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Today's top 4:

#1. PRoPR Lee - Past Evolved (Audio)

@proplee again on 1'st place here! Check his other tracks! Especially "Beast" or "I mean that"! This guy is craaazy!

#2. 'Enchilada' - TERMITE x XIDUS PAIN [ Ghost Fungus Tapes ] 白蚁
We all love that english accent flowing on old school beats! I feel like I'm back in high school listening to Lewis Parker s**t again! The old good times! I love that there are still ppl who make this!

#3. Fresh Eire - Back To The Days

You said that you are not the best singer... You sang it perfectly! This chorus is so catchy. I'll repeat this track many many times.

#4. Dante ft Kanabeatz & Buju - Do It

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Thanks so much for including our track in this. Really appreciate it

Thanks man!! cool selection here!! Lewis Parker ... YEAH!!! I saw him play with jehst not that long ago as it goes!!! was sick!!!