Back to the Gym!

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One of the nice things about having a decent income is that I now have a enough money to join a gym and I've opted for a fairly swanky one which has a huge amounts of machines (both aerobic and weights), tonnes of regular classes included in the price and..... a spa with a decent pool, steam room and sauna.

And at £50 @ month the price isn't too bad either - with a decent reduction in price for the couples membership we've opted for.

TBH the spa is a big draw for me but also the running machines - it's been a bit grim the last couple of weeks getting out for runs in the wind and the rain even with my cold weather gear.

And my first session on the treadmill was great - so toasty although I'm a bit gutted about how much pace I've lost since 2.5 years ago when I was well into my Park Runs.

Honestly I used to be able to do 14-15 + KPH for 5Ks no problem but now I'm struggling to do 15KPH for 200 metre intervals - but I'm sure that'll come back - I've had nearly a year and a half off running altogether despite the last couple of months getting back into it!

And it's a very nice gym - although sans water fountains - so I've bought a massive 2.2 litre bottle as there's no way I'm buying water bottles off the gym.

It's a bit of a luxury having this gym membership but it's where I need to be this winter for the double warmth of the gym itself and the sauna...



Going to the gym is the best therapy you can have. I wish I joined earlier and I also wish we had a better one here, but won't complain and make the lemonade out of the lemons I got at hand...

Amazing. This is the beautiful thing about Money. It allows one to have their desired lifestyle.

Fitness is an awesome way to spend that hard earned currency of yours. Health is wealth.

Have fun and stay fit, sir.

Hi yes I'm happy with the situation so far!

Definitely a good idea to be out of the rain and a spa is always nice. Enjoy!

Totally nice to be toasty!

How do you train that beard? It looks pumped.
...asking for a friend...

You just need a good barber - I'm actually looking for a new one myself! Not at all happy with my last cutm

And at £50 @ month the price isn't too bad either

The local one is tying to entice @bingbabe back at £15 a month. £50 a month cheap?

£15 a month is maybe a chain gym this one is independent and just much better facilities!

It is, JBB Sports.., new and popular (not to me!).

Same here, £40 per month, but they do get a pool and sauna, so I enjoy doing some sauna sesh after training, and I can recover faster. Still, I can only go like 2-3 times a week, but I'm fine with it. But yours looks like a bit better than mine, which is made more for women playing gym after swimming.

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