Supplemental funding #2 for HBD stabililzer

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This proposal adds an additional 400 HBD/hour of funding to the HBD stabilizer, described here as well as in several other posts in my blog.

The original funding of 100 HBD/hour as well as previous supplemental funding of 200 HBD/hour allows stakeholders to vote 100, 200, or 300 HBD/hour of funding. By adding this additional funding proposal of 400 HBD/hour, stakeholders will be able to set funding anywhere from 100-700 HBD/hour (in increments of 100, of course):

Main proposal approved: 100 HBD/hour
Supplemental proposal approved: 200 HBD/hour
Main and supplemental proposals approved: 300 HBD/hour
Supplemental #2 proposal approved: 400 HBD/hour
Main and supplemental #2 proposals approved: 500 HBD/hour
Supplemental and supplemental #2 proposals approved: 600 HBD/hour
Main, supplemental and supplemental #2 proposals approved: 700 HBD/hour

As an alternative, stakeholders may choose to vote some or all of the proposals just above the "return" proposal, making @hbdstabilizer into a de facto "return" function (any funding not used by higher-voted proposals will go to @hbdstabilizer where it ultimately flows back to the DAO).

Based on current prices, funding to @hbdstabilizer results in approximately a 20000% annualized (non-compounded) return to the DAO and to Hive stakeholders, accomplished by transmitting excess demand for HBD into demand for HIVE which is then purchased from the market and sequestered back into the DAO. Currently, approximately 10000 USD worth of HIVE (20000 HIVE) is being purchased and removed from the liquid markets per day. Approving additional funding will allow this to immediately increase to roughly 13500 USD (27000 HIVE) per day, which will increase over time as the HDB budget grows.

Proposal number is 166

Hivesigner link to approve

100% beneficiary to @hbdstabilizer


supported finally

Thank you for your support. Some of these have expired or are expiring so watch for new renewal proposals.

The combined power of 3 funded HBD proposals is crowding out other proposals that are above the return proposal, but HBD is sucking out all the air.

Wouldn't it be enough to only keep the smaller proposals up, for the time being?

I changed some of my votes so nothing else (previously above return) is being blocked. This new 400 HBD/hour proposal is now sitting just above return, meaning it is only getting "left over" budget (currently around 80 HBD/hour).

However, it is ultimately up to stakeholders what should be funded. It's quite possible that the 20000% return might by viewed as sufficiently compelling to put some of the other proposals on hold (i.e. redirect budget now so there is even more budget available later). I'm not taking sides on it at this point, just using my votes to maintain the status quo for a while. We'll see how other stakeholders vote and how this shakes out.

That is a responsible way of dealing with it.

you need to stop downvoting content for no reason you are abusing your power and making me extremely disinterested in continuing with Hive

He did the same to me. This guy is such a disgraceful person. Spending his time rather than help the community grow taking away from ppl. Sometimes I post for a dollar and I make one rly well rewarded post and this guy comes in and swipes the damn thing with a downvote. Those tokens now go nowhere. People like this should be ashamed of themSelves they literally stop new people building themselves up meanwhile he likes all his own posts!

I was addressing a different problem here. Namely funding dynamics for proposals. And he fixed that quickly.

To your point, I know that downvotes are upsetting and hurt. Especially when you get a fairly large one. My guess as to why he downvoted your post is over reward disagreement. It is the reality of this platform that rewards are only earned after the 7 day payout window. Before that they are still part of the community pool and can be increased or decreased. It can sometimes turn ugly or seem unfair but Hive is stake based after all.
The only consolation prize I have to offer is that smooth is doing that out of principle. In contrast to other accounts who weaponize downvotes and hide behind "rewards disagreement".

I know. That is a deeply unsatisfying answer. It is what we have now. I wish we could move all rewards to a second layer, like some Hive-Engine tribes already did. That minimizes a lot of friction.

Quite clearly this user's votes are weaponized, I'm not sure how you can say these downvotes are given out over principle. That is absurd. What principle exactly? that any speech he disagrees with deserves less rewards, or that his own posts are the only ones that deserve to be rewarded and all others seen as competition? What principled person uses huge stake to constantly go around punishing users for making good, popular content rather than reward what he sees as content worth rewarding, which seems to be just himself? Maybe I'm confused what 'disagreement over rewards' is intended to mean, but what I have witnessed is a clear pattern of abuse of power to punish users for making good content that was decently rewarded. Reward pool rape is what it is.

What I mean by this is that he is targeting certain levels of rewards he deems too high. Which is an option this platform offers. The rewards are only earned after 7 days. Until then it is upon all stakeholders to judge the level of rewards.
From what I have seen, he doesn't target opinions he disagrees with. I could be wrong, ofc. I am not trying to defend his voting pattern. This was an attempt to answer a comment posted to me.
This issue has come up a few times and he usually gave his reasoning when asked in a comment below the downvoted post.

