Gig work in a Tesla today

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Hello, I was able to get a sweet deal on this machine. Since I do Uber they offer a Tesla rental due to the deal hertz made with Tesla to sell over 100,000 teslas model 3 so we as gig workers be able to beat the rising gas prices.

Bigger tips and less gas charges as a Tesla Uber rental driver you are given EV incentives such as bonuses for driving an EV.

I’ve been talking to other drivers around the area that I communicate with and some of them specifically in Los Angeles. They see an increase in tips or an increase in orders coming in may be as far as the tips are concerned. It has to do with the perceived value of the service When you’re getting dropped off packages or groceries in a Tesla.

Actually, I was able to get this Tesla for this weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for 250 bucks charges included which is super chargers since I’m in Los Angeles. The super chargers at every corner that’s free while I rent a vehicle. Of course I have insurance on it so $250 And the reason being is because I had some credits with hertz.

So when I got the opportunity to get a rental with Uber which is already a discounted price, I was able to go ahead and get some credits on there and let me tell you this vehicle so far is fast it feels and it sounds like a spaceship , I love this car and working doing gig work is probably going to make me feel hustling more because it’s fun to drive so let’s see how it goes.

The crazy thing is hurts, was dying as a company, and because of that they made a deal with Tesla and I guess it brought them back from the dead, so which is great for us gig workers, especially in Los Angeles because we get to drive a fancy car and we don’t have to pay for any gas.

The economy seems like it’s going steadily down not so much nose diving it like before it’s time to accumulate and hustle bring in those fiat dollars into the hive economy.


That's one way to beat gas prices I guess. They seem like they'd be fun to drive.


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I would like Tesla to concentrate more on Bitcoin

That's cool they are doing that. Haven't been driving at all with these prices recently so been trying to live on crypto in a bear market, so that has been rough, lol.

I looked at renting a car for the weekend to do some delivery driving and they wanted like $99 per day for just a small 4 banger. I was like nerp!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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I think EVs are a decent choice right now due to the gas prices but EVs are expensive. Is it more profitable than using a gas vehicle?

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