16 beating that unranked Kansas put down on them.

Additionally, #24 Texas taking out #13 Kansas State is pretty impressive as well.

I wasn't entirely wrong last week. I told you the Alabama/LSU game would be good didn't I? It definitely was, heading into overtime and LSU just edging out Alabama thanks to a two point conversion. Way to take the chance and not play it safe LSU. You could have easily sent it into a second overtime. I admire that grit!

Michigan whooped all over Rutgers and like I implied, I think they are clearly the best team in the Big 10 right now. Ugh!

Finally, the ACC continued their rough day with #4 Clemson falling to Notre Dame. Way to go Fighting Irish. In case you missed it, That's two undefeated teams that finally lost this past weekend. All that remains is Georgia, Ohio State, and Michigan.

On a side note, my niece played in her last softball tournament of the fall this past weekend. They did really well, she hit close to .700 which is pretty dang awesome. I am so proud of her. Additionally, it was awesome watching Houston win the World Series at home on Saturday night. What an amazing game. That last out and everyone's reaction was very memorable.

Congrats Houston. You should be proud, because god knows your football team isn't going to win a championship this year!

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In my mind Notre Dame always has a chance to shine. This should propel them even higher up!

That's a good point. I've never really been much of a Notre Dame fan. I just couldn't stand Lou Holtz. Now that he is gone, I might have a change of heart. I never actually realize just how close to Michigan it is.

I know nothing about football! haha But nice review

It's okay, I know nothing about Rugby!

Yeah the Tennessee/ Georgia game sucked.. not even entertaining

No, not at all. I enjoyed what I watched of the Alabama/LSU game. That was pretty good. It was nice to see Sparty play well for once too. I never would have guessed the outcome of that Celmson game either. Notre Dame SHOWED UP!. :)

I almost bet ND... but realized what a totally bonehead stupid idea that was right before I hit the Place my Bet button... Whew. That was close. I was almost a winner there for a second

Yeah, heaven forbid we walk away a winner! That would have been a great bet. I'm sorry your common sense got the better of you there!