Yes it may have nothing to do with difference of opinion, it just seems whenever I post on certain topics I get hit, he claims it is random but it seems systematic when multiple posts in a row are downvotes after spending hours to research and put out well sourced info that people are clearly appreciating (comments, reblogs, etc.) downvoting to regulate payout seems ridiculous, why not just upvote the stuff you want rather than punish good content for making ‘too much’. Seems pretty subjective, we’re not talking a picture of some titties or spam or plagiarism getting huge payouts being ‘adjusted’, but original work that users often spend very much time and energy on, art, research, etc.

I never was a fan of the downvote system though, and still don’t really understand how it benefits the platform, repetitive downvotes by smooth and similar use of downvotes by others is driving people away from the platform, but they don’t seem to care about it, their self voted posts keep making lots of money whether people come or go from the platform. I just don’t understand why downvote so much when you have power to reward so much content you support, it seems childish and the nature of a particular mindset that has infected many on this earth that is not uplifting to humanity or in the spirit of freedom to live and let live. So many don’t downvote at all or so rarely, and then a few act as reward pool police and constantly downvote anything deemed ‘too high’. Really a pathetic use of time in my opinion, looking for content to punish instead of to reward...

  1. Congratulations for your highly rewarded posts.
  2. It is very frustrating to get downvoted despite putting in honest work and not trying to suck rewards out of the system for zero effort posts or stolen content.
  3. This problem will persist until we can move rewards to a second layer solution, like LeoFinance or StemGeeks did. These separate reward pools will have different whales from the base layer and content moderation will be more in tune.

So one powerful account deems on their own to take awards away from a user, I'm sorry but I just don't get how that helps this community grow, @smooth downvoting is the main reason why I do not support their proposals this is an abuse of power by an account that is community funded

Voting is not "taking rewards away". Most of those highly reward posts got the bulk of their rewards from large accounts as well. There is no difference. Rewards are not awarded until the end of the 7 day voting period, everything up to that point is just an estimate.

Also not sure what you mean by an account that is community funded. My account is not funded by anyone other than me. The @hbdstabilizer account that is funded by DHF does not vote.

Without downvoting rewards wouldn't make it outside the first 100 accounts.
They would just vote for themselves.

Much of the flagging discussions take place in this discord:
If you care to join the discussion you are free to do so.

What is the principle? to be honest, this huge account randomly downvoting small accounts for no reason makes me sick to my stomach.

We need to collectively come together here. This user is a menace. Why don’t we form a collective that joins together to restore the votes he steals from people. Notice he only upvotes his own posts and comments.

This is a good idea, I'm all for it, but how could we go about doing so? It would be nice to find a way to neutralize the effects of this blockchain menace and abuse of power.

Vote it!


Voted. I had difficulty finding the proposal. The Hivesigner didnt work for me. I often have trouble with hivesigner.

Next time when you know the proposal number type in "" + that proposal number. For example

You can use hivesigner, keychain or private key here to quickly vote.

I managed to vote once i found the proposal, using PeakD. Issue partly was finding the proposal as when searching in page it did not find "166", but i eventually found it at the bottom of the list.

With that ecency link, it takes me to hivedigner to sign it, but Hivesigner .....

Posted via D.Buzz

I just realize what was going on with your issue. The Hive Key is not always detectable by websites when the page is first loaded. I worked around this on my site by checking for every two seconds until it gets found. If you don't see the option to use keychain, close the login dialog and open in several seconds.

ok, i'll try that next time i have this issue. Thanks

... sometimesasks me for Masterpassword or active key. i to sign into Hivesigner with my Hivesigner password. It does not let me do this. Noticed both for myself and when helping new users signup

Posted via D.Buzz

Ah you probably got confused, try untick Encrypt your keys, that way you won't get extra password requirement which I hear confuses some people.

Unticking Encrypt your keys makes no difference. The only options i have are to Enter Masterpassword or active keys and Continue, or to Sign Up.

I wish to do neither, i wish to sign into Hivesigner with my existing Hivesigner password. I have an account and my keys are already imported. Actually, because of these issues with Hivesigner what i actually wish to do is to use PeakD or Keychain to vote, but with this link it ain't easy to do that either.

We are losing potential new users due to this bug. I have sat beside someone trying to sign up for a new Hive account and have been unable to resolve the problem!

Hi, your accounts are already imported into hivesigner and you want to just sign the transaction? From screenshot I can see that you haven't imported your account yet. Hivesigner doesn't store your keys on server side, so it is on your browser stored and encrypted. If you access hivesigner from different device or even different browser you will have to import accounts again because it won't be there on different browser/devices. Please write into discord so we can resolve potential issues quicker.

Also please note that, we are very close to releasing new version of Hivesigner website which will improve user experience a lot.

