The Daily Meme #409!


IF all the solutions to the world's problems hadn't been illustrated a long time ago the powers that shouldn't be wouldn't have to use all this misdirection and lies to control what we think.

We don't have to live in a society such as we have.
The answers were known long ago to those in the know.
The problem is most people don't know.

This book: The Conquest of Bread is one source for an immediate solution to what ails the world.

IF you take the time to wonder why 'they' go so hard on communism you could find the answer in this article, a report from the scene by a lady that knew what she was talking about.

Her mugshot for speaking out in the land of free speech:

This book is by her long term companion.


His story, in his own words:

The incident that inspired much of what the pair did:

Did they miss that in your gov't indoctrination camp 'murican history lectures?

I know it was left out of my indoctrination camp experiences.


This is what happened in the aftermath of the railroading of these prime examples of the 'murican police state being older than commonly thought:

So, go on beliebing that the gov't is your fren, here only to help you, and only interested in your continued welfare at your own peril.
That has never been true.
It is a delusion that has been intentionally fed to you by your masters.

I jumped that ship decades ago, and have paid a similar price to these pioneers.

Thanks for all the taxes and obeisance you pay to your masters, slave.

Read a history book, for the love of god.


Are you are tired of paying your masters to bomb children in far away places?
Perhaps it is time you pushed back on that.
A simple way that anybody can do that is to hoard your coins.
A dollar of change in your pocket is a dollar of value out of the banksters' pockets that force us to pay them so they can play in the amusement parks from hell and shop in the human grocery stores.
'Aint that fresh?'

Metal in your own possession will always have more intrinsic value than digits on a bankster's ledger.

That is all, for now, you may resume your otherwise mundane day.
To contest the characterization of your day as mundane, make a post of your own explaining why your day is not mundane and ping me, eh?

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Billy Jack, the movie.


People could have lived without needing a government, but we have created our masters to rule us.

Aesop talked about it:

Maybe what is happening now can be a conduit to a majority of people disavowing masters.
Unlikely, but could happen.

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Good stuff! 😆


Why did the farmer dress his pig in an apron?
Pretty soon he would be bacon.

Credit: reddit
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