Supplemental funding #4 for HBD stabilizer

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This proposal adds an additional 1600 HBD/hour of funding to the HBD stabilizer, described here as well as in several other posts in my blog.

The previous supplemental funding proposal describes how the various (100, 200, 300, 400, 800 and now 1600) proposals can be used by stakeholders to vote for any level of funding between 0 and 3100 HBD/hour in increments of 100 HBD/hour, or can be voted to a position above the return proposal, becoming a destination for otherwise-unused funding.

Based on current prices, daily funding to @hbdstabilizer results in approximately a 40000% annualized (non-compounded) return to the DAO and to Hive stakeholders, accomplished by transmitting excess demand for HBD into demand for HIVE which is then purchased from the market and sequestered back into the DAO. Currently, approximately 46000 USD worth of HIVE (80000 HIVE) is being purchased and removed from the liquid markets per day, of which approximately 15000 USD is daily profit to the DAO and Hive stakeholders.

Of the currently approved budget of 1500 HBD/hour, approximately 1280 HBD/hour is being used. Depending on market conditions, the funding increases by approximately 30 HBD per day, so the current approved budget is about one week from being reached. Approving additional funding will allow this to increase over time as the available HDB budget grows.

Proposal number is 175

Hivesigner link to approve
Peakd proposal link
Ecency proposal link

100% beneficiary to @hbdstabilizer


Not sure it will be the home run we all want because DAO funds are not used as they could be.

I would like more: Hire fast, fire fast.

Because then more people would see if they do something cool and the network benefit from it, they get rewarded for work. Also a perfect thing of task spreading.

Also because we have a lot of stakeholders that don't vote, concentrate the power a lot. Can be also positive or negative.

It would be great if the DAO generates a lot of value add, and the accumulation of HBD in the DAO creates some optionality, but even if not we're buying Hive a discount which is good for everyone.

That's true.

So long as we're still focusing on using the DAO funding to support HIVE 3rd party developers or projects that serve to bolster far greater potential value to the network than what the stabilizer function in the future can provide, then this is an excellent idea and should be supported imo.

Not sure if stabilizer should ever outrank or starve out a development proposals, as that is bad juju in my opinion, but if it's used after all the the actually required dev funding is distributed to seize the opportunity to "refuel" itself when markets present themselves, hell yeah!

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The higher these types of activities push the price, the more ammunition everyone building on hive will have to deploy towards achieving or amplifying their goals.

Imagine the powerhouse we can become if hive price was $3....$5....$10

and another support, hope it got all of your proposals now @smooth

Nice Post

thank you
Writing that motivates.
I also have a lot to learn

Nice post?😆😆

I didn't find any appropriate words to describe

No, it's not like that at all.

No analogy is perfect and they should often be avoided, IMO, but if the complexities of the actual mechanism are too complicated, here's a simplifying analogy: it's like the stabilizer can make widgets for $1, then sell them for considerably more than $1, and then it returns the profit to the DHF.

It is price manipulation by the people buying widgets for more than $1. They believe they can find a greater fool to sell those widgets for even more than the excessive price they're paying for them. That's not our fault or concern. We can make widgets for $1 and sell them for $1.50, so we do. Anything else would be foolish.