Top 3 Places I Would Like To Visit| 30 Days Blogging Challenge Day 8

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The world is full if fascinating destinations. Travelling around the world is everybody’s dream, I supposed. However, with the current situation, it’s not safe to go on a trip because almost all countries around the world is affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

Here are the 3 countries on my list, the places I wish to visit

3. Iceland

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I’ve always wanted to witness the colorful, dancing Aurora Borealis or the northern lights across the sky. Seeing this scenic beauty on screen is already captivating, what more when you see it right before your eyes. I also want to explore more sights like the massive glaciers and relax in the natural thermo hot springs.

2. California, USA

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The main reason why I want to go to this country in a particular state is because I want to visit my two brothers and their families there. Having a tour around the state is a bonus.

1. Japan

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Not only because I want to see the cherry blossom trees or the Mt. Fuji. It’s the 1st on my list because I am hearing a lot of positive comments about the country- their traditions, landscapes and cuisines. Japan is very popular among foodies. Personally, I want to taste their authentic sushi and ramen. I also like their culture and I think I belong haha. For example, their practice of taking off shoes when entering a Japanese home. In terms of cleanliness, Japan is leading, in my opinion. Have you heard about Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing and tidying consultant. I think, in general, the local people love things to be so organised. Also, the tourists’ comments about Japanese people are positive too- they are polite, well-mannered, and punctual. Even their rail system, people said it always arrive on time. You’ll not be stress because there’s no delay. In addition, going to Japan is like going to the future. Everything is technologically advanced and it extends to their toilets. I would love to sit on their high tech toilet bowls. Many says that it’s a magical experience hehe.To be completely honest, it’s a place where I want to live, not just to visit.

Thank you for reading!

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