"Died Suddenly": A Gigantic Conspiracy Theory Frittata?

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Op-Ed by John C. A. Manley

Always eager (and often amused) to see the other side of the story, I found a Forbes review of the new documentary Died Suddenly. It's written by a man (at least, I assume so, hard to know these days) named Bruce Lee who describes himself as a "digital health expert" (that's someone who creates tech for big medicine).

Lee sums the film up as "a mish-mosh of clips, audio bytes, interviews, and other things often taken completely out of context and cooked together like a gigantic conspiracy theory frittata."

Clever simile, but otherwise the article was lacking in any real criticism.

Lee claims, for example, that "you can't really tell the identities of many of the people featured in the film since there is relatively little use of captions." I don't know which film he was watching. There was an abundance of captions and credits in Died Suddenly. If I remember correctly, only two embalmers had kept their identities hidden (because, I assume, they were concerned they, or their business, may also die suddenly for speaking out).

One rare piece of valid criticism in the 1500-word article was that "the film shows images of people falling over who didn't actually end up dying."

I, too, had spotted the clip of comedian Heather McDonald collapsing on stage. She did survive the resulting cracked skull, but only because an ambulance was called and rushed her to the ER in time. Later, both she and her doctor attributed her collapse to her COVID-19 injections.

Still, yes, I agree, it was misleading to use that clip under the "died suddenly" theme. Likewise, showing a clip of NBA Keyontae Johnson collapsing (but not dying) on the court prior to the vaccine roll out does hurt the film's credibility.

Much Ado About Corona: A Dystopian Love Story

Otherwise the Forbes article does not deny people are dying in record numbers or that these unknown massive fibrous clots are being extracted from their circulatory systems. The "digital health expert" simply argues that the fact these strange deaths have appeared in correlation with the roll-out of the vaccine is not proof of causation.

Lastly, Lee attacks producer Stew Peters for not being a "medical expert or some type of scientist." No, Peters is a journalist. Journalists investigate. The author of the Forbes article should take note. He also says Peters is not being "nice" by suggesting that a genocidal serial killer should be hanging from a noose. Okay, so he's not nice to psychopaths, big deal.

Lastly, I do agree with Bruce Lee that viewers of the one-hour film should not "expect to see much science suddenly." The film presents facts and evidence (vaccinated people and their unborn babies are dying suddenly from strange clots) and presents a plausible theory (that maybe it's the vaccine). The film, however, does not put that theory to the test or even provide analysis of the clots themselves. At one-hour and eight minutes the film appears to "end suddenly." I assume a sequel is forthcoming.

But for an urgently needed documentary, I think Died Suddenly did a phenomenal job that should be viewed, discussed and shared with God's speed. Because, as the funeral director suggests at the end of the film, the devil's after us.

John C. A. Manley is the author of the full-length novel, Much Ado About Corona: Dystopian Love Story. He is currently working on the sequel, Brave New Normal, while living in Stratford Ontario, with his wife Nicole and son Jonah. You can find out more about his controversial work of fiction at MuchAdoAboutCorona.com.

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the fact these strange deaths have appeared in correlation with the roll-out of the vaccine is not proof of causation.

Really? What does he attribute them to? Where is his science on that? "Our scientists think it's climate change. It's gotta be. What else could it be? Vaccines are perfectly safe, everyone should know that."

I took issue with some gratuitous additions in the film. As you said, this type of thing detracts from the film's credibility, but does not completely negate it, as the Forbes "journalist" surely knows. If he would go through any MSM article or broadcast with that same fine toothed comb, he'd pull out whole wads of lies.

Climate change, too many video games, sunlight, THAT'S the cause of all these strange deaths, NOT the vaccine that just happened to be given when these deaths started. 🤡

For a while there they were trying to tell us that gardening caused heart attacks, there was something in dirt that harmed our hearts. They just keep throwing stuff at us, to see what we'll believe and what we won't. Mind experiments. Nothing new.

Agreed. Thanks very much for reading and leaving a comment!

I read your post and remember coronavirus days. In Pakistan many people's suddenly died due to coronavirus. Everyone wear the masks but Corona cases increase day by day. Our government decided to lockdown whole country and control Corona cases.

Thank you for reading and sharing your personal observations from Pakistan!

Forbes = 💩

I can't wait to see a sequel, there's plenty of area to follow up on like an in depth analysis of the content of the fibrous clots. They can also add in all the people spinning and dropping dead.

The basket ball player falling is a red herring and although it may not fit in the movie how many hundreds of other examples could replace that clip? Take your pick with the soccer players.

I've seen recently a chart that showed instances of sudden collapse on playing fields prior to 2021 compared with the current yield. It's orders of magnitude higher now. Were that event to have been used with proper context, a good journalist could have made that point.

Sad Stew didn't.

Great point! Thanks again.

Bruce Lee, digital health expert, this sounds extreeemly credible ;)

I guess he wrote it for people who haven't watched it so they do not watch it.

I think that's right. Thanks for your comment!

Another preemptive strike, so to say ;)

the article was lacking in any real criticism

This is the only reaction they can have - cannot combat with actual facts or criticism, just dismissal and mockery. It's easier to dismiss and mock, because the reality is too difficult to grapple with. For those complicit in this, it just feels better to pretend it's not happening and make fun of those who say (and display evidence) that it's happening. History will show and is already showing, the conspiracy is not a theory. We're not talking bigfoot here, we're talking dead people. These phrases will be even more chilling some day:

"we're all in this together"
"everyone do their part"
"protect the most vulnerable"
"address vaccine hesitancy"
"sudden adult death syndrome"

Well said! Thank you for reading and commenting, it's greatly appreciated.

For the last few years, my wife and I have been struggling to have a baby! I remember the pressure from her gynecologist exactly one year ago to get vaccinated, with the story then being that an infection would worsen our fertility or in case of pregnancy, the baby would be at risk! A year later, I thank God for the blessing of being 3 months pregnant, without having put these abominations in our bodies!