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RE: Before it disappears: Saving important Articles to the Blockchain: Next Nuremberg Trials

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Thank you for the great read.
just would like to add a few words about what is written about Israel :

"But only those Israelis who have been vaccinated or have recovered from COVID will be able to use gyms and pools, attend synagogues, sporting and culture events, board a flight or stay at hotels".

Still not all the places started to ask for the green "shit", of course, no supermarkets and Shopping malls. Some Museums and theatres announced that they will follow the rules, but still not many.
Probably most of the big gyms and pools will do the same. I don't use these so don't know right now.
It's a big shame that the country of my living is at the first line of implementing this, but there also daily protests against these new rules.


+1 the trend against freedom and democracy. who are the states authorities are, after this? powerful organisations that maintain themselves (remember the Parkinson's laws), already a long ago, this shit didnt begin just yesterday. nothing to do with so called 'democracy' (Vox Populi)

yes everything started some time ago where we were busy with our social network buzz and intercontinental shopping process