The Crud Got Me

in #health2 months ago


It was bound to happen sooner or later. I got some crud going on at the moment. Luckily it’s not covid as my test came back negative, but I am definitely bogged down with a gross head cold. I started feeling under the weather yesterday while at work, but thought it was just me being rundown and exhausted.

My day started yesterday as I was woken up at 7 am by my alarm provider for my business. Nothing like being sound asleep one moment then being told your burglar alarm is going off. So I threw my comfy ass Snuggie on and hauled ass to the shop. Luckily there was no burglar. Turns out it was something that moved/fell which set the motion detectors off. But upon returning home, I could not fall asleep again so that was just how the day started.

Once at work a couple hours later, the shitty ballast in one of the light fixtures crapped out about 3 minutes before I opened for business. This left the back isle completely dark, so I had to block that off completely until my uncle the electrician popped by to replace it. Much love to you Uncle Joe. 🙏

But all the while yesterday, I kept sneezing and blowing my nose. I knew something gross was on the horizon. So while I’m covid free, I feel like hell. No appetite, some slight body aches, a brain fog, and my favorite symptom which is just a steady secretion of liquidity yumminess that drips from my eyes and nose nearly every second. I know…super attractive. What a prize I am…

The downside to this is we had to cancel our group game day today with our friends which is a bummer. I was also supposed to go visit my one sister in the hospital tomorrow, but that’s now scrapped as well. Argh!!! I guess I shouldn’t be too upset as I’ve navigated the past 2 years without getting bogged down by a cold or covid…so I think my number was just due to be called. Luckily I have my lovely wife by my side who is the eager beaver in helping to nurse me back to good health.

So for this weekend, I’ll be that lazy sack of dogshit who dozes in and out of consciousness, sipping blueberry tea in my Snuggie, as I hopefully shed this crud quickly. 🤞

Peace out homies,



Get well soon. I have a song for you.


Thx sir. I’m on the mend and while still fairly gross, am feeling a tad better than a few days back. Although I think the wife is now full of crud. Lol

Lol, that cup. 🤣

Hot Toddy bro, a dozen of these and you'll be right in no time.

Lol. The wife bought me that mug, which I guess is nicer than the mug I bought her.

Haha! It's the thought that counts though right? 🤣

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