Moving Home For a Good Cause

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In April 2021, Scott had a stroke less than a year after his quintuple bypass. This was because three of the five bypasses failed and the remaining two bypasses becoming 80% blocked. He went from 55% heart function to 25% in less than six months. Because his heart and arteries are so diseased from diabetes he is unable to apply for a heart transplant or have further bypass surgeries.


The doctors painted a very grim outlook for Scott over the next two to five years. They explained the elevation we were living at probably caused this to happen at a much faster rate than it would have at a lower elevation so we needed to move back to Oklahoma. If we stayed in Colorado, they said he would only have one to two years; however, if he was able to move to a lower elevation such as Oklahoma, he could have up to five. We chose to give him more time, so it was time to pack the boxes.


We packed everything, moved it all into storage, and are now back in Oklahoma staying with family. Having searched for weeks and some help from friends who donated to our original fundraiser, we now have a motorhome to live in. However, it was gutted and there is much to do.

This is not our photo, this is the former owner's photo of the motorhome set up.
Used with permission.

The former owners gutted the motorhome and made it to fit them. They took out the propane system and the 12-volt electric system. They have it completely on the normal power grid and it was done poorly. Unfortunately, we need to replace the 12-volt and normal electric system, add a propane system, replace the 1940s refrigerator with a three-way fridge, add a heater, add a shower, and a seat to be able to drive it home. There are a few other "minor" things we would love to do such as a better, insulated floor, painting, and just making it ours; but those are cosmetic. As you can see from the above photo, the outside looks really good.

Click the above image to go to the auction page.

Family and friends have set up an art auction for us to help us finish the motorhome. There have been many pieces of artwork (painting, embroidery, photography, and more) donated by artist friends who are extremely talented. Please join us July 2-16 (central time) and help us by bidding on some art for yourself.

*** please remember shipping will be extra unless
otherwise noted by the artist
or it is outside the United States. ***

2021-06-29 (1).png
Click the link to go to the fundraiser.

If you would prefer to donate to help us get the motorhome in liveable condition, please visit the original fundraiser at We were able to purchase the motorhome by the donations already provided, but we are still short of our goal.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog posts.

We appreciate it so very, very much!



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thank you so very much, your kindness is appreciated.
We also appreciate you sharing our art auction fundraiser.

I can't do Facebook, but there are other ways I can help. I'll help spread this around too. Much love you two and hang in there!


hey @nainaztenra - here is a candidate 😉

Thank you for sharing this. We appreciate it.

No worries, we are trying to raise what we can to get the RV liveable. This helps a lot.

I know you two work Magic and all will be ok but you don’t deserve this , talk soon

Thank you. We will get through this, but it won't be easy. The auction worked well and we have enough to get done what we need to do.

I hope it all works well! You certainly didn't deserve this kind of luck! I don't do Facebook anymore, but, I'll see if I can get on.

No worries. We just decided to go that route because we have over a thousand "friends" between the two of us.

Wow! Did you do well? I hope you did!

I post your article on Twitter as a form of support, I hope Scott recovers and you get the resources you need. A hug.
#posh twitter

Thank you so very much. We appreciate it.

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