Super Worm Beetles Hatching.

Hey everyone it's been a few weeks since I have undertaken to do a mealworm update. I visited my 'mealworm farm" today to add some trays aswell as breeding beetles to a few more trays. The faster we can get them to eat and breed the faster we can start making some money.


I was pleasantly surpirsed to see some nice action with the superworms in that we now have had a few beetles finish the pupae stage and start hatching into beetles. They will turn dark from here and then when black in colour start to breed. Each female can lay up to 500 eggs. Exciting times.


Our current and only hold up regarding expanding this operation is the weather. We currently don't have the resources to heat the room permanently so will have to wait for summer which will will be in a few weeks. The beetles are very dormant in the cold and need around 26 degrees breed and eggs to hatch.



Once all these modified shelves are full we will make more racks with angle iron and install on castor wheels for easy mobility if needed. These full, should take around 60 trays and when running to full capacity should give about 15 kgs of worms and 15 kgs of frass (worm poo) which we will sell as an organic fertilizer each week.


Above our superworm larvae have started hatching too which is very exciting. Albeit taking quiet sometime from worm to larvae (around a month) they are now mostly beetles and should start breeding within a week, we should have baby superworms in about 2-3 weeks from now. We will add around 4000 worms to our farm per week and the goal by the end of September is to have atleast 60 trays full and operational. Cheers to great potential and an exciting new venture.

Below the newly hatched beetles light at first and darker to black as they mature and age.


Nature the incredible.

I trust you have a wonderful Wednesday.
Love, light and blessings.


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