Likwid temporary paused during HF21 transition.

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HF21 doesn't affect any aspect of @Likwid

This is only a precautionary measure

We'll wait 24h after the network is deemed stable.


It's back

is everything working fine?I feel like ...i dunnoi feel like ive been missing rewards lately maybe its just from low steem price :D is theer a way to check likwid payouts on a portal maybe? i like using teh service and am very grateful for it. I get paranoid sometimes thati may not get my payments . Its irrational tho.. but would like to know best way to check payouts

Hey transisto, how do you withdraw from steemium?

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I have a post paying out to you in 3 hours, what will happen?

nothing will happen until we restart it

@transisto can you please check this post

I had vote value almost $8+ but I got on;y 21+ steem. How???

So where will you restart it?
The same anounce post (if "We are back" or smth) will it be?

Siguen en vigencia? Porque ya no leo sus publicaciones :c

Thank you very much for the support of your vote in one of my publications hehehe greetings

개색끼 지랄하고 있다. ㅋㅋㅋ