How Citizen Journalists' Can Monetize Their Content On 3Speak & Hive!

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Community of Citizen Journalists on 3SPEAK

3Speak being the promoter of Freedom of Speech, wants to create a tightly knit community of Citizen Journalists on HIVE. Now more than ever, the world needs responsible citizens to post their news stories in a place where their content and freedom of expression is safe. At @threespeak you own your account and your community, so we can't ever take it off you. This is why we consider the best place online to post, monetize and protect your important citizen journalism work!

We have created the #CitizenJournalist community on Hive to support this important work, and we will support you guys to post to it.

Anyone who meets the following criteria is eligible for support from @threespeak:

  1. Reporting their local news.
  2. Produces high quality, original content.
  3. Tags to be used while publishing videos: #CitizenJournalist .
  4. Has read and understood the 3Speak Citizen Journalist requirements.

While uploading videos in the creator studio, please select "Citizen Journalists" from the dropdown under Community section.

As soon as you select the "Citizen Journalist" community as show above, you will get this popup:


You should then read the following and agree to all the T&Cs to proceed:

  • Citizen Journalist Pledge
  • Journalists Creed
  • Citizen Journalist Terms and Conditions

Once you have confirmed, you will be eligible for support from the @threespeak account.

Why Citizen Journalists Are Important?

A Citizen Journalist's role carries huge social responsibility which can be a difficult and selfless task, especially if the journalist is reporting events that inflame political tensions. Right now, the whole world is going through a tough time due to Coronavirus/Covid-19 Pandemic. It's difficult and dangerous to be outside for reporting. At the same time, we have seen governments and healthcare systems all over the world failing to tackle this situation. Citizen Journalists are the key influencers who can provide us the right information to fight the unreasonable suppression of media by the governments to cover up their failures. Truth is more important than ever so that citizens will start raising the issues that matter.

What is Citizen Journalism?

In order to be a 3CJ (a 3speak Citizen Journalist) one should be willing to film local political events in an unbiased way. A 3CJ should do everything they can to capture a story from both sides, and ask questions from each party involved, without putting a bias on the event.

"Citizen journalism refers to the reporting of news events by members of the public using the Internet to spread the information. Citizen journalism can be a simple reporting of facts and news that is largely ignored by large media companies. It is easily spread through personal websites, blogs, microblogs, social media and so on. Some types of citizen journalism also act as a check on the reporting of larger news outlets by providing alternative analysis."


If you are interested and eligible as per above requirements, please feel free to start publishing directly on 3Speak. If you refer a citizen journalist to 3Speak, you can earn a handsome share of rewards as well.

Do you like our work?


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Sort:'s so interesting for join, I am a video and photographer. I would like to try do my best!

Oya, it's must be in English speak right? or the language not be the differences?

Hello @fachrul01, Thanks for reaching out. There is no restriction on the language. You can use English or any other language of your choice.

Such as youtube right?
ok thanks for the attention, I would like to do My best

Cool idea!
What's up with conscious artists that wanna monetize their own songs..?
You told me once that i could set up ads in my videos?
Is that still on?

Hey @luca1777, There is no restriction on the type of content we allow to be uploaded on 3Speak. So feel free to post your amazing music. :)) And try to promote it among your family/friends to get as many views as possible.

Ads are coming up soon. We are currently working on the same.

Ok, sounds good. One more questions concerning the thumbnails.
This was my first post on threespeak a couple a days ago:
But the Thumbnail doesn't show up here in HiveBlog?
When i checked the threespeak community i saw the same for 50%
of the videos, but some had/have the thumbnail showing.
What is the trick? ;)
And can i shoot thumbnails inside threespeak?

so no restrictions, but what happens when someone uploads child porn?

@stellabelle. it is in our Ts&Cs and FAQs that we do not allow any form of porn.

ah ok! thanks for the answer. I didn't know this.

This is a most appropriate direction to take ThreeSpeak, I've never felt that YouTube is a natural bed-fellow for any local citizen journalist.

And I guess you've got a few months to think about how to market it as there's probably not going to be that much citizen journalism going on in lockdown!

Would be cool to get a tier for journalists I would love to have an option to get only material in my feed from journalists that cite and source their info and mute everything else.
We must protect freedom of speech and we must also defend the journalistic standards and reward those that follows them the most.

I am not interesting so much into opinions as I am into facts and news. Is the main reason I haven't watch any tv news for the last 20 years or so. I want to be able to chose my feed base on my standards.

very interesting this, I am a freelance photographer and videographer in local media, want to join here, I come from Indonesia. do you have to use the video in English or can it be in my country's language?

Hello @my451r, Thanks for reaching out. There is no restriction on the language. You can use English or any other language of your choice.

Thanks for reply the message, I would start in the second of Ramadhan. Greetings from Aceh-Indonesia :)

yes i want to become citizen journalist so i am ready to start it. can we use 3speak logo, with mic, or can we bring any news or event so i am ready, i am urdu speaker, can we bring every kind of news, so wow, i will explore every news of my district thank

Progressive! What a hip way to reward people for delivering the truth. I can see a whole new era of Pulitzer Prize winners emerging here by enabling all the voices collectively to document their explorations and share their discoveries.

Quick question: How will you quality control, to make sure people are adhering to professional journalism standards? For example, traditional journalism has safety measures against slander, in order to ensure that the unbiased truth is being offered to the best of our ability. Or, will this be entirely new territory, with no rules and no consequences?

@cabelindsay, we believe these three points in the above post

Citizen Journalist Pledge
Journalists Creed
Citizen Journalist Terms and Conditions

will ensure that the issues you raised are addressed and provide us with a standard to reward the best citizen journalists

Thanks for promoting this. I have been part of this community already and would love to see it take off. What can I do to help other than post video and use the hashtag when uploading?

Love this marketing! Shared on twitter and look forward to more of this! Once you integrate Hive Keychain as login method, I will put more resources into writing a tutorial for new users. I am waiting until Keychain login method is done. Thank you!

We cannot implement Keychain until it can be used alongside Auth0. Since we allow users who do not have Hive accounts, to post, to the blockchain using their FB and Google logins. Once we can achieve this alongside the use of Keychain, then we will implement Keychain.

what is the timeframe for this?

Freedom of speech is beauty of @threespeak.

Way to go with this! Thanks @threespeak

this idea will work well in China especially after the news have been shared with one of the Italian's TV channel regarding the lies spread to keep all the info about the COVID19 under control.

Shared on my Linked in, I think, we should also have a share on Linkedin icon here. @peakd should have it.

Thank you for sharing

Great posting

love this!

I am login in to my 3speak account using my HIVE account but after login in when I am trying to click on creator studio then I am again asked to enter email and password to login or create a new account what is this? I have always logged in to my 3speak account on their site using hive signer why it is happening now?

Can't have you hivesigner to work properly, hence can't login. It just loops, any issues currently?