Weird, I see this:

Yeah thats not what i get. But i'm starting from PeakD, so perhaps it's different that way

So many accounts running these trending "HBD funder" posts.
Do you mind if I do one or two a week, as well? I could use the rep boost, and all the extra goodies. I'll be sure to buy and convert coins as required. And 100% beneficiary to the fund, of course. I really wouldn't mind being on Trending, either! All for the good of the Hive platform and adding value to the blockchain ;D

It's an open blockchain, do as you like.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

sounds good

Wow es una propuesta interesante, muy instructivo, gracias por compartir.

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Why should the community trust just one account to control all this? Massive amounts of money all controlled by an algorithm and won't this create artificial volume on Hive and HBD? It's not people trading Hive and HBD it is an algorithm, won't this impact the price of both or impact how investors value them?

Lastly, I have been told by you a few times that people are free to do what they want because this is an open blockchain and with that said I have chosen to not support the proposal to stabilize HBD until the tyrannical rogue downvotes by this account are stopped. You claim that you downvote content to balance out the rewards to help everyone on Hive, but couldn't you go to the trending page and downvote huge accounts that won't really care, instead you choose to consistently hit content creators with downvotes and you did it again today to post about downvotes. It contradicts a dpos blockchain when one downvote, one big account's opinion can overrule what the community has valued the post to be.

Why should I support this proposal when @smooth doesn't think content creators bring any value to Hive or as you said, without devs and investors Hive would be nothing.

Why should the community trust just one account to control all this?

There is very little trust required since it all goes back to DHF quickly. The balance of the account is usually zero.

I have chosen to not support the proposal to stabilize HBD until the tyrannical rogue downvotes by this account are stopped

Do what you like. I have confidence that the majority of Hive stakeholders will act to support the value of their investment (which this proposal does). If I didn't, I wouldn't be invested in Hive.

one big account's opinion can overrule what the community has valued the post to be.

Again, you seems confused about what is going on. The community decides whether or how to vote on a particular post. When people decide to upvote, not upvote, downvote, or not downvote, those are all community decisions. Including mine, I'm part of the community too. Then the blockchain adds up the votes and decides what reward to pay out.

Lets say I could upvote the same post 1000 times with the amount of hp I have I still would not equal one of your downvotes, and you haven't address the fact that it makes post less visible how is that fair to users of this platform?

It's really the same issue rewarmed. What's making them visible (and others less visible) is usually one or a few large votes. There's no reason that is legitimate and large downvotes aren't. It's all added up by the software.

Also, UIs don't have to decide visibility by votes alone, and I'm not sure all do. That's the choice of UI developers and if you think they're getting that wrong you should tell them.

So basically content creators just have to eat it and like it, we are just at the whims of the whales like every other crypto, it completely crushes the hope that I had in this platform, and it's really sad if I'm honest. I don't care about rewards it all gets powered up anyways most of the Hive I have was earned not bought, not everyone has a lot of money to invest and it hurts to see classism play out on the Hive blockhain.

That's not what I said, and for what it is worth content creators can become very signficaint stakeholders themselves if they build a following, continue to put in the work, and most importantly of all, don't cash out.

(I'm not begrudging anyone for cashing out nor telling people not to, but if you want a path to earn a significant stake and influence without outside investment, that is the way.)

It's kind of hard to have the ambition to build a following when you know that one account can make your post less visible to your own followers like I have said many times I don't care about rewards, I care about content being censored, it is the same thing a search engine filter that forces your post to the bottom.

If this is true then our issues with onboarding people will continue you often call Hive a less censored platform, not an uncensored platform, if this is the case Hive, should stop being marketed as an uncensored social media platform.

You also talked about how we shouldn't use rewards as an incentive to join this platform, but everything is geared towards earning rewards, you don't have any influence on this blockchain unless you earn rewards or invest in Hive, so if rewards aren't the incentive what is? How would a new account gain any influence on Hive?

If you haven't noticed I have been thinking about this a lot trying to learn the nuances of this debate, every point you have raised has been valid even your comments about content creators which made me feel like zero but it doesn't stop it from being true, Hive wouldn't be much without devs and investors, I would just add content creators to that list as well, we all need each other in this ecosystem and most of my anger around downvoting stems from a lack of understanding. Like I don't understand why we have to make a Layer 2 just to combat bad downvotes, the community needs to be more informed about downvoting and how the rewards pool works, like as of right now where would a user go to learn more information about the reward pool or downvoting?

You don't have to respond to anyone yet you often do and that tells me you give a flying fuck unlike others in your position, you responded to my inquires even if I have no idea what I am talking about. This really helped me to understand this issue better and you didn't have to do that, thank you.

For what it's worth I will be supporting this proposal, two completely different issues and it would be narrowminded of me.